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687 Flower Names for Muslim Girls With Meaning


AngelsName has collected a list of unique baby girl names inspired by flowers, which might sound pretty perfect for your baby girl. In this article you will get to know 687 Muslim Flower baby names, which you may consider for your new born baby girl. The baby names related to Flowers are - symbol of "love, pride, chastity, purity, loveliness, strength, spirituality, good luck, wealth and happiness". All the flowery Muslim girl name that means beautiful Flower are taken from the following flowers, "rose, lily, Jasmine, hibiscus, marigold, daisy, orchid, bougainvillea, daffodil, dahlia, plumeria". This article consist of Arabic girl naes, Pakstani girl names, Indonesia girl names, Bangladesh girl names, asian muslim girl names. In this article All the muslim girl names meaning are related to Flower, Beauty, Smile, Fragnance and cute.

In this article you will get to know baby names that mean Flowers, which you may consider for your new born baby girl. (Unique Muslim Girl Names Meaning Flower) All flower names for Muslim girls are arranged with its meaning, origin and numerology.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Flieder A Flowering ShrubMuslimGirl 5
Flora Flower, The Goddess of FlowerMuslimGirl 7
Flower Blooming, Flower, Form of FlorenceMuslimGirl 7
Folla Arabian Jasmine FlowerMuslimGirl 1
Ghassedak A Flower, DandelionMuslimGirl 3
Ghiz Bud,FlowerMuslimGirl 5
Ghoncheh Bud of the FlowerMuslimGirl 5
Ghuncha Bunch of FlowersMuslimGirl 8
Gilsha God of FlowersMuslimGirl 2
Golbahar Winter Aconite, Spring FlowerMuslimGirl 1
Golnar Flower of the Pomegranate TreeMuslimGirl 4
Golnaz Cute like a Flower, A Flower, Sun MuslimGirl 3
Golnisa The Most Beautiful Woman,Flower MuslimGirl 5
Golshan A Flower GardenMuslimGirl 4
Gool A Flower, Round ShapedMuslimGirl 4
Gul Flower, Rose, Bouquet, AmbitiousMuslimGirl 4
Gul-Bano Princess of FlowersMuslimGirl 9
Gul-Chehra Beautiful as FlowerMuslimGirl 2
Gul-Mehtab Moon like FlowerMuslimGirl 8
Gul-Mina Lovely FlowerMuslimGirl 5
Gul-Panrha Flower PetalMuslimGirl 8
Gul-Warin One who Sprinkles Flower, Derived MuslimGirl 6
Gulaab Rose, FlowerMuslimGirl 8
Gulabhsha Beautiful Fragrant FlowerMuslimGirl 7
Gulabsah Blooms like FlowerMuslimGirl 8
Gulabsha Beautiful, Fragrant FlowerMuslimGirl 8
Gulafsah Flower, BeautifulMuslimGirl 3
Gulafsha Blossom Flower, Flavour RainMuslimGirl 3
Gulafshan FlowerMuslimGirl 8
Gulaphsa FlowerMuslimGirl 4
Gulapsa Blooms like FlowerMuslimGirl 5
GulBahar Like a Rose in Spring, SpringMuslimGirl 7
Gulbano Lady like a Beautiful FlowerMuslimGirl 9
Gulchin Name of FlowerMuslimGirl 2
Guldin Out of FlowersMuslimGirl 4
Gulesha God of FlowersMuslimGirl 1
Gulfsha Blossom FlowerMuslimGirl 2
Gulinar Pomegranate FlowerMuslimGirl 1
Gulinear Pomegranate FlowerMuslimGirl 6
Gulista Flower GardenMuslimGirl 8
Gulistan Garden,Rose GardenMuslimGirl 4
Guljaan Beautiful FlowerMuslimGirl 3
Gulmohar Name of a FlowerMuslimGirl 5
Gulnaaj Cute like a FlowerMuslimGirl 3
Gulnaar FloweryMuslimGirl 2
Gulnaaz Cute like a FlowerMuslimGirl 1
Gulnaj Cute like a FlowerMuslimGirl 2
Gulnar Flower of the Pomegranate TreeMuslimGirl 1
Gulnara Flower of the Pomegranate TreeMuslimGirl 2
Gulnas A Flower, Cute like a FlowerMuslimGirl 2
Gulnaz Cute like a Flower,A Flower,Sun MuslimGirl 9
Gulnoor Beautiful FlowerMuslimGirl 3
Gulnur Beautiful FlowerMuslimGirl 3
Gulpari Flower AngelMuslimGirl 3
Gulsan Garden of FlowersMuslimGirl 2
Gulsana Unbelievable FlowerMuslimGirl 3
Gulsham FlowerMuslimGirl 9
Gulshan Garden of Roses, Garden, Flower MuslimGirl 1
Gulshiya God of FlowersMuslimGirl 3
Gulwareena Flower ShowerMuslimGirl 8
Hadassah Myrtle Tree, Like a StarMuslimGirl 7
Hadina Guide to RighteousnessMuslimGirl 1
Haina Beautiful FlowerMuslimGirl 6
Hainah Beautiful Flower, GoldMuslimGirl 5
Hana Happiness, Flower, BlossomMuslimGirl 6
Hapsa Pretty FlowersMuslimGirl 9
Hena A Flower, Gracious, MercifulMuslimGirl 1
Hezreen A FlowerMuslimGirl 9
Hibaq Beautiful FlowersMuslimGirl 1
Ibhar Stigma of Flower, BreadthMuslimGirl 2
Illima FlowerMuslimGirl 2
Inan FlowerMuslimGirl 2
Iraj FlowerMuslimGirl 2
Iris Colours of Rainbow, FlowerMuslimGirl 1
Ishal Prosperity, Flower of HeavenMuslimGirl 4
Ishaml FlowerMuslimGirl 8
Jaara Beautiful Flower, LightMuslimGirl 4
Jaffrin Saffron FlowerMuslimGirl 1
Jafrin Saffron FlowerMuslimGirl 4
Jahana-Shirin Flower, World BelovedMuslimGirl 4
Jahraa Bright, Brave, Beautiful FlowerMuslimGirl 3
Jamely A name of FlowerMuslimGirl 3
Jamyla Beautiful, FlowerMuslimGirl 8
Janofer Beautiful Flower in HevenMuslimGirl 6
Jaseeba Cute FlowerMuslimGirl 7
Jasenia Palm Tree, Like a FlowerMuslimGirl 5
Jashmin Name of FlowerMuslimGirl 2
Jashmine Name of FlowerMuslimGirl 7
Jasiba Cute FlowerMuslimGirl 6
Jasilyn One that Resembles a Olive FlowerMuslimGirl 9
Jasma Jasmine FlowerMuslimGirl 8
Jasmeen Jasmine FlowerMuslimGirl 4
Jasmeena Jasmine FlowerMuslimGirl 5
Jasmina Jasmine FlowerMuslimGirl 4
Jasmine Fragrant Flower, Flower MuslimGirl 8
Jasmyne Jasmine Flower, A Flower nameMuslimGirl 6
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