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Top 50 Famous Bahraini Sportsperson Names with Meaning


Looking for the best sporty Bahraini baby names for your newborn boy or girl? We've compiled a comprehensive list of the top 50 most popular male and female athletes, sportspersons, and footballers, chess players, volleyball players names from Bahrain to assist you.

In this article, you'll discover the most popular names of Bahraini players and other athletes for your new baby boy or girl. Find unique Bahraini baby names and their meanings inspired by these well-known athletes. Select a standout sports star's name from our latest list of the top 50 best Bahraini sports stars' names, each with its beautiful meaning.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Abbas Abubakar Abbas NobleBahrainBoy 8
Abraham Kipchirchir Rotich Father of multitudes, father of nations, clever, great mankind, strengthfulBahrainBoy 4
Abraham Naibei Cheroben Father of multitudes, father of nationsBahrainBoy 1
Albert Rop Noble, bright, famousBahrainBoy 8
Alemu Bekele His world, his happiest momentBahrainBoy 2
Ali Khamis Eminent, high, exalted, nobleBahrainBoy 2
Aminat Yusuf Jamal Trustworthy women, loyal women, faithful womenBahrainGirl 7
Andrew Fisher Manly, strong and braveBahrainBoy 4
Belal Mansoor Ali Full moon, water, victorious, winnerBahrainBoy 5
Benson Seurei Son of benBahrainBoy 2
Birhanu Balew His lightBahrainBoy 8
Dalila Abdulkadir Delicate, fragile, guideBahrainGirl 5
Edidiong Ofonime Odiong Problem solver, healer, comfortableBahrainGirl 1
El Hassan El Abbassi Handsome, good, benefactorBahrainBoy 5
Eunice Jepkirui Kirwa Good victoryBahrainGirl 2
Faouzi Aaish TriumphBahrainBoy 8
Fatema Almahmeed Abstain, chaste, motherlyBahrainGirl 9
Hajar Alkhaldi Very hot afternoon, problem solver, healer, comfortableBahrainGirl 6
Hassan Chani Handsome, good, benefactorBahrainBoy 7
Husain Ali Good or small handsome oneBahrainBoy 4
Iman Essa Jasim Faith, beliefBahrainGirl 7
Isaac Korir One who laughs or rejoicesBahrainBoy 5
John Kibet Koech Loving, dedicator, respectabilityBahrainBoy 1
Kalkidan Gezahegne Promise or word covenantBahrainGirl 6
Kemarley Brown Humanitarian, healer, intelligenceBahrainBoy 9
Khalid Ibrahim Jouma Immortal, everlastingBahrainBoy 3
Maryam Yusuf Jamal Beloved, rebelliousBahrainGirl 2
Mimi Belete Sea of bitterness, wonderful, lovelinessBahrainGirl 3
Mohamed Husain Good or small handsome oneBahrainBoy 5
Mohamed Mohamed Praiseworthy, commendableBahrainBoy 1
Mohamed Salmeen Loving, dedicator, respectabilityBahrainBoy 2
Oluwakemi Adekoya Energy, helper, stimulatorBahrainGirl 1
Rose Chelimo Rose, flowerBahrainGirl 5
Ruth Jebet Friend, friendship, compassionate friendBahrainBoy 1
Sadik Mikhou TruthfulBahrainBoy 4
Salem Eid Yaqoob Peaceful, completeBahrainBoy 8
Salman Isa Successful, joyful, freedom loverBahrainBoy 8
Sayed Mahmood Jalal Lord masterBahrainBoy 6
Sayed Mohammed Jaffer Lord masterBahrainBoy 1
Shumi Dechasa LightBahrainBoy 3
Talal Yousef God increasesBahrainBoy 2
Tejitu Daba Boss, wealth, stimulatorBahrainGirl 3
Tigist Gashaw Expertise, good person, charmingBahrainGirl 8
Winfred Yavi Peaceful friendBahrainGirl 1
Yusuf Saad Kamel God increases, happiness or good fortuneBahrainBoy 6
Zouhair Aouad Small blossomsBahrainBoy 5


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