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962 Flower Names for Hindu Girls With Meaning


AngelsName has collected a list of unique baby girl names inspired by flowers, which might sound pretty perfect for your baby girl. In this article you will get to know 962 Indian Hindu Flower baby names, which you may consider for your new born baby girl. The baby names related to Flowers are - symbol of "love, pride, chastity, purity, loveliness, strength, spirituality, good luck, wealth and happiness". All the flowery Hindu girl name that means beautiful Flower are taken from the following flowers, "rose, lily, Jasmine, hibiscus, marigold, daisy, orchid, bougainvillea, daffodil, dahlia, plumeria". This article consist of Indian Hindu girl names, Asian Hindu girl names, mythological girl names related to flower, Hindu goddess names related to flower. In this article All the Hindu girl names meaning are related to Flower, Beauty, Smile, Fragrance and cute.

In this article you will get to know baby names that mean Flowers, which you may consider for your new born baby girl. (Unique Hindu Girl Names Meaning Flower) All flower names for Hindu girls are arranged with its meaning, origin and numerology.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Aaboli Name of a FlowerIndianGirl 4
Aaral FlowerIndianGirl 6
Aavirai Flower nameIndianGirl 7
Ababa Flower, FruitIndianGirl 7
Abeer Fragrance, PerfumeIndianGirl 4
Ablaa Perfectly Formed, A FlowerIndianGirl 8
Aboil The name of a FlowerIndianGirl 3
Aboli A Flower, Name of a FlowerIndianGirl 3
Ahyana Beautiful FlowerIndianGirl 5
Ainee Spring FlowerIndianGirl 7
Aini Spring, Flower, Source, The EyeIndianGirl 6
Ainy Resembling a Spring FlowerIndianGirl 4
Aiyana Eternal Blossom, Endless BeautyIndianGirl 6
Akaisha The FlowerIndianGirl 5
Akharnitha Beautiful FlowerIndianGirl 1
Akina Spring Flower, RelationsIndianGirl 9
Akira Gentle Flower, A Natural, Graceful IndianGirl 4
Akkira Dawn, Bright, Gentle FlowerIndianGirl 6
AlaguMalar Beautiful FlowerIndianGirl 6
Alaleh A Flower, ButtercupIndianGirl 3
Alipriya Flower, Red Lotus, Indian RedIndianGirl 1
Alli Long-tailed Duck, Noble, NobilityIndianGirl 7
Allikodi Alli Flower VineIndianGirl 1
Amala The Pure One, Clean, Bird, HopeIndianGirl 1
Amarya Unfading FlowerIndianGirl 5
Amaryllis Fresh, Sparkling, Fresh FlowerIndianGirl 2
Amelia Hard-working, CourageIndianGirl 5
Amlankusum Unfading FlowerIndianGirl 9
Amramanjari Bunch of Mango FlowersIndianGirl 9
Anamone Type of FlowerIndianGirl 9
Anemone Type of Flower, Wind, BreathIndianGirl 4
Angarika A Flame-coloured Flower-palashIndianGirl 8
Anicha God is Gracious, God has Shown IndianGirl 9
Anicham Flower name, Name of a BeautifulIndianGirl 4
Anichamalar FlowerIndianGirl 9
Ankula Flower, AgreeableIndianGirl 6
Anoushka A Term of Endearment, Fulfilment IndianGirl 9
Antha Blossom, FloweryIndianGirl 8
Anthea Blooming Flower, FlowerIndianGirl 4
Anushka Attractive, FlowersIndianGirl 3
Anushkaa Flowers, Guardian of Beautiful IndianGirl 4
Anzala Flower, A Gift from AllahIndianGirl 1
Aparajitha FlowerIndianGirl 4
Aparijita Undefeated, Name of a FlowerIndianGirl 4
Aprajita Undefeated, A FlowerIndianGirl 4
April Second, To Open upIndianGirl 2
Arana Moon, FlowerIndianGirl 8
Areej Pleasant Smell, Flower of HeavenIndianGirl 3
Aria Gentle Music, Brings Rain, PledgeIndianGirl 2
Arivumalar Intelligent FlowerIndianGirl 8
Arvinda Blossoming FlowerIndianGirl 6
Ashmeera Flower of HeavenIndianGirl 7
Atashi A Blue FlowerIndianGirl 4
Atasi A Blue FlowerIndianGirl 5
Athipoo Name of a FlowerIndianGirl 3
Avishna Flowers of Lord VishnuIndianGirl 2
Ayka Flower PetalIndianGirl 2
Bahugandha One with Lot of ScentIndianGirl 4
Baijanthi Name of a FlowerIndianGirl 2
Baijyanti Name of a Flower, Variant of IndianGirl 1
Bakhiyavathi Flower nameIndianGirl 9
Bakul String, Name of FlowerIndianGirl 2
Bakulmala Garland of Bakula FlowersIndianGirl 2
Balakunda A Young FlowerIndianGirl 4
Banafsheh A Flower, Violet FlowerIndianGirl 1
Banmala A Garland of 5 Types of FlowersIndianGirl 8
Banthika Marigold FlowerIndianGirl 3
Beatriz Voyager, Blessed,Brings JoyIndianGirl 9
Beenu Flower, Lord of Source of All IndianGirl 2
Bela Evening Time, A Flower - JasmineIndianGirl 2
Beli A Flower-jasmineIndianGirl 1
Bhela Jasmin Flower, AssertiveIndianGirl 1
Bhrunda Goddess of Basil, A Beautiful IndianGirl 5
Bhrungara Golden FlowerIndianGirl 9
Bilpa FlowerIndianGirl 4
Binolee Flower, Derived from BinaIndianGirl 8
Bithi Bunch of FlowerIndianGirl 3
Brundashree A Beautiful FlowerIndianGirl 7
Camelia A Flower, Evergreen TreeIndianGirl 8
Chaitna Sunflower SeedIndianGirl 2
Chalipa Cross, A Flower IndianGirl 5
Chamanthi Flower nameIndianGirl 5
Chambeli Jasmine, A Creeper with Jasmine IndianGirl 8
Chameleah The Jasmine FlowerIndianGirl 2
Chamelee A Creeper with FlowersIndianGirl 7
Chameley Acolyte, The Jasmine FlowerIndianGirl 9
Chameli Jasmine, A Creeper with FlowersIndianGirl 6
Chamelia Particular FlowerIndianGirl 7
Chamelie The Jasmine Flower, AcolyteIndianGirl 2
Champaka Name of a FlowerIndianGirl 9
Champakalee Bud of Yellow Fragrant FlowerIndianGirl 4
Champakmala A Garland made of Champa FlowersIndianGirl 8
Champamalini Garland of Champa FlowerIndianGirl 1
Champika Little Champa FlowerIndianGirl 8
Champikaa Beautiful Flower Called ChampaIndianGirl 9
Champita Derived from Flower ChampakIndianGirl 8
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