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Top 55 American Baby Names That Mean Love


AngelsName has collected American Baby Names that mean Love, which you may consider for your newly born baby boy and girl.

All the unique Love Inspired USA baby names collected from American origin are sorted with their meaning and numerology respectively.

Choose a unique Name from our sweet collection of American Names Meaning Love.

Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Adore To loveAmericanGirl 7
Aesha Love Woman Life Alive AwakeAmericanGirl 7
Aiko Little Loved OneAmericanGirl 9
Aime Much LovedAmericanGirl 1
Aimy Beloved Variant of AmyAmericanGirl 3
Ami My People Dearly Loved BeautyAmericanGirl 5
Amor Little LoveAmericanGirl 2
Amour LoveAmericanGirl 5
Amoura LoveAmericanGirl 6
Amy Beloved Dearly LovedAmericanGirl 3
Ayarn Unconditional loveAmericanBoy 5
Caresse BelovedAmericanGirl 7
Carina Beloved Keel of a Ship PureAmericanGirl 1
Carisa Very Dear Artful Beloved GraceAmericanGirl 6
Caron LoveAmericanBoy 6
Connor Exalted Wise High LongingAmericanBoy 7
Darel Darling BelovedAmericanBoy 4
Darl Darling BelovedAmericanBoy 8
Darlene Tenderly lovedAmericanGirl 5
Darrel Darling Beloved FranceAmericanBoy 4
David BelovedAmericanBoy 4
Davion BelovedAmerican Boy 2
Hartlyn Full of love and joyousAmericanGirl 8
Ify One who is Widely LovedAmericanBoy 4
Ily Acronym for I Love YouAmericanGirl 1
Ilys Acronym for I Love YouAmericanGirl 2
Ima Love Charity Whole UniversalAmericanGirl 5
Justin Love Clever Just UprightAmericanBoy 3
Karina Beloved Flower Chaste PureAmericanGirl 9
Kay Fire Pure Rejoicing LoveAmericanBoy 1
Kayla BelovedAmericanGirl 5
Kevin Beloved Little Gentle OneAmericanBoy 7
Lovender Acombination of love and lavenderAmericanBoy 5
Luna Moon Purity Lovely FlowerAmericanGirl 3
Luvena Little Beloved OneAmericanGirl 3
Mandy Lovable Worthy of LoveAmericanGirl 3
Meg Love Pearl Great and MightyAmericanGirl 7
Mia Beauty Mine BelovedAmericanGirl 5
Milena Affectionate Precious FavourAmericanGirl 9
Noa Movement Love Motion ShakeAmericanGirl 3
Olathe LovelyAmerican Girl 7
Romeo LoveAmericanBoy 3
Shakyra LoveAmericanGirl 2
Sharilynn Beloved and beautifulAmericanGirl 3
Shey Fairy Love PowerAmericanGirl 3
Suki Beloved HappyAmericanGirl 6
Venetta Desire Love HappinessAmericanGirl 6
Venita Goddess of Love and Beauty DesireAmericanGirl 8
Zaina Lovely Pretty Strong CheerfulAmericanGirl 6
Zay Pure Light and LoveAmericanBoy 7


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