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29 Most Appealing Indian Buddhist Baby Girl Names for 2020

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Buddhism is the religion with over 520 million followers, or over 7% of the global population. Buddhism enclose a variety of traditions, beliefs and spirituality based on the teaching of Lord Buddha. Here in this article we've tried to present Top 29 Most Appealing Indian Buddhist Baby Girl Names for 2020. Pick a trending Buddhist Baby Girl Name from the following collection of Buddhist Names which are loaded with Meaning, Origin & Numerology.

Name Meaning Gender Numerology
Achara An angel who is very pretty or beautifulGirlTBD
Altansarnai Golden roseGirlTBD
Altantsetseg Golden flowerGirlTBD
Amanthi Peace protectorGirlTBD
Angkasa The skyGirlTBD
Anong A gorgeous womanGirlTBD
Bayarmaa Mother of joyGirlTBD
Bodhi AwakensGirlTBD
Bolormaa Crystal motherGirlTBD
Boonsri BeautifulGirlTBD
Dawa Born on a MondayGirlTBD
Dechen Health and happinessGirlTBD
Diki Healthy and wealthyGirlTBD
Dohna A female deityGirlTBD
Dolkar The name of a Buddhist GoddessGirlTBD
Hyma Goddess ParvathiGirlTBD
Karma A starGirlTBD
Lhamu A goddessGirlTBD
Nima SunGirlTBD
Pasang Born on a FridayGirlTBD
Rinzen The holder of intellectGirlTBD
Sangmu The kind-hearted oneGirlTBD
Sonam The fortunate one BeautifulGirlTBD
Tashi ProsperityGirlTBD
Teesta A RiverGirlTBD
Uttiya A Name In Buddhist LiteratureGirlTBD
Yangchen The sacred oneGirlTBD


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