Buddhist Boy Baby Names

Name Meaning Gander Numerology
A-wut WeaponBoyTBD
Abhaya FearlessBoyTBD
Adhiarja SafetyBoyTBD
Adika The first child of the second husbandBoyTBD
Agung Grand or greatBoyTBD
Ananada One who is prosperous, prosperousBoyTBD
Anh Smart, intelligentBoyTBD
Anuman Small patienceBoyTBD
Anurak Anurak is the male angel in Thai mythologyBoyTBD
Anzan Quiet MountainBoyTBD
Arban A fluent manBoyTBD
Arkar SkyBoyTBD
Asahi Morning SunBoyTBD
Asnee LightningBoyTBD
Ashwaghosh Name of Buddhist philosopherBoyTBD
Atid The sunBoyTBD
Aung Success, she who is destined for a successful lifeBoyTBD
Aye CoolBoyTBD
Bagaskoro Sun raysBoyTBD
Bagus Handsome or excellentBoyTBD
Baika Plum BlossomBoyTBD
Bakti An obedient boyBoyTBD
Bankei Ten Thousand BlessingsBoyTBD
Banko EverlastingBoyTBD
Banyu WaterBoyTBD
Banzan Indestructible MountainBoyTBD
Bao To Order, To BidBoyTBD
Basho Banana PlantBoyTBD
Bassui High Above AverageBoyTBD
Bat Erdene Strong jewelBoyTBD
Bataar Hero, a heroic figureBoyTBD
Batbayar Strong joyBoyTBD
Batjargal Firm happinessBoyTBD
Batsaikhan He who is strong and niceBoyTBD
Batuhan Firm, hard or strongBoyTBD
Batukhan A firm rulerBoyTBD
Batzorig Courageous, and strongBoyTBD
Bensen Be DiligentBoyTBD
Bhadrapala Protector of GoodnessBoyTBD
Boddhidharma A person who is a follower of BuddhismBoyTBD
Bodhidharma One who has an all-pervading awakened and enlighted mindBoyTBD
Bolin An elder brother of the rainBoyTBD
Boon-Mee Lucky, a lucky and fortunate boyBoyTBD
Boon-Nam One born with a good fortuneBoyTBD
Brahmadhvaja One who is the warrior of GodBoyTBD
Bu He who is a leaderBoyTBD
Buddha Awakened Lord BuddhaBoyTBD
Buddhamitra Friend of BuddhaBoyTBD
Budh One who is enlightedBoyTBD
Budhh He who has been enlightedBoyTBD
Budi To have reason, mind or a characterBoyTBD
Bupposo Buddha-Dharma-SanghaBoyTBD
Butsugen Buddha EyeBoyTBD
Butsuju Buddha-Life Buddha-AgeBoyTBD
Buu A person who is a chiefBoyTBD
Cahya One who is the light in darknessBoyTBD
Cais A person who rejoicesBoyTBD
Candavira A male name, mainly given to those who are BuddhistsBoyTBD
Candrasurya A moon-like manBoyTBD
Canh The endlessness of the environmentBoyTBD
Cao A Chinesee surnameBoyTBD
Cetan HawkBoyTBD
Chaghatai Mongolian word for babyBoyTBD
Chai Son A mischievous boyBoyTBD
Chaisai VictoryBoyTBD
Chaiya VictoryBoyTBD
Chakan An able bodied personBoyTBD
Chalerm CelebratedBoyTBD
Chalermchai A celebrated victoryBoyTBD
Chaloem The apexBoyTBD
Champo He who is friendlyBoyTBD
Channarong An experienced warriorBoyTBD
Chenghiz He who is greatest and wiseBoyTBD
Chiko Light of WisdomBoyTBD
Chimon Wisdom GateBoyTBD
Chingis A variant of Chenghiz It means greatest and wiseBoyTBD
Chinshu Calm Prefecture Calm PlaceBoyTBD
Chinua Blessings from GodBoyTBD
Chorei Transparent spiritualityBoyTBD
Chosui Purifying WaterBoyTBD
Chozen Clear, transparent meditation practiceBoyTBD
Chuanchen PersuasionBoyTBD
Chugai Transcending Universe to exist above and independentBoyTBD
Chuluun Stone, or he who is strong as stoneBoyTBD
Chuluunbold Stone steelBoyTBD
Chuong Chapter a part of a whole storyBoyTBD
Cuong Flourishing, healthyBoyTBD
Da Shin Peaceful HeartBoyTBD
Dachen Great joyBoyTBD
Daeshim Great MindBoyTBD
Daibai Big PlumBoyTBD
Daiden Great TransmissionBoyTBD
Daido Great WayBoyTBD
Daiji Filled with love and compassionBoyTBD
Daikaku Great EnlightenmentBoyTBD
Daikan Powerful and active, Great ContemplationBoyTBD
Daiko Great LightBoyTBD
Dainin Great Patience Great EnduranceBoyTBD
Daishin Great Truth Boundless RealityBoyTBD
Daivika Related to the GodsBoyTBD
Dampa SacredBoyTBD
Danan GivingBoyTBD
Danasura Among DonorsBoyTBD
Dasbala Very powerful man from the heartBoyTBD
Dashin One who is contentBoyTBD
Dayakurca One who is the storehouse of compassionBoyTBD
Decha Power, a powerful personBoyTBD
Dechen Health and happinessBoyTBD
Dedan Having happinessBoyTBD
Denkatsu One which is active as lightningBoyTBD
Denpa A variant of Denpo, meaning truthBoyTBD
Denpo TruthBoyTBD
Dipankara One who loves to be in a peaceful stateBoyTBD
Divijata One who has power to overcome every obstacleBoyTBD
Dojin Path of LoveBoyTBD
Dokai Way Formality Way StepsBoyTBD
Doryu One who understands the ways of a dragonBoyTBD
Doyu One who preserves the morality understands loveBoyTBD
Drdhahanus One who has a pure heart loving naturedBoyTBD
Drtaka A person who is stubborn but of friendly natureBoyTBD
Dzhambul FortressBoyTBD
Eido Illuminating way one who can do great thingsBoyTBD
Ekaijinko Ocean of Wisdom Wide VirtueBoyTBD
Enmei bright circle or life sustainingBoyTBD
Erden TreasureBoyTBD
Eshin understanding mind or wisdomBoyTBD
Etsudo Joyful WayBoyTBD
Fa Chinesee name meaning a new beginningBoyTBD
Fai Chinesee name meaning beginningBoyTBD
Feng One who is like a Phoenix Also means mapleBoyTBD
Fu Refers to well to do and prosperousBoyTBD
Fumihiro Refers extensive condemnationBoyTBD
Gan The bold oneBoyTBD
Ganbaatar Steel heroBoyTBD
Ganbold Steel-steelBoyTBD
Gang Hard, rigid or strongBoyTBD
Gansukh Steel axeBoyTBD
Gantulga Steel hearthBoyTBD
Ganzorig Steel, courage, brave A brave manBoyTBD
Genghis A variant of Chenghiz It means greatest and wiseBoyTBD
Genjin Reveal True HumanityBoyTBD
Genjo Original SilenceBoyTBD
Genkei The one who deserves honour and integrity, Source OceanBoyTBD
Genkai Source OceanBoyTBD
Genkaku Original Understanding Original RealizationBoyTBD
Genki Subtle Function Mysterious FunctionBoyTBD
Genko Original LightBoyTBD
Genno Respond to the Mystery Esoteric Dharma Glorious KingBoyTBD
Genpo Original Law Esoteric DharmaBoyTBD
Gensho Original BlessingsBoyTBD
Getsuren Moon LotusBoyTBD
Gurtej They are very religious and obidient to their GuruThey are very soft and kind hearted but strict about their religionBoyTBD
Gurtek They are very religious and obidient to their GuruThey are very soft and kind hearted but strict about their religionBoyTBD
Hakaku White CraneBoyTBD
Hakue Pure Blessing BuddhistBoyTBD
Hanumanta Puffy CheeksBoyTBD
Hanumanth Hindu Lord RamaBoyTBD
Hemlal One of the names of BuddhaBoyTBD
Hiten Buddhist AngelBoyTBD
Hlaing Plenty, plentifulBoyTBD
Hodo Dharma WayBoyTBD
Hopkins A surname, means a famous manBoyTBD
Hopkinson son of HobBoyTBD
Hosho Voice of the DharmaBoyTBD
Htay Rich and wealthyBoyTBD
Htet One who is sharpBoyTBD
Htin Appear, appearanceBoyTBD
Htun SucceedBoyTBD
Htut Apex, tipBoyTBD
Htway YoungestBoyTBD
Indazita Name of the bow and arrow wielding son of the conqueror of the king of GodsBoyTBD
Indivar Blue LotusBoyTBD
Issan One MountainBoyTBD
Itsuki Timber treeBoyTBD
Jahlee A god-like personBoyTBD
Jahleel One who has hope in GodBoyTBD
Jayasurya Victorious sunBoyTBD
Jiao-long Looks like a dragon A scaled DragonBoyTBD
Jie Chinesee - One who is Pure ChasteBoyTBD
Jiho The Aroma of CompassionBoyTBD
Jikai The Sea of sympathy Who loves to take care of everyone Ocean of Compassion Compassionate SeaBoyTBD
Jimmyl independent, quick in decisions, frank, straightforward and simply do not tolerate hypocrisy They keep themselves constantly busy and feel powerful in helping othersBoyTBD
Jimuta they are commited to their family and friends Responsible, sensitive and loving in nature They have skill to balance their lifeBoyTBD
Jin Chinesee - Gold Metal Money Embroided Bright FerryBoyTBD
Jiyu Compassionate FriendBoyTBD
Jochi Son of ChenghizBoyTBD
Justen The meaning of Justen is Lawful, JustBoyTBD
Kamnan The head of the villageBoyTBD
Kan FortuneBoyTBD
Kanshin Kanshin means Mind, Open HeartBoyTBD
Karambir The name means Brave with the Gods GraceBoyTBD
Kasemchai A victorious celebrationBoyTBD
Kanshin Open HeartMindBoyTBD
Keisho Promoter of WisdomBoyTBD
Khemkhaeng A strong and powerful manBoyTBD
Khenbish NobodyBoyTBD
Khin Kindness, one who is kindBoyTBD
Khine FirmBoyTBD
Khunbish Not a human beingBoyTBD
Kittibun Famous fortuneBoyTBD
Kittichat Famous clan or belonging to a famous clanBoyTBD
Kla A brave and bold manBoyTBD
Klaew Kla One who is brave and daringBoyTBD
Kob Sook A man with his heart full of happinessBoyTBD
Kobutsu Ancient BuddhaBoyTBD
Koge Fragrant FlowerBoyTBD
Koju Universal PrincipleBoyTBD
Kokan Ancient ReflectionBoyTBD
Koshing Step by step upwardsBoyTBD
Kraisee Lion, as brave as a lionBoyTBD
Kriang Krai A man who is well versed in victoryBoyTBD
Kumbikhanna One with a good temperBoyTBD
Kywe RichBoyTBD
Lamon GentleBoyTBD
Lek A small personBoyTBD
Li Jie Li means Beautiful, Reason, Logic, Establish, Black, Dawn, Jie means Heroic, OutstandingBoyTBD
Li Jun Li means Beautiful, Reason, Logic, Establish, Black, Dawn, Jun means Talented, Handsome, King, RulerBoyTBD
Li Qiang Li means Beautiful, Reason, Logic, Establish, Black, Dawn, Qiang means Strong, Powerful, EnergeticBoyTBD
Li Wei Li means Beautiful, Reason, Logic, Establish, Black, Dawn, Wei means Power, Pomp, High, ExtraordinaryBoyTBD
Liu Wei Liu means Kill, Destroy, Wei means Power, Pomp, High, ExtraordinaryBoyTBD
Lkhagvasüren Great HealerBoyTBD
Loday WisdomBoyTBD
Longwei Dragon greatnessBoyTBD
Lwin OutstandingBoyTBD
Maung BrotherBoyTBD
Medekhgui I dont knowBoyTBD
Mee Noi It means little bear in Thai languageBoyTBD
Minato Harbour or PortBoyTBD
Mongkut CrownBoyTBD
Mongolekhorniiugluu Mongol countrys morningBoyTBD
Monkh Erdene Eternal familyBoyTBD
Monkhbat Eternal firmnessBoyTBD
Munish Lord BuddhaBoyTBD
Muunokhoi A vicious dogBoyTBD
Myaing ForestBoyTBD
Myat BetterBoyTBD
Myint HighBoyTBD
Myo RelativeBoyTBD
Naimanzuunnadintsetseg Eight hundred precious flowersBoyTBD
Naing WinBoyTBD
Narong One who always creates war or is ready for warBoyTBD
Nekhii SheepskinBoyTBD
Nergüi The name means no name in Mongolian It was given to mislead bad spiritsBoyTBD
Nugai DogBoyTBD
Nyan WisdomBoyTBD
Nyein Quiet, calmnessBoyTBD
Nyunt BlossomBoyTBD
Och SparkleBoyTBD
Od StarBoyTBD
Odgerel StarlightBoyTBD
Ogtbish Mongolian word meaning not at allBoyTBD
Ohnmar InsaneBoyTBD
Oktai He who understandsBoyTBD
Orochi Big snakeBoyTBD
Otgonbayar Youngest joyBoyTBD
Padmayani Lord Brahama BuddhaBoyTBD
Paitoon A beautiful gemstone found in ThailandBoyTBD
Partha Son of The EarthBoyTBD
Pasang Born On A FridayBoyTBD
Patakin Holder of A BannerBoyTBD
Pema A LotusBoyTBD
Phassakorn SunBoyTBD
Phichit To win, one who is habituated to winningBoyTBD
Phyu WhiteBoyTBD
Qara CloudletBoyTBD
Ritthirong Good in fightingBoyTBD
Sakda Power, a powerful personBoyTBD
Sandeepe A SageBoyTBD
Sandeepen A SageBoyTBD
Sangmu The Kind-hearted OneBoyTBD
Sankalpa ResolveBoyTBD
Sarasija LotusBoyTBD
Shakyasinha Lord BuddhaBoyTBD
Shein Reflection It could refer to mirrors reflection or reflection of either of the parentBoyTBD
Shway GoldBoyTBD
Siddhartha One Who Has Accomplished His AimBoyTBD
Sirichai Glorious victory or manBoyTBD
Soe She who dominatesBoyTBD
Somchair One who is macho and manlyBoyTBD
Sopheak Gentle faceBoyTBD
Sou Adore, Bright, Sincere, The sound of the windBoyTBD
Sovann He who is goldenBoyTBD
Sovay He is like a goldBoyTBD
Sud Tiger in Thai languageBoyTBD
Sukhbataar Hero of the axe, axe heroBoyTBD
Susu A very slight sound A quiet personBoyTBD
Syaoran He who is a little wolfBoyTBD
Taban Splendid or glitteringBoyTBD
Tadaaki Faithful lightBoyTBD
Tadashi A servant that is loyal and faithful Right oneBoyTBD
Tae One who is a great personBoyTBD
Taichi Means a thick or big oneBoyTBD
Taiga Big and well-mannered personBoyTBD
Taiki Big, great tree Full of brightnessBoyTBD
Taji The yellow and silver colorBoyTBD
Takahiro Abundantly respectful and lovingBoyTBD
Takai The next worldBoyTBD
Takashi Devoted pietyBoyTBD
Takato Precious measure of exaltationBoyTBD
Takaya One who has much respect for someoneBoyTBD
Takeo Warrior, one who fights for his kingdomBoyTBD
Taku Young, living just for a little time yetBoyTBD
Takuma An open truthBoyTBD
Tanawat KnowledgeBoyTBD
Tarkhan He who is skillfulBoyTBD
Taru A vast and huge sea of waterBoyTBD
Tashi ProsperityBoyTBD
Tathagat Title of The BuddhaBoyTBD
Tathagata The BuddhaBoyTBD
Tatharaj BuddhaBoyTBD
Teesta A RiverBoyTBD
Temujin Iron or strong, he who is strong as ironBoyTBD
Tenpa Buddhist doctrineBoyTBD
Tenzin Protector of DharmaBoyTBD
Tenzing Protector of DharmaBoyTBD
Terbish Not that oneBoyTBD
Thagyamin Change or transferBoyTBD
Thant CleanBoyTBD
Thaung Burmese word for ten thousandBoyTBD
Thein A hundred thousandBoyTBD
Theingi GoldBoyTBD
Therein The sunBoyTBD
Thet He who is calmBoyTBD
Thien He who is smoothBoyTBD
Thiha LionBoyTBD
Thuan He who is tamedBoyTBD
Thuc He who is awareBoyTBD
Thuong One who loves tenderlyBoyTBD
Thura The SunBoyTBD
Thuta KnowledgeBoyTBD
Thuy A friendly manBoyTBD
Thuya The sunBoyTBD
Thuyet A theoryBoyTBD
Thuza Angel, angelicBoyTBD
Tin In Croatian a suffix name that means a Saint In Vietnamese it means a thinkerBoyTBD
Tohru A transparent personBoyTBD
Tokyo The capital to the eastBoyTBD
Tomiche A wealthy and prosper personBoyTBD
Tomiichi One who is wealthy and prosperBoyTBD
Tomohiro A huge or broad wisdom or knowledgeBoyTBD
Tomorbaatar Iron, hero or strongBoyTBD
Tomoya A wise or an intelligent personBoyTBD
Tong In Chinesee it is a title given to a public officer In Ditch it refers to tongue that means a chatterboxBoyTBD
Toru A vast and huge sea of waterBoyTBD
Toshiro A talented or intelligent personBoyTBD
Trieu A tide or a small waveBoyTBD
Trigya Lord BuddhaBoyTBD
Tsukiya Resembles the white moonBoyTBD
Tu Refers to a person who learns quickly and intelligentBoyTBD
Tun SucceedBoyTBD
Turgen FastBoyTBD
Twan Smart and brainyBoyTBD
Ulagan A worldly manBoyTBD
Upagupta Name of A Buddish NonkBoyTBD
Uttiya A Name In Buddhist LiteratureBoyTBD
Vipaschit Lord BuddhaBoyTBD
Wang lei Wang means King, Monarch, Lei means Thunder, Bud, or Pile of StonesBoyTBD
Wang Wei Wang means King, Monarch, Wei means Power, Pomp, High, ExtraordinaryBoyTBD
Wang Yong Wang means King, Monarch, Yong means Brave, EternalBoyTBD
Win BrightBoyTBD
Wunna GoldBoyTBD
Xanadu A place in China, which was once Kublai Khans Yuan dynastyBoyTBD
Yamato Great harmonyBoyTBD
Yarzar KingBoyTBD
Yaza KingBoyTBD
Yeshe WisdomBoyTBD
Yonten KnowledgeBoyTBD
Youta Great sunlightBoyTBD
Yul From the far horizonBoyTBD
Yuu Excellence, Superiority, Gentleness, BraveBoyTBD
Yuuma Gentle, Truthful, HonestBoyTBD
Yuuto Gentleness or Tender personBoyTBD
Zaw Burmese word for saint or practitioner or yogaBoyTBD
Zenji Zen masterBoyTBD
Zeya SuccessBoyTBD
Zeyar SuccessBoyTBD
Zhang Wei Zhang means Stretch, Extend, Archer, Wei means Power, Pomp, High, ExtraordinaryBoyTBD
Zhang Yong Zhang means Stretch, Extend, Archer, Yong means Brave, EternalBoyTBD