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Bahraini Girl Names Inspired By The Moon


Delve into celestial wonder with our curated selection of the top 100 Bahraini girl names inspired by the moon. Find distinctive and cosmic names for your child today.

In this article, you'll discover unique Bahraini baby girl names inspired by the moon, with 'Moon' in their meanings. Choose a standout moon-themed name from our latest list of the top Bahraini baby girl names.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Badra Full moonBahrainGirl 8
Badriya Resembling full moonBahrainGirl 6
Budur full moonBahrainGirl 3
Chanda Moon lightBahrainGirl 4
Chandani Moon light, A riverBahrainGirl 9
Iamar MoonBahrainGirl 6
Mahrukh moon faceBahrainGirl 8
Meeshan moonBahrainGirl 2
Meeshan moonBahrainGirl 2
Qamar Full moonBahrainGirl 5
Qamariah of the moonBahrainGirl 5
Qamrosh MoonBahrainGirl 1
Quamar The moonBahrainGirl 8


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