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Modern Indian Boy Baby Names

Name Meaning Gander Numerology
Aaban Name of the AngelBoyTBD
Aabharan JewelBoyTBD
Aadhunik Modern NewBoyTBD
Aadinath God Supreme Ruler of the Universe the first GodBoyTBD
Aaditey Son of AditiBoyTBD
Aafiya Good HealthBoyTBD
Aagam ArrivalBoyTBD
Aagney Son of the Fire GodBoyTBD
Aahil PrinceBoyTBD
Aahwaanith One who has been invited WantedBoyTBD
Aakaar ShapeBoyTBD
Aakanksh DesireBoyTBD
Aakar Form ShapeBoyTBD
Aakarsh AttractionBoyTBD
Aakesh Lord of the skyBoyTBD
Aakshat UnharmedBoyTBD
Aalam; Alam The whole worldBoyTBD
Aalim Religious ScholarBoyTBD
Aamil Doer Work manBoyTBD
Aamirah InhabitantBoyTBD
Aamod PleasureBoyTBD
Aanandaswarup; Anand Swarup Full of JoyBoyTBD
Aaqib FollowerBoyTBD
Aaqil IntelligentBoyTBD
Aarav PeacefulBoyTBD
Aariz Respectable man IntelligentBoyTBD
Aarush First ray of sunBoyTBD
Aaryan; Aryan Illustrious Noble SpiritualBoyTBD
Aashman Son of the sunBoyTBD
Aastik Who has faith in godBoyTBD
Aatmaj SonBoyTBD
Aayu; Aayush Span of life Long lifeBoyTBD
Aayushmaan; Aayushman With long lifeBoyTBD
Abaan Old Arabic NameBoyTBD
Abbud WorshipperBoyTBD
Abbudin WorshippersBoyTBD
Abdus Samad Slave of the Eternal The IndependentBoyTBD
Abdus Sami Slave of the All HearingBoyTBD
Abdus Sattar Slave of the one who conceals faultsBoyTBD
Abdus Shafi Slave of the HealerBoyTBD
Abdus Shahid Slave of the WitnessBoyTBD
Abdus Subbooh Slave of the Extremely pureBoyTBD
Abdus-Sabour Servant of the PatientBoyTBD
Abdus-Salaam Servant of the Source of PeaceBoyTBD
Abdus-Samad Servant of the EternalBoyTBD
Abdus-Sameei Servant of the All-HearingBoyTBD
Abdus-Shaheed Servant of the WitnessBoyTBD
Abdus-Shakur Servant of the AppreciativeBoyTBD
Abed WorshipperBoyTBD
Abeer FragranceBoyTBD
Abhaidev Free of fearBoyTBD
Abhaya FearlessBoyTBD
Abheek FearlessBoyTBD
Abhi FearlessBoyTBD
Abhik BelovedBoyTBD
Abhilash Wish DesireBoyTBD
Abhimanuya The son of Arjun in MahabharatBoyTBD
Abhinanda To rejoice to celebrate to praise to bless delightBoyTBD
Abhineet PerfectBoyTBD
Abhinivesh DesireBoyTBD
Abhiraam PleasingBoyTBD
Abhiraj Fearless KingBoyTBD
Abhirath Great CharioteerBoyTBD
Abhiroop Variant of AbhirupBoyTBD
Abhirup Very Nice Pleasing HandsomeBoyTBD
Abhivaadan; Abhivadan GreetingBoyTBD
Abhivira Surrounded by heroes A commanderBoyTBD
Abhra CloudBoyTBD
Abidin Worshippers AdorersBoyTBD
Abjit Conquering waterBoyTBD
Abra CloudBoyTBD
Abrad Hail MailBoyTBD
Achalendra Lord of the immovable The HimalayasBoyTBD
Achanda Not of the hot temper Without anger GentleBoyTBD
Achyut Imperishable a name of VishnuBoyTBD
Achyut; Achyuta Imperishable Indestructible A name of VishnuBoyTBD
Achyutam Variant of AchyutBoyTBD
Adam Man of EarthBoyTBD
Adeel Judge HonestBoyTBD
Adeem RareBoyTBD
Adeep LightBoyTBD
Adheesh KingBoyTBD
Adheer RestlessBoyTBD
Adhikara Principal Controller RightBoyTBD
Adib Cultured Well mannered oneBoyTBD
Adil Just HonestBoyTBD
Adinath Lord VishnuBoyTBD
Aditeya Another name for the sun Son of AditiBoyTBD
Adley The JustBoyTBD
Adrian; Adrien The Dark OneBoyTBD
Advaya One UnitedBoyTBD
Afraa HappinessBoyTBD
Afeef Chaste ModestBoyTBD
Agampreet Love for godBoyTBD
Agha Pre-eminentBoyTBD
Agharna The moonBoyTBD
Agnello AngelBoyTBD
Agneya; Aagneya Son of Agni Son of the fireBoyTBD
Agnimitra Friend of fireBoyTBD
Agnivesh Dhronacharyas Guru Bright as the fireBoyTBD
Agrim; Agrima Advance Leader FirstBoyTBD
Agriya FirstBoyTBD
Ahad The oneBoyTBD
Ahd Pledge KnowledgeBoyTBD
Ahsan Nice Beautiful Mercy FavourBoyTBD
Aijaz Favour BlessingBoyTBD
Aiken The OakenBoyTBD
Aiman FearlessBoyTBD
Ainesh The suns gloryBoyTBD
Airaawat; Airawat; Eirawat; Erawat; Irawat The celestial white elephant of IndraBoyTBD
Ajatashatru Without enemiesBoyTBD
Ajendra King of mountainsBoyTBD
Ajinkya InvincibleBoyTBD
Ajitesh Lord VishnuBoyTBD
Ajkhyat FamousBoyTBD
Ajmal Pious Holy BeautifulBoyTBD
Ajoy JoyfulBoyTBD
Akal Keerat One who sings Gods praisesBoyTBD
Akaldeep Gods lampBoyTBD
Akaljot The Eternal Light Gods LightBoyTBD
Akalmash Stainless Pure UntaintedBoyTBD
Akalpreet Love of GodBoyTBD
Akalroop Of eternal form Of eternal beautyBoyTBD
Akalsukh Forever in peace and delightBoyTBD
Akeem WiseBoyTBD
Akhas A narrator of hadithBoyTBD
Akif FocusedBoyTBD
Akil The wanderer Intelligent Thoughtful One who uses reasonBoyTBD
Akmal CompleteBoyTBD
Akrash AttractiveBoyTBD
Akroor Kind Gentle A Yadava chief Krishnas friendBoyTBD
Akshaj Lord VishnuBoyTBD
Akshan EyeBoyTBD
Akshar Letter ImperishableBoyTBD
Akshat UnharmedBoyTBD
Akshath IndestructibleBoyTBD
Akshaya IndestructibleBoyTBD
Akshit PermanentBoyTBD
Akshun A significant particleBoyTBD
Akul Lord ShivaBoyTBD
Ala Nobility ExcellenceBoyTBD
Alaa Nobility ExcellenceBoyTBD
Alaa Udeen Excellence of ReligionBoyTBD
Alamgir The lord of the whole worldBoyTBD
Alan; Allan Handsome OneBoyTBD
Alastair Defender of MenBoyTBD
Albion White or FairBoyTBD
Alden Wise GuardianBoyTBD
Aldis From the Old HouseBoyTBD
Aldrich Old Wise LeaderBoyTBD
Aleem knowledgeableBoyTBD
Alfred Supernaturally WiseBoyTBD
Alhad Joy HappinessBoyTBD
Alhasan The handsome The good Name of the Prophets grandsonBoyTBD
Alhusain; Alhusayn Diminutive of the handsome The good Name of the Prophets grandsonBoyTBD
Allah GodBoyTBD
Alman Kind Willing and wisemanBoyTBD
Almir PrinceBoyTBD
Aloke LightBoyTBD
Alokendra Victorious IntelligentBoyTBD
Alpesh TinyBoyTBD
Alston From the Old ManorBoyTBD
Alvin Noble FriendBoyTBD
Amalendu Pure like the moon The unblemished moonBoyTBD
Amalesh Pure The pure oneBoyTBD
Amam Safety ProtectionBoyTBD
Amanda ActiveBoyTBD
Amandev The god of peaceBoyTBD
Amanjeet Peace AttainerBoyTBD
Amanpal Peace ProtectorBoyTBD
Amanpreet One who loves peaceBoyTBD
Amaresh Name of IndraBoyTBD
Amardeep Eternal lightBoyTBD
Amardev The immortal godBoyTBD
Amarjot The Immortal LightBoyTBD
Ambareesh Variant of Ambarish King of the skyBoyTBD
Amber The skyBoyTBD
Ambuj LotusBoyTBD
Ambrose ImmortalBoyTBD
Ameet BoundlessBoyTBD
Amer RichBoyTBD
Amery IndustriousBoyTBD
Ameya Immeasurable BoundlessBoyTBD
Amid SupportBoyTBD
Amil InvaluableBoyTBD
Amin; Ameen Divine grace Faithful TrustworthyBoyTBD
Amish Pure HonestBoyTBD
Amitesh One who is Infinite GodBoyTBD
Amiya Nectar DelightBoyTBD
Amlan Unfading EverbrightBoyTBD
Amolik PricelessBoyTBD
Amoorta FormlessBoyTBD
Amritpal One protected by the Lords NectarBoyTBD
Anagh Sinless Variant of AnaghaBoyTBD
Ananth; Anant Endless InfiniteBoyTBD
Aneeq ValuableBoyTBD
Angad An ornament Son of Bali Bali was a mighty character in the holy hindu epic RamayanBoyTBD
Aniket HomelessBoyTBD
Anilaabh; Anilabh Spirit of the windBoyTBD
Animesh To stare open-eyedBoyTBD
Anirudha Grandson of lord KrishnaBoyTBD
Anirvan UndyingBoyTBD
Anis Close FriendBoyTBD
Anish Lord Vishnu Lord ShivaBoyTBD
Anjan Eye LinerBoyTBD
Anshuk RadiantBoyTBD
Anshul RadiantBoyTBD
Anshuman; Anshumaan The sunBoyTBD
Arav PeacefulBoyTBD
Ardhendu Half MoonBoyTBD
Archit WorshippedBoyTBD
Arihant Destroyer of enemiesBoyTBD
Arij Pleasant SmellBoyTBD
Arlen PledgeBoyTBD
Arka SunBoyTBD
Arnab SeaBoyTBD
Arnesh Lord of the seaBoyTBD
Arnold Strong as an EagleBoyTBD
Arnon Rushing stream Torrent valley a river and wadi in western JordanBoyTBD
Arpan OfferingBoyTBD
Arvel Wept OverBoyTBD
Arthur Champion Follower of ThorBoyTBD
Arya Civilized The bestBoyTBD
Aryaman The sunBoyTBD
As-Salam The EternalBoyTBD
Ashesh Variant of AshishBoyTBD
Ashlesh To embraceBoyTBD
Ashwatthama; Ashwathama Son of DronacharyaBoyTBD
Ashwin Hindu MonthBoyTBD
Aslan LionBoyTBD
Atal Firm ImmoveableBoyTBD
Atash FireBoyTBD
Atulya UnequalledBoyTBD
Atwater From the WatersideBoyTBD
Aubrey Ruler of the ElvesBoyTBD
Avadhesh King DasarathaBoyTBD
Avalok Who beholdsBoyTBD
Avanindra King of the earthBoyTBD
Avaneesh; Avanish Master of the earthBoyTBD
Avery Elfin RulerBoyTBD
Avinashi IndestructibleBoyTBD
Avkash Limitless SpaceBoyTBD
Axel Man of PeaceBoyTBD
Ayub Messenger of God A biblical prophets nameBoyTBD
Azeez; Aziz Friend Dear oneBoyTBD
Azhaar Flowers BlossomsBoyTBD
Baalakrishna; Balakrishnan Baby Krishna KrishnaBoyTBD
Baalamurali; Balamurali Young Krishna holding fluteBoyTBD
Bachan PromiseBoyTBD
Bachittar Wounderous MeritsBoyTBD
Bahadurjit Victory of the braveBoyTBD
Bala Child Young oneBoyTBD
Balaaditya Young Sun Young ManBoyTBD
Balagovind Young cow-herd Infant KrishnaBoyTBD
Balamohan The younger one who is attractive Young KrishnaBoyTBD
Balakumar Young PrinceBoyTBD
Balbhadra Brother of KrishnaBoyTBD
Balendra; Balinder Lord KrishnaBoyTBD
Baljiwan Life with strengthBoyTBD
Balvantaraav Variant of BalwantBoyTBD
Banjeet Victory of the forestBoyTBD
Barclay Meadow of Birch TreesBoyTBD
Barrett Bear-LikeBoyTBD
Barry MarksmanBoyTBD
Bartholomew WarlikeBoyTBD
Basil King-likeBoyTBD
Benjamin Son of Right HandBoyTBD
Benton Moor DwellerBoyTBD
Bernard Stern BearBoyTBD
Bert BrightBoyTBD
Bevis BowmanBoyTBD
Bhagatveer The brave devotee of GodBoyTBD
Bhagyaraj Lord of LuckBoyTBD
Bhajnaam Remembering the love of GodBoyTBD
Bhalendra Lord of LightBoyTBD
Bhanudas A devotee of the sun Follower of the sunBoyTBD
Bhargava Lord Shiva Archer PreceptorBoyTBD
Bhaumik Lord of the earthBoyTBD
Bhavesh Lord of the worldBoyTBD
Bhavik GodBoyTBD
Bhavin WinnerBoyTBD
Bhavya BoyTBD
Bheemsen; Bhimsen Sons of brave manBoyTBD
Bheeshma; Bheesham; Bhisham; Bhishma A character of Mahabharata Son of king ShantanuBoyTBD
Bhuvanesh Lord of the world Lord of the earthBoyTBD
Bhuvaneshwar Lord of the worldBoyTBD
Bhuvaneswar; Bhubaneswar God Lord of the worldBoyTBD
Biman Sky AeroplaneBoyTBD
Bilva A sacred leafBoyTBD
Birindar The brave godBoyTBD
Bishanpal Raised By GodBoyTBD
Bitan Pandal SpreadBoyTBD
Blaine Lean or ThinBoyTBD
Blair Man of FlatlandsBoyTBD
Blake Fair ComplexionedBoyTBD
Bodhan Clever Wise kindlingBoyTBD
Bond FarmerBoyTBD
Bowen Son of OwenBoyTBD
Braden From the Broad ValleyBoyTBD
Bradley From the Broad MeadowBoyTBD
Brahamjeet Gods TriumphBoyTBD
Brahmadhvaja BoyTBD
Brahmadutt Dedicated to Lord Brahma Devoted to Lord BrahmaBoyTBD
Brahmanandam; Brahmaanand The supreme joyBoyTBD
Brahmdev Gods exalted angelBoyTBD
Brajendra Lord of Braj LandBoyTBD
Brajraaj; Brajraj; Brijraaj; Brijraj King of Braj LandBoyTBD
Brandan; Brendan; Brendon TravellerBoyTBD
Bratindra Dedicated to charity Devoted to right deedsBoyTBD
Brent From the Steep HillBoyTBD
Bret; Brett Native of BrittanyBoyTBD
Brice Great AmbitionBoyTBD
Brigham Dweller by the BridgeBoyTBD
Brijender BoyTBD
Brock The BadgerBoyTBD
Broderick Form of RoderickBoyTBD
Brooke A streamBoyTBD
Bruce BrushwoodBoyTBD
Bruno Dark ComplexionedBoyTBD
Bryant StrongBoyTBD
Buck The DeerBoyTBD
Buddha Awakened Lord BuddhaBoyTBD
Buddhadeb Lord BuddhaBoyTBD
Buddhadeva Wise Gautama BuddhaBoyTBD
Budhjot Light of WisdomBoyTBD
Budhpreet Love of wisdomBoyTBD
Budrata BoyTBD
Burton FortressBoyTBD
Cadman WarriorBoyTBD
Caldwell Near a Cold WellBoyTBD
Caleb FaithfulBoyTBD
Calvert ShepherdBoyTBD
Calvin BaldBoyTBD
Carl FarmerBoyTBD
Carlton From Carls FarmBoyTBD
Carney WarriorBoyTBD
Carrick RockBoyTBD
Carter Cart DriverBoyTBD
Carver Wood CarverBoyTBD
Cary FortBoyTBD
Casey BraveBoyTBD
Casper TreasureBoyTBD
Cecil BlindBoyTBD
Cedric ChieftainBoyTBD
Chahel Good CheerBoyTBD
Chakradhar Name of Lord VishnuBoyTBD
Chalmers Lord of the HouseholdBoyTBD
Champabati; Champavati The daughter of an ancient king Raja Sahil VermaBoyTBD
Chanchal ActiveBoyTBD
Chandaka MoonlightBoyTBD
Chandeedaas; Chandidaas Name of a saintBoyTBD
Chandraanan Moon-like faceBoyTBD
Chandrachur Lord ShivaBoyTBD
Chandradev Moon God A KingBoyTBD
Chandrahaas Smiling like a moonBoyTBD
Chandrakumar The moonBoyTBD
Chandramauli Lord ShivaBoyTBD
Chandranath The moon King of the moonBoyTBD
Chandravadan Moon-like faceBoyTBD
Channing A CanonBoyTBD
Chapman MerchantBoyTBD
Charanjeet Winning the service of Gurus Lotus FeetBoyTBD
Charanjot Light of Gurus Lotus FeetBoyTBD
Charanpal Protection under the Gurus Lotus FeetBoyTBD
Chatur CleverBoyTBD
Chaturbhuj Broad shouldered Strong Lord VishnuBoyTBD
Chatwin Warlike FriendBoyTBD
Chayan CollectingBoyTBD
Cheran The Chera King From the Chera currently Kerala countryBoyTBD
Chester Castle DwellerBoyTBD
Chidambar; Chidambaram Sky like heart One who has heart as wide as skyBoyTBD
Chidananda Lord ShivaBoyTBD
Chiman CuriousBoyTBD
Chinmay Supreme consciousness Name of Lord Ganesha KnowledgableBoyTBD
Chinmaya With joy GodBoyTBD
Chintan Thought MeditationBoyTBD
Chirakumar Long life PrinceBoyTBD
Chitragupt God of destinyBoyTBD
Chitral Of variegated colourBoyTBD
Chittesh Lord of the soulBoyTBD
Chris BoyTBD
Christian A ChristianBoyTBD
Cy The name of the founder of the Persian empire From the name CyrusBoyTBD
Cyrus The name of the founder of the Persian empireBoyTBD
Daarun HardBoyTBD
Daksha The skilled oneBoyTBD
Dakshesh Name of Lord ShivaBoyTBD
Daljeet The conqueror of forcesBoyTBD
Dalpati Commander of groupBoyTBD
Daman Controller One who controlsBoyTBD
Danvir CharitableBoyTBD
Darsh Lord KrishnaBoyTBD
Darshanbir Vision of exalted braveryBoyTBD
Dasharathi Lord RamaBoyTBD
Dayaananda One who takes joy in being mercifulBoyTBD
Dayalu Compassionate Lord ShivaBoyTBD
Debjit; Devjeet One who has conquered GodsBoyTBD
Debendranath Lord of the skyBoyTBD
Deen PoorBoyTBD
Deenabandhu Friend of the poorBoyTBD
Deenpal The protector of the helplessBoyTBD
Deep Light The lamp of lightBoyTBD
Deepan Lighting up IlluminationBoyTBD
Deependra; Dipendra Lord of lightsBoyTBD
Deepesh; Dipesh Lord of lightBoyTBD
Deepinder Gods lightBoyTBD
Deeptanshu The sunBoyTBD
Deeptendu; Diptendu Bright MoonBoyTBD
Deeptiman LustrousBoyTBD
Deeptimoy; Deeptimay LustrousBoyTBD
Devadatt Gift of the godBoyTBD
Devajyoti Brightness of the lordBoyTBD
Deval Sage Narada TempleBoyTBD
Devan Like a GodBoyTBD
Devdan The gift of the godsBoyTBD
Devesh Lord ShivaBoyTBD
Deveshwar Lord ShivaBoyTBD
Devnarayan KingBoyTBD
Devnath; Devanath King of gods Lord IndraBoyTBD
Dhanesh Lord of wealthBoyTBD
Dhann The blessed oneBoyTBD
Dhanu The bowBoyTBD
Dhanvant WealthyBoyTBD
Dharamdeep Lamp of religionBoyTBD
Dharamdev God of faithBoyTBD
Dharamjot; Dharamjyot Light of righteousness and virtuesBoyTBD
Dharampreet Love of faith The one who loves righteous and religionBoyTBD
Dharamsheel HolyBoyTBD
Dharmaveer; Dharamveer Protector of religionBoyTBD
Dharmendu Light of religion Clear beliefBoyTBD
Dhaval A fair oneBoyTBD
Dheeman IntelligentBoyTBD
Dheemant Wise IntelligentBoyTBD
Dheer TolerantBoyTBD
Dhiaan; Dhyaan; Dhyan Absorbed in contemplationBoyTBD
Dhritiman Patient One who has patienceBoyTBD
Dhyanesh Meditative Lord of contemplationBoyTBD
Dhyaneshwar Lord of meditationBoyTBD
Digambar; Digambara Unencumbered Sky-cladBoyTBD
Digant HorizonBoyTBD
Digvijay One who has been victorious over everyoneBoyTBD
Dilawar BraveBoyTBD
Dilbaag The one with a blossoming heartBoyTBD
Dilber LoverBoyTBD
Dilraaj Hearty KingdomBoyTBD
Dinakar; Dinkar The sunBoyTBD
Dinabandhu Friend of the poorBoyTBD
Dipankara Variant of DeepankarBoyTBD
Divamani Ornament of DayBoyTBD
Divjot Divine lightBoyTBD
Dwarakadaas; Dwarkadas Servant of DwarakaBoyTBD
Dwijesh Lord of BrahminsBoyTBD
Eashan ShivaBoyTBD
Ekambar SkyBoyTBD
Ekanath KingBoyTBD
Ekansh WholeBoyTBD
Ekaraj EmperorBoyTBD
Ekavir Bravest of the braveBoyTBD
Eknaath; Ekanath; Eknath Name of a saint from Maharashtra in IndiaBoyTBD
Esharveer Gods warriorBoyTBD
Esmaeel; Ishmael Son of Abraham God hearsBoyTBD
Faatin CaptivatingBoyTBD
Faiyaz ArtisticBoyTBD
Fakeer; Fakir A saintly personBoyTBD
Falak The sky HeavenBoyTBD
Falgu RiverBoyTBD
Falgun; Faalgun A month in the Hindu calendar Born in Falgun - a Hindu monthBoyTBD
Farzin LearnedBoyTBD
Fanibhusan Shiv MahadevBoyTBD
Faraz On the top Above EquitableBoyTBD
Farid Unique Matchless WideBoyTBD
Fatehpal The protector of victoryBoyTBD
Fatik CrystalBoyTBD
Firyal AdornmentBoyTBD
Gadhar Lord NarayanBoyTBD
Gajaanan One with elephant face Lord GaneshBoyTBD
Gajaanan; Gajanan Elephant-faced Lord GaneshaBoyTBD
Ganapati Lord Ganesha Leader of the elephantsBoyTBD
Gandharv; Gandharva Celestial musician Master in musicBoyTBD
Gandharvaraaju Variant of GandharvBoyTBD
Gandharvaraavu Variant of GandharvBoyTBD
Gangaadatt; Gangadatt; Gangadutt Gift of the GangesBoyTBD
Gangesh Lord Shiva Lord of the Ganges RiverBoyTBD
Gaurang; Gauraang A fair one Husband of Gauri Parvati Lord ShivaBoyTBD
Gauranga; Gouranga Fair complexioned Golden-limbed Having a white or yellowish body Cow colouredBoyTBD
Ghulam Ahmad Variant of GulamBoyTBD
Giaandeep; Gyandeep Lamp of divine knowledgeBoyTBD
Giaanpreet; Gyanpreet One who loves the divine knowledgeBoyTBD
Giaanroop; Gyanroop Embodiment of divine lightBoyTBD
Giaanveer; Gyanveer Brave and divine in knowledgeBoyTBD
Gireesh BoyTBD
Girindra Lord of the mountains Lord ShivaBoyTBD
Giriraaj; Giriraj King of mountainsBoyTBD
Gobhil A Sanskrit scholarBoyTBD
Gopesh Lord KrishnaBoyTBD
Gorakh CowherdBoyTBD
Goswamee; Goswami Master of cowsBoyTBD
Gour FairBoyTBD
Goutham Variant of GautamBoyTBD
Gulzar A garden with flowers Rose Garden An inhabited townBoyTBD
Gunbir; Gunveer Virtuous and braveBoyTBD
Gundeep Lamp of excellencesBoyTBD
Gunpreet The lover of excellencesBoyTBD
Gurbachan One who abides by Gurus WordBoyTBD
Gurdaya One blessed with the Gurus GraceBoyTBD
Gurdayal; Gurdyal Compassionate GuruBoyTBD
Gurdev Almighty GodBoyTBD
Gurjeet One winning the Gurus heartBoyTBD
Gurkiran The ray of Gurus lightBoyTBD
Gurleen One who is absorbed in the GuruBoyTBD
Gurneet Gurus MoralBoyTBD
Habib Friend BelovedBoyTBD
Hafez ProtectorBoyTBD
Hamish Variant of Jacob SupplanterBoyTBD
Hansh SwanBoyTBD
Hanspal Protector of great soulBoyTBD
Hanuman Lord Hanuman - A Hindu GodBoyTBD
Hardeep Lamp of GodBoyTBD
Hardhian; Hardhyan The one absorbed in the LordBoyTBD
Haresh Lord ShivaBoyTBD
Hardik Full of LoveBoyTBD
Harij The horizonBoyTBD
Harikiran Rays of GodBoyTBD
Harit GreenBoyTBD
Harjeevan One who lives a God-oriented lifeBoyTBD
Hem GoldBoyTBD
Hemachander Golden MoonBoyTBD
Hemang One with shining body Golden BodiedBoyTBD
Hemanga Common NameBoyTBD
Hemendra Lord of GoldBoyTBD
Het LoveBoyTBD
Hetal FriendlyBoyTBD
Hiran GoldBoyTBD
Hiranmay; Hiranmaya Made of goldBoyTBD
Hiranya A precious metalBoyTBD
Indeevar Blue LotusBoyTBD
Indranil Another Name of Lord Shiva Sapphire Blue StoneBoyTBD
Indrashish; Indrashis Blessing from Indra King of godsBoyTBD
Ishayu Full of strengthBoyTBD
Iravat Son of Arjuna Riding Elephant of Indra Rain CloudsBoyTBD
Ishan Lord Shiva Lord of wealth SunBoyTBD
Jacob One who supplants SupplanterBoyTBD
Jagapathi; Jagpati Lord of the universeBoyTBD
Jagathi The earthBoyTBD
Jagmeet Friend of the worldBoyTBD
Jaison Son of victoryBoyTBD
Jahnu Name of an Ancient Sage divine KingBoyTBD
Jaivant VictoriousBoyTBD
Jaladhar CloudBoyTBD
Jamshid Handsome Suns rays LightsBoyTBD
Jasper The treasurer The name of a gemstoneBoyTBD
Jayashish Victory with blessingBoyTBD
Jeevandeep; Jeevandip; Jivandeep The lamp of lifeBoyTBD
Jorge FarmerBoyTBD
Jina Lord VishnuBoyTBD
Kanak; Kanaka GoldBoyTBD
Khayaal ThoughtBoyTBD
Khushnaseeb LuckyBoyTBD
Lakshmidhar Lord VishnuBoyTBD
Lakhbir Brave as a hundred thousandBoyTBD
Livingston From Lewins TownBoyTBD
Lokanath Lord of all worldsBoyTBD
Madhu Sweet Variant of MadhuBoyTBD
Mahiraj One who rules the worldBoyTBD
Manivannan Related name of Lord AyyappaBoyTBD
Manuj Son of ManuBoyTBD
Maulik PreciousBoyTBD
Meeta FriendBoyTBD
Meghnad; Meghnath Lord of the skyBoyTBD
Mirza A PrinceBoyTBD
Mitra FriendBoyTBD
Mitul Measured LimitedBoyTBD
Mohsen One who does goodBoyTBD
Nagarajan; Nagaraj King of the serpentsBoyTBD
Naman Renowned NamaskarBoyTBD
Nana Father of the mother GrandfatherBoyTBD
Navaj Newly BornBoyTBD
Naval WonderBoyTBD
Navrang ColourfulBoyTBD
Nazar Eyesight VisionBoyTBD
Neor DewBoyTBD
Nidhish Lord of TreasureBoyTBD
Nik; Nick Good Victorious peopleBoyTBD
Niket HomeBoyTBD
Nikunja Variant of NikunjBoyTBD
Nimish Lord Vishnu MomentaryBoyTBD
Nimit DestinyBoyTBD
Nirav Without Sound SilentBoyTBD
Nirmay PureBoyTBD
Nischal DecidedBoyTBD
Nirmit CreatedBoyTBD
Nischal CalmBoyTBD
Nityanta Lord VishnuBoyTBD
Nivrutti Separation from worldBoyTBD
Nripa KingBoyTBD
Nripendra King of KingsBoyTBD
Nripesh King of kingsBoyTBD
Ogan WaveBoyTBD
Ojas Body Strength Light Virility EnergyBoyTBD
Omanand Light of OmBoyTBD
Omja Born of cosmic unityBoyTBD
Oojam EnthusiasmBoyTBD
Oorjit PowerfulBoyTBD
Opinder Proximity to GodBoyTBD
Orang; Aurang A throne Wisdom Understanding BeautyBoyTBD
Osho DearBoyTBD
Pabok FireBoyTBD
Padmanabh One with lotus in his navel ie VishnuBoyTBD
Paramartha Highest TruthBoyTBD
Pamposh Lotus FlowerBoyTBD
Phalgun A month of the Hindu CalendarBoyTBD
Prabhanjan Dust Storm TempestBoyTBD
Pranay LoveBoyTBD
Pranjal Simple StraightforwardBoyTBD
Priyadarshan Of loving vision Lord ShivaBoyTBD
Purshottam; Purushottam Best ManBoyTBD
Ritvaan LordBoyTBD
Rochan Red Lotus BrightBoyTBD
Rudra The terrible Lord ShivaBoyTBD
Rujul ProvenBoyTBD
Said; Sayyid HappyBoyTBD
Saish A SaintBoyTBD
Saral SimpleBoyTBD
Sankara AuspiciousBoyTBD
Sanmitra True FriendBoyTBD
Sarang Spotted deer A musical instrumentBoyTBD
Shardool LionBoyTBD
Saumitra Son of Sumitra LakshmanBoyTBD
Shahab Shooting star MeteorBoyTBD
Sher The beloved one or a LionBoyTBD
Shubhang HandsomeBoyTBD
Shuhul KindBoyTBD
Suman Cheerful and wiseBoyTBD
Tapas SunBoyTBD
Tara A star The name of a Buddhist goddessBoyTBD
Tarak ProtectorBoyTBD
Taral TinyBoyTBD
Tejas Sharp Lustre BrillianceBoyTBD
Trilochan; Trilochana Three-Eyed Lord Lord ShivaBoyTBD
Tungesh MoonBoyTBD
Utkarsh DevelopmentBoyTBD
Virochan Moon FireBoyTBD
Vasav Lord IndraBoyTBD
Vasudeva The father of the God KrishnaBoyTBD
Vishwamitra Friend of the universe One of the most venerated sages in India since ancient timeBoyTBD