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Meaning The name of the founder of the Persian empire
Gender Boy
Numerology TBD
Origin India
Country India
Ctaegory Modern

CYRUS Name Popularity

Simmalar Name To Cyrus:-
Name Meaning Gender Numerology Origin Country Category
Taurus TBD Boy 1 Hindu India Hindu
Naurus Bird in Arabic Girl TBD MUSLIM INDIA MUSLIM
Butrus a form ofPeter Boy 2 Arabic Azerbaijan Arabic
Cyrus/Siroos/Cirus Kourosh, first king of Iran, founder of the the Achaemenids dynasty and the Persian empire Boy 8 Iranian Iran Iranian
Butrus a form of Peter Boy 2 Arabic Iraq Arabic
Jairus God enlightens Boy 6 Hebrew Israel Hebrew
Lazarus God will help Boy 8 Greek Israel Greek
Butrus a form ofPeter Boy TBD Arabic Saudi Arabia Arabic