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125 Baby Names Inspired By Gemstones


Are you looking for an adorable name for your baby? To help you in searching for Precious Gemstone Names, we have created an extensive list of Jewels and Gems Baby boy and girl names.

All the unique gemstone baby names are sorted with their meaning, numerology, and origin respectively. Choose a sparkling name from our popular collection of Baby Names Inspired by Gemstones.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Agate This gemstone attracts strength and protect against stress, bad dreams, and negative energyGreekGirl 7
Alexandrite The rare, color-changing gemstone that belongs to the chrysoberyl mineralLatinBoy 5
Allirea quartzAmericanGirl 4
Amber Fossilised tree resin, Orange JewelMuslimGirl 3
Ambre Fossilised tree resin, Orange JewelFrenchGirl 3
Amethyst Purple gemstoneGreekGirl 3
Ametrine quartz that has purple and yellow huesBolivianGirl 4
Anatase rare gemstone with deep indigo and yellow coloursGreekGirl 7
Apatite DeceitGreekBoy 9
Aputsiaq Snow CristalAmericanBoy 5
Aquamarine beryl gemstoneLatinGirl 1
Argyros SilverGreekBoy 4
Arianell SilverWelshGirl 9
Berilo Beryl, Pale Green GemstoneSpanishBoy 7
Beryl colorless crystal EnglishGirl 8
Bijou JewelFrenchGirl 3
Bitxi GemBasqueGirl 1
Carnelian Dark red stoneLatinGirl 5
Citrine Gold Stone, Success Stone, bring good luck and positive energiesGreekBoy 6
Cobalt Trouble Maker, A blue metalic StoneGermanBoy 8
Coralie Hard substance made with skeletons of sea animalsGreekGirl 9
Cordelia Jewel of the SeaFrenchGirl 4
Diamante DiamondGreekGirl 4
Ebony Deep Black WoodEnglishGirl 7
Eirian SilverIrishGirl 2
Electa AmberGreekGirl 1
Emerald Deep Green Gemstone, Strengthen RelationshipsFrenchGirl 4
Emeraude EmeraldFrenchGirl 9
Emzar GoldPersianBoy 9
Esmeralda Deep Green Gemstone, Strengthen RelationshipsSpanishGirl 6
Fairuza TurquoiseTurkishGirl 1
Farah Precious PearlMuslimGirl 7
Farida Precious PearlMuslimGirl 3
Farrah Precious PearlMuslimGirl 7
Flint Tough, Flint is a hard rockWelshBoy 7
Galena Gray mineral with a metallic luster, lead ore, CalmGreekBoy 4
Garnet Precious stone which change its colors when exposed to sunlightEnglishBoy 2
Gemma Inspired by GemFrenchGirl 3
Giada Italian form of Jade, A green JewelItalianGirl 4
Golda GoldEnglishGirl 3
Goldie GoldEnglishGirl 7
Greta PearlGreekGirl 6
Heliodor sun-kissed colored gemstone, green berylPolishBoy 5
Helmi PearlFinnishGirl 2
Hira DiamondMuslimGirl 9
Hyacinth Gemstone, Flower nameGreekGirl 7
Inbar AmberHebrewGirl 8
Iolite Gemstone, VioletGreekGirl 7
Ivory Gemstone with pristine white and yellow huesEnglishGirl 8
Jacinth reddish-orange gemstonesGreekBoy 2
Jade Green Slone, Jade is a popular stone which bring forth courage and protectionSpanishBoy 2
Jasper ornamental stone ranging from brown, to red to beige in colorPersianBoy 6
Jett velvety black coal used for making jewelryGreekBoy 1
Jumana Silver PearlMuslimGirl 6
Juvela Jewel-likeEsperantoGirl 8
Kin Gold, PleasureJapaneseBoy 7
Kito Precious JewelSwahiliBoy 1
Kohaku AmberJapaneseBoy 4
Lulit PearlAfricanGirl 2
Maggie PearlGreekGirl 6
Maisie PearlGreekGirl 2
Margaret PearlEnglishGirl 2
Margot PearlFrenchGirl 2
Marguerite PearlEnglishGirl 9
Marit PearlAramaicGirl 7
Marjani CoralAfricanGirl 3
Megan PearlGreekGirl 4
Mica mineral known for being separated into thin airMexicanBoy 8
Morganite orange-pink variety of berylAmericanBoy 3
Neel sapphire blueIndianBoy 9
Neelam SapphireSanskritGirl 5
Neelum SapphireSanskritGirl 7
Nephrite ancient Greek gemstone nameGreekBoy 5
Obsidian Volcanic GlassLatinBoy 1
Ocean Ocean Jasper is a gemstoneGreekBoy 2
Olivine Inspired from Olive TreeLatinGirl 5
Onyx Precious Black GemstoneLatinBoy 6
Ophira GoldHebrewGirl 4
Oro GoldSpanishBoy 3
Peggy PearlGreekGirl 6
Penina PearlHebrewGirl 5
Peridot Green GemFrenchGirl 6
Perla PearlItalianGirl 7
Perola PearlBrazilianGirl 4
Perouze TurquoiseArmenianGirl 7
Pessa PearlYiddishGirl 6
Pietersite Tigers Eye, Jasper, and Hawks EyeAfricanBoy 9
Pyrite Fire StoneGreekGirl 3
Quartz Mineral name, White Vein, IceGermanBoy 4
Rubin redLatinBoy 1
Ruby Red Precious StoneLatinGirl 3
Rupa SilverSanskritGirl 2
Ruri precious gems as protection against malicious spiritsJapaneseGirl 3
Saffira Inspired from gemstone SapphireGreekGirl 6
Sania PearlIndianGirl 8
Sapir Inspired from gemstone SapphireHebrewGirl 9
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