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Canaanite Mythology God and Goddess Names For Baby


AngelsName has collected God, Goddess, Creatures and Legend names of Canaanite mythology, which you may consider for your newly born baby boy and girl.

List of Canaanite God, Goddess, Legend and Creature names for your Baby are given below:

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Aglibol God of the moon and brother of MalakbelCanaanite Boy 4
Aion Phoenician Time GodCanaanite Boy 3
Aleyin Canaanite Supreme GodCanaanite Boy 3
Anat Goddess of war, ever-virgin sister-wife of Baal, honored as a protector, agent of vengeance, and bearer of lifeCanaanite Girl 9
Anath Ugaritic War GoddessCanaanite Girl 8
Aretsaya Goddess of floodsCanaanite Girl 9
Arsay Goddess of the underworldCanaanite Girl 1
Arsu God of the evening starCanaanite Boy 5
Asherah Walker of the sea, Mother Goddess, wife of ElCanaanite Girl 6
Ashima Goddess of fateCanaanite Girl 6
Ashtar-Chemosh Goddess of the MoabitesCanaanite Girl 3
Ashtoreth Phoenician Fertility GoddessCanaanite Girl 6
Astarte Goddess of sex and war, Goddess of love and fertilityCanaanite Girl 3
Astronoe Canaanite Bad Luck GoddessCanaanite Girl 8
Atargatis Wife of Hadad, goddess of fertility and the chief goddess of northern SyriaCanaanite Boy 6
Atherat Canaanite Mother GoddessCanaanite Girl 1
Athirat War goddessCanaanite Girl 5
Athtart Goddess of war, love, and fertilityCanaanite Boy 7
Attar God of the morning star Canaanite Boy 6
Azizos God of the morning star and twin brother of ArsuCanaanite Boy 6
Baal-Hadad God of storms, thunder, lightning and air King of the godsCanaanite Boy 7
Baal-Hadad Storm GodCanaanite Boy 7
Baal-Hammon God of vegetative fertilityCanaanite Boy 8
Baal-Hammon God of fertility Canaanite Boy 8
Baal-Hermon Titular local deity of Mount HermonCanaanite Boy 8
Baal-Peor Moabite DemonCanaanite Boy 7
Baal-Zebub Philistine DemonCanaanite Boy 9
Baal-Zebul Philistine DemonCanaanite Boy 1
Baal-zephon lord of Mount ZaphonCanaanite Boy 1
Baal-Zevuv Philistine DemonCanaanite Boy 4
Baalah The wife or female counterpart of BaalCanaanite Boy 7
Baalat The wife or female counterpart of Baal, The chief deity of ByblosCanaanite Boy 1
Baalat-Asclepius God of healingCanaanite Boy 7
Baalat-Gebal Goddess of Byblos, PhoeniciaCanaanite Girl 1
Baalit The wife or female counterpart of Baal Canaanite Girl 9
Baalshamin Supreme sky god of PalmyraCanaanite Boy 8
Beelphegor Moabite DemonCanaanite Boy 3
Beelzebub Philistine DemonCanaanite Boy 8
Beelzebul Philistine DemonCanaanite Boy 9
Belili The wife or female counterpart ofBaalCanaanite Boy 4
Belphegor Moabite DemonCanaanite Boy 7
Bol Chief god of PalmyraCanaanite Boy 2
Chemosh God of war and destruction, god of the Moabites and the Ammonites Canaanite Boy 8
Chusor Inventions GodCanaanite Boy 3
Dagan Sea GodCanaanite Boy 9
Dagon God of crop fertility and grainCanaanite Boy 5
El The chief deity, god of the skyCanaanite Boy 8
El Elyon God most HighCanaanite Boy 7
Elat Mother GoddessCanaanite Girl 2
Elion Canaanite Supreme GodCanaanite Boy 1
Elyon Canaanite Supreme GodCanaanite Boy 8
Eshmun Phoenician god of healingCanaanite Boy 8
Gad God of fortuneCanaanite Boy 3
Hadad Storm GodCanaanite Boy 9
Hasis The skilled, god of craftsmanshipCanaanite Boy 2
Horon Underworld godCanaanite Boy 7
Hyposouranios Land GodCanaanite Boy 6
Ilisha Baals messengerCanaanite Boy 4
Ishat Goddess of fireCanaanite Girl 3
Ishtar Goddess of war, love, and fertilityCanaanite Girl 3
Kathirat Goddesses of marriage and pregnancyCanaanite Girl 7
Kirta Noble kingCanaanite Boy 5
Kothar The skilled, god of craftsmanshipCanaanite Boy 1
Kothar-wa-Khasis The skilled god of craftsmanshipCanaanite Boy 2
Kotharat Seven goddesses of marriage and pregnancyCanaanite Girl 4
Kusor Inventions GodCanaanite Boy 3
Lawtan Canaanite fabulous creatureCanaanite Boy 8
Liluri Goddess of mountains and wife of ManuziCanaanite Girl 9
Lotan The seven-headed sea serpent or dragonCanaanite Boy 8
Malakbel God of the sun, vegetation, welfareCanaanite Boy 3
Malcam Canaanite Sun GodCanaanite Boy 7
Manuzi God of weather and husband of LiluriCanaanite Boy 3
Marqod God of danceCanaanite Boy 5
Mawat God of deathCanaanite Boy 4
Melqart King of the city, the underworldCanaanite Boy 5
Milcom Fertility godCanaanite Boy 2
Molech Canaanite Sun GodCanaanite Boy 2
Moloch Canaanite Sun GodCanaanite Boy 3
Mot God of the underworld, sterility, death, and the waterless desertCanaanite Boy 3
Nikkal Goddess of fruit and orchards, married to YarikhCanaanite Girl 4
Nikkal-wa-Ib Goddess of orchards and fruitCanaanite Girl 3
Ousoos Phoenician Fire GodCanaanite Boy 5
Pidray Goddess of light and lightningCanaanite Girl 1
Pidraya Goddess of mist and rainCanaanite Girl 2
Qadeshtu Holy One, Goddess of LoveCanaanite Girl 5
Resef Phoenician Sickness GodCanaanite Boy 8
Reshef Phoenician Sickness GodCanaanite Boy 7
Resheph God of plague and healingCanaanite Boy 7
Rimmon Canaanite Storm GodCanaanite Boy 1
Shachar Mountain gods of dawn and duskCanaanite Boy 4
Shadrafa God of medicine or healingCanaanite Boy 4
Shahar Gods of dawn and duskCanaanite Boy 1
Shalim Mountain gods of dawn and duskCanaanite Boy 8
Shamayim God of the HeavensCanaanite Boy 8
Shapash Goddess of the sunCanaanite Girl 9
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