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Unique American Baby Names That Mean Love


AngelsName has collected American Baby Names that mean Love, which you may consider for your newly born baby boy and girl.

When it comes to giving your baby the perfect name, why not choose love. In this article you will find Lovely cute names for little girls and boys.

All the unique Love Inspired USA baby names collected from American origin are sorted with their meaning and numerology respectively.

Choose a unique Name from our sweet collection of American Names Meaning Love.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Adabel Lovely HappyAmericanGirl 7
Adonis Man Loved by AphroditeAmericanBoy 8
Adora Adored Adoration Beloved OneAmericanGirl 3
Adore To loveAmericanGirl 7
Aesha Love Woman Life Alive AwakeAmericanGirl 7
Ahuva Loved One Dearly LovedAmericanGirl 8
Aiko Little Loved OneAmericanGirl 9
Aime Much LovedAmericanGirl 1
Aimee Dearly Loved Beloved AmazingAmericanGirl 6
Aimy Beloved Variant of AmyAmericanGirl 3
Aira Respectable Of the Wind BelovedAmericanGirl 2
Aja High Priestess of Mecca GoatAmericanGirl 3
Alaiza Love SweetAmericanGirl 5
Alayziah Product of an Undying LoveAmericanGirl 2
Alema Inspiring or Deserving LoveAmericanGirl 5
Alina Fair Noble Light BeautifulAmericanGirl 1
Aline Noble Nobility Light LovelyAmericanGirl 5
Almitra Loveble for GodAmericanGirl 2
Alwin Noble Friend Defender BelovedAmericanBoy 5
Amadea Beloved of GodAmericanGirl 7
Amado Loving Deity Loved by GodAmericanBoy 7
Amadom Loves GodAmericanBoy 2
Amadou Love of GodAmericanBoy 1
Amanda Lovable Worthy of LoveAmericanGirl 7
Amara Elegance Grass Immortal OneAmericanGirl 7
Amee Sweetness BelovedAmericanGirl 6
Amelinda Imitating Work RivallingAmericanGirl 5
Amey BelovedAmericanGirl 8
Ami My People Dearly Loved BeautyAmericanGirl 5
Amia BelovedAmericanGirl 6
Amiah BelovedAmericanGirl 5
Amie BelovedAmericanGirl 1
Amit Unlimited BoundlessAmericanBoy 7
Ammie Beloved EntireAmericanGirl 5
Amor Little LoveAmericanGirl 2
Amory Loved OneAmericanGirl 9
Amour LoveAmericanGirl 5
Amoura LoveAmericanGirl 6
Amy Beloved Dearly LovedAmericanGirl 3
Anabel Combination of Anna and BelleAmericanGirl 8
Anabella Lovable Grace Easy to LoveAmericanGirl 3
Anana Soft Mild Beautiful Loved byAmericanGirl 4
Anis Close Friend Friendly AmiableAmericanBoy 7
Anisa Joy and Pleasure FriendlyAmericanGirl 8
Annabel Adorable From Anna and BellaAmericanGirl 4
Annabell Beautiful Easy to LoveAmericanGirl 7
Annabella Beautiful GraceAmericanGirl 8
Annabelle A Combination of Anna and BelleAmericanGirl 3
Annemarie Gracious Rebellious WomanAmericanGirl 8
Annmarie A Combination of Ann and MarieAmericanGirl 3
Aphrodite Goddess of LoveAmericanGirl 6
Arwen LoveAmericanBoy 7
Ashika One without Sorrow MercuryAmericanGirl 4
Ayarn Unconditional loveAmericanBoy 5
Ayita First to Dance Cherokee BelovedAmericanGirl 2
Belva Lovely Beautiful ViewAmericanGirl 6
Bonnie Attractive Fair Lovely PrettyAmericanGirl 5
Braxley Golden Star Keeper of LightAmericanGirl 6
Brisa Beloved UnclearAmericanGirl 4
Brissa From Briseis the Woman AchillesAmericanGirl 5
Brooke A Small Fresh Water StreamAmericanGirl 3
Cailey BelovedAmericanGirl 1
Cala Fortress Lovely Most BeautifulAmericanGirl 8
Calla Loveliness Beauty Lily AmericanGirl 2
Calli Fortress Lark Lovely FlowerAmericanGirl 1
Callie Free Woman Fortress Lark LovelyAmericanGirl 6
Cara Darling Beloved Friend DearAmericanGirl 5
Caralyn Combination of Cara and LynnAmericanGirl 2
Caresse BelovedAmericanGirl 7
Cari Beloved Man PureAmericanGirl 4
Carin Chaste Pure Beloved KeelAmericanGirl 9
Carina Beloved Keel of a Ship PureAmericanGirl 1
Carisa Very Dear Artful Beloved GraceAmericanGirl 6
Cariss Kindness Beloved Dear GraceAmericanGirl 6
Caron To Love Pure WomanlyAmericanGirl 6
Carrisa Dear Kindness Beloved GraceAmericanGirl 6
Caryn Pure Modern Variant of KarenAmericanGirl 7
Cerissa Cherry Beloved Charity DearAmericanGirl 2
Cerra Cherry Dear Beloved CharityAmericanGirl 9
Chad Of Great Love Warrior WarlikeAmericanBoy 7
Chan Light Beloved At PeaceAmericanBoy 8
Chaneacka One who is Dearly LovedAmericanGirl 2
Chaneaka One who is Dearly LovedAmericanGirl 8
Chaneecka One who is Dearly LovedAmericanGirl 6
Chaneicka One who is Dearly LovedAmericanGirl 1
Chaneika One who is Dearly LovedAmericanGirl 7
Chanicka One who is Dearly LovedAmericanGirl 5
Chanickah One who is Dearly LovedAmericanGirl 4
Chaniecka One who is Dearly LovedAmericanGirl 1
Chanieka One who is Dearly LovedAmericanGirl 7
Chanikah One who is Dearly LovedAmericanGirl 1
Chann Wise Young Wolf BeauteousAmericanBoy 4
Chanycka One who is Dearly LovedAmericanGirl 3
Chanyka One who is Dearly LovedAmericanGirl 9
Charessa Charity Grace Kindness DearAmericanGirl 2
Charis Gracious Charity GraceAmericanGirl 4
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