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687 Flower Names for Muslim Girls With Meaning


AngelsName has collected a list of unique baby girl names inspired by flowers, which might sound pretty perfect for your baby girl. In this article you will get to know 687 Muslim Flower baby names, which you may consider for your new born baby girl. The baby names related to Flowers are - symbol of "love, pride, chastity, purity, loveliness, strength, spirituality, good luck, wealth and happiness". All the flowery Muslim girl name that means beautiful Flower are taken from the following flowers, "rose, lily, Jasmine, hibiscus, marigold, daisy, orchid, bougainvillea, daffodil, dahlia, plumeria". This article consist of Arabic girl naes, Pakstani girl names, Indonesia girl names, Bangladesh girl names, asian muslim girl names. In this article All the muslim girl names meaning are related to Flower, Beauty, Smile, Fragnance and cute.

In this article you will get to know baby names that mean Flowers, which you may consider for your new born baby girl. (Unique Muslim Girl Names Meaning Flower) All flower names for Muslim girls are arranged with its meaning, origin and numerology.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Aaini Flower, Spring, The EyeMuslimGirl 7
Aasmeen Sweet-smelling, Jasmine FlowerMuslimGirl 4
Abeba FlowerMuslimGirl 2
Abeer Fragrance, PerfumeMuslimGirl 4
Abeida Worshipper of God, FlowerMuslimGirl 4
Ablaa Perfectly Formed, A FlowerMuslimGirl 8
Afnan Name of the Flower in HeavenMuslimGirl 9
Afrana Beautiful FlowerMuslimGirl 5
Ahyana Beautiful FlowerMuslimGirl 5
Aiba Flower, BeautifulMuslimGirl 4
Ainea Resembling a Spring FlowerMuslimGirl 3
Aineah Resembling a Spring FlowerMuslimGirl 2
Ainee Spring FlowerMuslimGirl 7
Ainey Resembling a Spring FlowerMuslimGirl 9
Aini Spring, Flower, Source, The EyeMuslimGirl 6
Ainy Resembling a Spring FlowerMuslimGirl 4
Aiyana Eternal Blossom, Endless BeautyMuslimGirl 6
Akhtar Star, Good Luck, Flower, Good ManMuslimGirl 5
Akina Spring Flower, RelationsMuslimGirl 9
Akira Gentle Flower, A Natural, Graceful MuslimGirl 4
Akkira Dawn, Bright, Gentle FlowerMuslimGirl 6
Alaleh A Flower, ButtercupMuslimGirl 3
Alana Valuable, PreciousMuslimGirl 2
Alei Lofty, Leaf, Nobly, Sublime, HighMuslimGirl 9
Alli Long-tailed Duck, Noble, NobilityMuslimGirl 7
Amala The Pure One, Clean, Bird, HopeMuslimGirl 1
Amarya Unfading FlowerMuslimGirl 5
Amelia Hard-working, CourageMuslimGirl 5
Amniyya FlowersMuslimGirl 7
Anzala Flower, A Gift from AllahMuslimGirl 1
Arbish Rain of Haven, Gift of God, FlowerMuslimGirl 3
Areej Pleasant Smell, Flower of HeavenMuslimGirl 3
Aria Gentle Music, Brings Rain, PledgeMuslimGirl 2
Asfara Greatness,Morning LightMuslimGirl 1
Ashmeera Flower of HeavenMuslimGirl 7
Ashmeerah Flower of HeavenMuslimGirl 6
Ashmera Flower of HeavenMuslimGirl 2
Ashtalfa Fragrance of a Heaven FlowerMuslimGirl 5
Athirah Flower, GloriousMuslimGirl 2
Ayaana Innocent, Pretty FlowerMuslimGirl 7
Ayanna Innocent, Beautiful Flower, RoyalMuslimGirl 2
Ayika Flower PetalMuslimGirl 2
Ayisha-Nasrin Flower of HeavenMuslimGirl 3
Ayka Flower PetalMuslimGirl 2
Azaira FlowersMuslimGirl 2
Azalea A Flower, Dry, Withered FlowerMuslimGirl 1
Azhaar Flowers, BlossomsMuslimGirl 1
Azhar Flower, BlossomsMuslimGirl 9
Azhara Flower, Bright,ShiningMuslimGirl 1
Azhra Bright, Flower, ShiningMuslimGirl 9
Azlifa Knowledge, Queen of FlowerMuslimGirl 1
Bahare Bringer of Spring, Spring FlowerMuslimGirl 8
Bahareh Sprint Flower, Bringer of SpringMuslimGirl 7
Banafsaj Violent FlowerMuslimGirl 9
Banafsha Name of FlowerMuslimGirl 7
Banafsheh A Flower, Violet FlowerMuslimGirl 1
Bela Evening Time, A Flower - JasmineMuslimGirl 2
Beli A Flower-jasmineMuslimGirl 1
Binafsha Name of a FlowerMuslimGirl 6
Burhumat Flower-budMuslimGirl 5
Chalipa Cross, A Flower MuslimGirl 5
Chamen Garden of FlowersMuslimGirl 8
Champa A Flower, Essence of Sun, FragrantMuslimGirl 6
Dahlia Flower name, Valley FlowerMuslimGirl 8
Dalia A Branch, To Draw Water, FlowerMuslimGirl 9
Daliyana FlowerMuslimGirl 4
Dhasbiha Flower of HeavenMuslimGirl 7
Eashal Name of Flower in the HeavenMuslimGirl 1
Eishal Flower in HeavenMuslimGirl 9
Emaya FlowerMuslimGirl 9
Eshaal Flower of Paradise, To EnlivenMuslimGirl 1
Eshael Flower of ParadiseMuslimGirl 5
Eshal The name of Flower in the HeavenMuslimGirl 9
Eyasmin Fragrant Flower, Sweet SmellingMuslimGirl 5
Faaghira Jasmine FlowerMuslimGirl 6
Fagheara Resembling the Jasmine FlowerMuslimGirl 2
Fagheera Resembling the Jasmine FlowerMuslimGirl 6
Faghiera Resembling the Jasmine FlowerMuslimGirl 1
Faghira Jasmine FlowerMuslimGirl 5
Faghirah Resembling the Jasmine FlowerMuslimGirl 4
Faghyra Resembling the Jasmine FlowerMuslimGirl 3
Fagira Resembling the Jasmine FlowerMuslimGirl 6
Fagirah Resembling the Jasmine FlowerMuslimGirl 5
Faneesha Heaven FlowerMuslimGirl 5
Farhin Jubilant, Happiness, Sky AngelMuslimGirl 2
Fazlin FlowerMuslimGirl 5
Fazlina Flower, Flower in DesertMuslimGirl 6
Feda Sacrifice, FlowerMuslimGirl 7
Feeha Flower of JannahMuslimGirl 7
Feiha Fragrant, Flower of JannahMuslimGirl 2
Felza Fragrant, Beloved OneMuslimGirl 5
Fenna Scented FlowerMuslimGirl 4
Ferozah Flower in the Garden of JannahMuslimGirl 7
Fiha Flower of JannahMuslimGirl 6
Firoja Kind Flower, Beautiful, StoneMuslimGirl 5
Firosa Kind Flower, Stone of SeaMuslimGirl 5
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