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Babylonian Mythology God and Goddess Names For Baby


AngelsName has collected God, Goddess, Creatures and Legend names of Babylonian mythology, which you may consider for your newly born baby boy and girl.

List of Babylonian God, Goddess, Legend and Creature names for your Baby are given below:

Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Absu God of fresh water and the sweet waters of the worldBabylonianBoy 7
Adad God of stormsBabylonianBoy 1
Adapa The first created manBabylonianBoy 5
Adramelech Moon goddess and the moonBabylonianGirl 7
Agasaya The Shrieker,goddess of warBabylonianGirl 1
Aja Goddess of the dawnBabylonianGirl 3
Amurru Sky god of the Amorite peopleBabylonianBoy 2
Anshar God of the skyBabylonianBoy 7
Antum Babylonian goddess of the earth, an early fertility goddessBabylonianGirl 6
Anu The head of the godsBabylonianBoy 9
Anunnaki Spirits of the earth BabylonianBoy 4
Anzu The divine sky creature depicted as a giant bird with the head of a lionBabylonianBoy 8
Apkallu -Griffin The Babylonian version of the AbgalBabylonianBoy 8
Apsu The same god as AbsuBabylonianBoy 3
Arazu God of completed constructionBabylonianBoy 4
Aruru Goddess of nature, an early mother goddess who created human beingsBabylonianGirl 7
Assur Supreme god BabylonianBoy 6
Babbar The sun godBabylonianBoy 8
Basmu Birth and birth goddesses BabylonianGirl 2
Bel God of sagesBabylonianBoy 1
Belus Babylonian god of warBabylonianBoy 5
BirduI Messenger god from the underworldBabylonianBoy 9
Dagon God of grain and fertilityBabylonianBoy 5
Damkina Mother of the hero-god MardukBabylonianBoy 8
Ea A god of the watersBabylonianBoy 6
Ellil Wind godBabylonianBoy 5
Enbilulu Water godBabylonianBoy 6
Enki God of civilization, wisdom, and cultureBabylonianBoy 3
Enkimdu God of farmers, the fields and grainBabylonianBoy 5
Enlil God of the hurricane and delugeBabylonianBoy 7
Eridan To be definedBabylonianGirl 6
Erra God of war, destruction, death and strifeBabylonianBoy 6
Esemtu The corpse of a human beingBabylonianBoy 2
Etemmu Immaterial spirit BabylonianBoy 5
Garra God of firBabylonianBoy 9
Geshtu God BabylonianBoy 8
Gibil Assyrian god BabylonianBoy 3
Gishida God of the Tree of Life and early springBabylonianBoy 3
Gushkin-Banda Babylonian creator of man and gods BabylonianBoy 3
Irra God of plagues pestilence, death, war, and destructionBabylonianBoy 1
Ishara Goddess of the oath, love, war, and divinationBabylonianGirl 2
Ishtar The goddess of sexualityBabylonianGirl 3
Ishum God of fireBabylonianBoy 7
Kishar Goddess of the earth and fertilityBabylonianGirl 3
Kulitta Goddess of musicBabylonianGirl 4
Kulla Brick god, Babylonian god who restored templesBabylonianBoy 3
Kusag God of the priesthood, patron god of priestsBabylonianBoy 5
Lahamu Babylonian godsBabylonianBoy 2
Lahmu Babylonian godsBabylonianBoy 1
Lamashtu Babylonian demonessBabylonianBoy 5
Lamassu Protective spirits BabylonianBoy 5
Lugalbanda The third king of the city of Uruk, husband of the goddess NinsunBabylonianBoy 3
Magilum-Boat The Boat of the WestBabylonianBoy 6
Mammetum Akkadian goddess of fate and destinyBabylonianGirl 9
Marduk Babylonian King of the Gods, god of healing, justice, compassion, regeneration, magic and fairnessBabylonianBoy 5
Mummu God of craftsmenBabylonianBoy 9
Mushhushshu Protective spiritBabylonianBoy 3
Mylitta Assyrian goddess of fertility and childbirthBabylonianGirl 1
Nammu Minor deityBabylonianBoy 8
Nana Virgin mother goddessBabylonianGirl 3
Nanibgal Minor goddessBabylonianGirl 6
Nedu Babylonian guardian of the gates of the underworldBabylonianBoy 8
Nergal Babylonian god of war, fire, the underworld, and pestilenceBabylonianBoy 3
Nin-agal Babylonian god of the forge and patron god of smithsBabylonianBoy 4
Nin-ildu God of carpentry and patron of carpentersBabylonianBoy 2
Ninazu Babylonian healing godBabylonianBoy 4
Ningizzia To be definedBabylonianBoy 7
Ninsubur Minister to the general assembly of the godsBabylonianBoy 1
Nusku Babylonian god of fireBabylonianBoy 5
Pap-nigin-gara Babylonian god of warBabylonianBoy 5
Quingu Kingu, the consort of Tiamat and her champion in her war with the younger godsBabylonianBoy 8
Sebitti seven minor warrior godsBabylonianBoy 3
Shala Babylonian goddess of war and grainBabylonianGirl 5
Shamash God of supreme justiceBabylonianBoy 6
Shara A minor god of warBabylonianBoy 2
Shulmanu God of the underworld, fertility, and warBabylonianBoy 1
Shulpae Mesopotamian god of feasts and good timesBabylonianBoy 1
Silili Goddess of horsesBabylonianGirl 7
Sin The moon godBabylonianBoy 6
Sumuqan Akkadian and Babylonian version of SakkanBabylonianBoy 7
Tammuz Babylonian version of the Sumerian Dumuzi, a vegetation, dying and reviving god figureBabylonianBoy 4
Tiamat Primeval Mother Goddess of Mesopotamia, mother to the gods, consort of ApsuBabylonianBoy 1
Ummanu Throughout Mesopotamia, the Ummanu were the great scribes BabylonianBoy 2
Umunmutamag God of offerings BabylonianBoy 1
Usmu Akkadian messenger god of Ea, two-faced godBabylonianBoy 2
Utnapishtim The wise and pious manBabylonianBoy 6
Utu To be definedBabylonianBoy 8
Wellu The god who sacrifices himself to create humanityBabylonianBoy 1
Zababa God of warBabylonianBoy 6
Zakar God of dreamsBabylonianBoy 3
Zaltu Goddess of strifeBabylonianGirl 8
Zarpanit Goddess of fertilityBabylonianGirl 6


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