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30 Cool and Cute Middle Names for Girls Starting with V


Explore a diverse selection of over 30 middle names for girls, all beginning with the letter V. From timeless classics to modern favorites, find the perfect complement to your daughter's name with our curated list.

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Girls Middle Names That Start With V

Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Vale Lives in the valleyLatinGirl 4
Valencia BraveSpanishGirl 4
Valentina Strong and healthyLatinGirl 8
Valentine Strength, healthFrenchGirl 3
Valeria Strength and vigorItalianGirl 5
Valerie Strong, valiantFrenchGirl 9
Vanessa ButterflyEnglishGirl 9
Veda KnowledgeSanskritGirl 5
Venus Love, desireLatinGirl 9
Vera Truth and faithLatinGirl 1
Verity TruthLatinGirl 9
Vern Place of aldersEnglishGirl 5
Verona TruthItalianGirl 3
Veronica True ImageGreekGirl 6
Veronique True ImageFrenchGirl 9
Vespera EveningLatinGirl 5
Victoria VictoryLatinGirl 7
Vida LifeSpanishGirl 9
Vienna From Wine CountryLatinGirl 2
Violet Violet flowerEnglishGirl 2
Vivian AliveLatinGirl 5
Viviana AliveLatinGirl 6


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