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Meaning Powerful
Gender Boy
Numerology TBD
Origin India
Country India
Ctaegory Modern

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OORJIT Name Popularity

Similar Names To Oorjit:-
Name Meaning Gender Numerology Origin Country Category
Abhijit LordKrishna, One who isvictoriousAbhijeet Boy 5 Hindu India Hindu
Abjit Conqueringwater Boy 6 Hindu India Hindu
Ahijit Conquerorof theserpent Boy 3 Hindu India Hindu
Baljeet; Baljit Mighty Victorious Boy 1 Punjabi India Punjabi
Indrajit Conqueror of Indra Boy 4 Punjabi India Punjabi
Kamaljeet; Kamaljit Achiever of perfection Variant of Kamal Boy 2 Punjabi India Punjabi
Abhijit victorious Boy 5 SANSKRIT India SANSKRIT
Ajit unconquerable Boy 4 SANSKRIT India SANSKRIT
Arjit earned Boy 4 SANSKRIT India SANSKRIT
Prasenjit A King In The Epics Boy 4 Assamese India Assamese
Arunjit Winner of High Mountain Boy Assamese India Assamese
Tamojit Conqueror of Darkness Boy Assamese India Assamese
Abhijit Name of a star Boy 5 Bengali Bangladesh Bengali
Agnijit Who conquer fire Boy 7 Bengali Bangladesh Bengali
Ajit Unconquerable Boy 4 Bengali Bangladesh Bengali
Bishvjit Winner of the Universe World Boy Kannada India Kannada
Biswajit World Chimpion Boy Kannada India Kannada
Bishwajit Victory of World Boy Kannada India Kannada
Satyajeet; Satyajit Victory of truth Boy 4 Marathi India Marathi
Karmjit Winner over Obstacles Boy Marathi India Marathi
Kotijit Conquering Millions Boy Marathi India Marathi
Agamjit Gods light, Victory of God Boy 7 Sikh India Sikh
Amanjit Peace attainder, Attainer of tranquility Boy 5 Sikh India Sikh
Arinderjit Gentalman Boy 9 Sikh India Sikh
Abhijit victorious Boy 5 TAMIL INDIA TAMIL
Ajit unconquerable Boy 4 TAMIL INDIA TAMIL
Arjit earned Boy 4 TAMIL INDIA TAMIL
Abhijit victorious Boy 5 TELUGU INDIA TELUGU
Ajit unconquerable Boy 4 TELUGU INDIA TELUGU
Arjit earned Boy 4 TELUGU INDIA TELUGU


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