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Top 100 Bahraini Boy Names Inspired By The Moon


Delve into celestial wonder with our curated selection of the top 100 Bahraini boy names inspired by the moon. Find distinctive and cosmic names for your child today.

In this article, you'll discover unique Bahraini baby boy names inspired by the moon, with 'Moon' in their meanings. Choose a standout moon-themed name from our latest list of the top 100 Bahraini baby boy names.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Aaizan Fire, Soul of the MoonBahrainBoy 7
Abdalah Servant of the Moon GodBahrainBoy 2
Aehzaan Soul of the MoonBahrainBoy 2
Aehzan Soul of the Moon, FireBahrainBoy 1
Aijan Soul of the Moon, FireBahrainBoy 8
Aizaan Soul of the MoonBahrainBoy 7
Aizan Fire, Soul of the MoonBahrainBoy 6
Aizwan Soul of the MoonBahrainBoy 2
Aniq Elegant, Blessed, MoonBahrainBoy 5
Arhaan Full MoonBahrainBoy 7
Aylan Shield, Moon, LightBahrainBoy 8
Azharan The Sun and Moon Alike, To AdoptBahrainBoy 6
Badar Full Moon, Fresh, GreenBahrainBoy 8
Bader Full MoonBahrainBoy 3
Badir Shining, Full MoonBahrainBoy 7
Badr Full moonBahrainBoy 7
Badraldin Full moon of the faithBahrainBoy 2
Badrawi One who is like the Full MoonBahrainBoy 4
Badrudin Full Moon of the FaithBahrainBoy 1
Budair Little Full MoonBahrainBoy 1
Ehaan Full MoonBahrainBoy 2
Ehan Full moonBahrainBoy 1
Ehann Full Bright MoonBahrainBoy 6
Ehzan Fire, Soul of the MoonBahrainBoy 9
Ghasiq Moon, PearlsBahrainBoy 7
Ghurrah Chief, Leader, Moon RiseBahrainBoy 9
Helal New MoonBahrainBoy 2
Hilal Crescent MoonBahrainBoy 6
Ibdar Light of the Full MoonBahrainBoy 7
Ihan Full MoonBahrainBoy 5
Ijan Soul of the Moon, FireBahrainBoy 7
Jerick City of the moonBahrainBoy 2
Jerrico Moon CityBahrainBoy 6
Kamardeen Moon of the FaithBahrainBoy 9
Kamruddin Moon of the Faith ReligionBahrainBoy 5
Mahatab King of the World, MoonlightBahrainBoy 1
Maheen Fine or thin texture, feeble voice, Like the moonBahrainBoy 1
Mahenoor MoonBahrainBoy 8
Manaazil Phases of the MoonBahrainBoy 5
Marhan Face of the MoonBahrainBoy 1
Mehraj Meh means Moon Raj means KingdomBahrainBoy 1
Mehroz Piece of MoonBahrainBoy 4
Mehtaab The MoonBahrainBoy 5
Mehtab The MoonBahrainBoy 4
Mehthab The MoonBahrainBoy 3
Mubdir One upon whom the Full MoonBahrainBoy 4
Muhamad The Prophet, MoonshineBahrainBoy 7
Munazil Phases of the MoonBahrainBoy 6
Najir Observer, MoonBahrainBoy 7
Najmal Star, MoonBahrainBoy 6
Najmul MoonBahrainBoy 8
Nesar Sun or MoonBahrainBoy 3
Qamar MoonBahrainBoy 5
Qamari Moon-like, Bright, RadiantBahrainBoy 5
Qamaruddin Moon of the FaithBahrainBoy 3
Qamrani Moonlit, White like the MoonBahrainBoy 1
Qamruddin Moon of Islamic StateBahrainBoy 2
Qamrun Moon, Being a Pet Form of QamarBahrainBoy 3
Rakibul Moon, StarBahrainBoy 2
Rekibul Star, MoonBahrainBoy 6
Rokibul Star, MoonBahrainBoy 7
Sadmaan A Smiling MoonBahrainBoy 8
Sadman A Smiling MoonBahrainBoy 7
Sayem Moon, SkyBahrainBoy 9
Shahabul Shining MoonBahrainBoy 9
Shaharan MoonlightBahrainBoy 7
Shaharia The MoonBahrainBoy 2
Shahariya The MoonBahrainBoy 9
Shahraan Royal, King, Warrior, Moon-likeBahrainBoy 7
Shahrul MoonBahrainBoy 6
Shehraan MoonlightBahrainBoy 2
Shifat The Moon, VirtueBahrainBoy 9
Shohail Moonlight, Name of Star, Moon-glowBahrainBoy 9
Shoheel Moonlight, Name of StarBahrainBoy 9
Shohel Name of Star, MoonlightBahrainBoy 4
Shuhel Moon BrightBahrainBoy 1
Sohail Moon LightBahrainBoy 1
Sohel Moon LightBahrainBoy 5
Suhail Moon Glow, Star, Moon LightBahrainBoy 7
Suhal Moon Light, StarBahrainBoy 7
Suheal MoonlightBahrainBoy 3
Suhel MoonlightBahrainBoy 2
Wadd God Of The MoonBahrainBoy 5
Yameer MoonBahrainBoy 4
Yamir Moon, Gravel-yellerBahrainBoy 3
Ziyaan Piece Part of Heart, Name of Moon, RebornBahrainBoy 4
Ziyyan Piece Part of Heart, Reborn, Name of MoonBahrainBoy 1
Zuhail Moon GlowBahrainBoy 5


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