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Chinese Mythology God and Goddess Names For Baby


AngelsName has collected God and Goddess names of Chinese mythology, which you may consider for your newly born baby boy and girl.

List of Chinese God and Goddess and Legend names for your Baby are given below:

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Ba A daughter of Heaven, signified droughtChineseGirl 3
Ba-She A snake reputed to swallow elephantsChineseBoy 8
Bai-Suzhen White snake spirit ChineseBoy 6
Baihu White TigerChineseBoy 5
Bailong White DragonChineseBoy 6
Baixin White Immortal, the Hedgehog GodChineseBoy 5
Bao-Gong Chinese cultural personification of justiceChineseBoy 7
Bao-Zheng Chinese cultural personification of justiceChineseBoy 6
Baoshen Hail God ChineseBoy 1
Beiji-Dadi Ruler of starsChineseBoy 8
Bguazsh The patron of heavenChineseBoy 3
Bi-Gan God of WealthChineseBoy 6
Bixia Chinese fertility goddessChineseGirl 9
Bixia-Yuanjin Chinese Taoist Goddess is responsible for dawn and childbirthChineseGirl 4
Bixia-Yuanjun Lady of the Blue DawnChineseBoy 7
Bla-Chongshen Insect GodChineseBoy 9
Boshngdadi Great Deity who Protects LifeChineseBoy 2
Bxin Eight ImmortalsChineseBoy 4
Caishen Chinese god of wealth and moneyChineseBoy 5
Cancong Silkworm TwigChineseBoy 3
Cangjie Four-eyed Chinese deityChineseBoy 4
Canm Silkworm MotherChineseBoy 4
Canshen Silkworm God ChineseBoy 1
Cao-GuoJiu Chinese mythological figureChineseBoy 3
Chang-E Goddess of the MoonChineseGirl 2
Chang-O Moon GoddessChineseGirl 3
Chang-Xi Goddess of the MoonChineseGirl 3
Change Goddess of the MoonChineseGirl 2
Changx Mother of the Twelve Moons ChineseBoy 3
Changxin Viper ImmortalChineseBoy 8
Chao-San-Niang Goddess of Wig SalesmenChineseGirl 7
Cheng-Huang The God of the City MoatChineseBoy 7
Chenghuangshen Moat and Walls God, Boundary GodChineseBoy 8
Chenjingg Old Quiet LadyChineseBoy 5
Chi-You War godChineseBoy 9
Chih-Ni Chinese goddess of spinnersChineseGirl 6
Chih-Nii Heavenly weaver-girl, Goddess of the star Alpha in the LyreChineseGirl 6
Chih-Nu Daughter of Yu-huang, a Jade Emperor of ChinaChineseGirl 9
Chnshen Spring God ChineseBoy 8
Chshen Vehicle GodChineseBoy 3
Chuang-Mu Goddess of the BedroomChineseGirl 7
Chuangshen TheBed GodChineseBoy 1
Chun-TI Goddesss of the DawnChineseGirl 3
Cng-Tin Deep-Green HeavenChineseBoy 4
Cngjie The four-eyed inventor of theChinese charactersChineseBoy 3
Da-Ji The human avatar of a nine-tailed foxChineseBoy 6
Da-Yu God of Flood ControlChineseBoy 6
Daoji Ancient GodChineseBoy 3
Dha-Shi-Zhi A female bodhisattva of Chinese Buddhism, whose name means the StrongestChineseGirl 2
Di-Jun The ancient supreme deitiesChineseBoy 4
Dianm Lightning MotherChineseBoy 5
Dilong The earth dragonChineseBoy 7
Dizang Rescuer of the deadChineseBoy 7
Dong-Yong Chinese GodChineseBoy 2
Doufu Father of the Great ChariotChineseBoy 4
Doumu Ancient Chinese mythology ChineseBoy 2
Doushen Smallpox God ChineseBoy 5
Dragon A fierce and powerful Chinese godChineseBoy 5
Eight-Immortals A group of eight deities in Chinese mythologyChineseBoy 7
Emperor-Yao A legendary Chinese RulerChineseBoy 5
Er-Shi-Ba-Xing-Siu To Be DefinedChineseBoy 3
Erlang-Shen Chinese god ChineseBoy 4
Feng-Po-Po Goddess of the WindsChineseGirl 4
Fngshen Wind GodChineseBoy 1
Ftin-Qyun Starter of the Transmission of the Law of HeavenChineseBoy 9
Fu-Shen God of HappinessChineseBoy 1
Fu-Xi The ancient Chinese emperor-godChineseGirl 6
Fu-xing God of LuckChineseBoy 9
Fucanglong The treasure dragonChineseBoy 1
Fux The patron of heavenChineseBoy 6
Fuxi Father of Human beingsChineseBoy 6
Fuxing Chinese god of happinessChineseBoy 9
Fuxng Prosperity Star, god of happinessChineseBoy 9
Ganomai Ancient Chinese Goddess, First MotherChineseGirl 6
Gao-Yao God of justice and judgmentChineseBoy 1
Gong-De-Tian Goddess of LuckChineseGirl 6
Gong-Gong God of water, during the fight with God of FireChineseBoy 5
Guan-Gong God of WarChineseBoy 5
Guan-Yin Goddess of compassion and mercyChineseGirl 1
Guan-Yu God of Brotherhoods, God of martial powerChineseBoy 8
Guandi God of WarChineseBoy 2
Guanyin Goddess of mercy and compassionChineseGirl 1
Gungng Duke GuanChineseBoy 7
GungzeZnwang Honorific King of Great CompassionChineseBoy 3
Gunyn Chinese goddess of mercyChineseGirl 9
Han-Ba Ancient goddess of droughtChineseGirl 8
Han-XiangZi one of the Eight Immortals in the Taoist pantheonChineseBoy 5
Han-ZhongLi one of the Eight Immortals in the Taoist pantheonChineseBoy 6
Hao-Tin Vast HeavenChineseBoy 4
He-Bo River Lord, The ancient Chinese God of the Yellow RiverChineseBoy 3
He-Hsien-Ku One of the Ba Xian, the Eight Immortals, and the only female among themChineseGirl 1
He-Xian-gu One of the Ba Xian, the Eight Immortals, and the only female among themChineseGirl 8
He-XianGu one of the Eight Immortals in the Taoist pantheonChineseBoy 8
Hebo River Lord, The ancient Chinese God of the Yellow RiverChineseBoy 3
HeiBaiWu-Chang Chinese gods of wealthChineseBoy 3
Heng-O Moon GoddessChineseGirl 4
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