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Christian Mythology God and Goddess Names For Baby


Christianity is a monotheistic Abrahamic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

AngelsName has collected God, Goddess, Creatures and Legend names of Christian mythology, which you may consider for your newly born baby boy and girl.

List of Christian God, Goddess, Legend and Creature names for your Baby are given below:

Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Abba He is your FatherChristianBoy 6
Abraham Father of manyChristianBoy 8
Abram High fatherChristianBoy 8
Adon LordChristianBoy 7
Adonai Lord, MasterChristianBoy 8
Daniel God is my judgeChristianBoy 9
Delilah Delicate, weakChristianBoy 6
Ehovah Tsidkenu Lord Our Righteous SaviorChristianBoy 9
El Elyon Most High God, El God, Elyon high placesChristianBoy 7
El Kanna The Jealous GodChristianBoy 4
El Olam The Everlasting GodChristianBoy 4
El Roi The God who sees meChristianBoy 5
El Shaddai Lord God AlmightyChristianBoy 9
El-Elyon God most highChristianBoy 7
EL-Kanna JealousChristianBoy 4
El-Olam Eternal godChristianBoy 4
El-Shaddai God almightyChristianBoy 9
Elijah My God is YahwehChristianBoy 9
Elohim Creator GodChristianBoy 8
Elohim Chayim Living GodChristianBoy 4
Immanuel God with usChristianBoy 7
Jehovah The lordChristianBoy 6
Jehovah Jireh The Lord Will ProvideChristianBoy 2
Jehovah Mekoddishkem Lord, who makes you holyChristianBoy 6
Jehovah Nissi The Lord My BannerChristianBoy 4
Jehovah Raah God who has been my shepherdChristianBoy 7
Jehovah Rapha Healer, the Lord who heals youChristianBoy 5
Jehovah Roi He is your ShepherdChristianBoy 3
Jehovah Sabaoth The Lord of HostsChristianBoy 9
Jehovah Shalom The Lord Is PeaceChristianBoy 2
Jehovah Shammah The Lord Is ThereChristianBoy 6
Jehovah Tsidkenu The Lord Our RighteousnessChristianBoy 1
Jehovah-Adon-Kal-Haarets Lord of all the earthChristianBoy 1
Jehovah-Bara CreatorChristianBoy 1
Jehovah-Chereb Glorious swordChristianBoy 2
Jehovah-Eli My godChristianBoy 5
Jehovah-elohenu Our godChristianBoy 5
Jehovah-gibbor-milchamah Mighty in battleChristianBoy 1
Jehovah-goel RedeermerChristianBoy 9
Jehovah-Hashopet The kingChristianBoy 8
Jehovah-Hosheah The lord who savesChristianBoy 7
Jehovah-Jireh The lord will provideChristianBoy 2
Jehovah-Kabodhi My gloryChristianBoy 2
Jehovah-Keren-Yishi Horn of my salvationChristianBoy 3
Jehovah-Lzuz-Gibbor Strong and mightyChristianBoy 9
Jehovah-Machsi My refugeChristianBoy 5
Jehovah-Magen The shieldChristianBoy 1
Jehovah-Makeh The lord who makes you holyChristianBoy 8
Jehovah-Maozi My fortressChristianBoy 7
Jehovah-Mekoddishkem The lord who makes you holyChristianBoy 6
Jehovah-Melech-Olam king foreverChristianBoy 3
Jehovah-Mephalti My delivererChristianBoy 9
Jehovah-Moshiech your saviorChristianBoy 5
Jehovah-Nissi My bannerChristianBoy 4
Jehovah-Ori My lightChristianBoy 3
Jehovah-Rohi My shepherdChristianBoy 2
Jehovah-Rophe The lord who heals youChristianBoy 5
Jehovah-Sabaoth ThEre lord of hostsChristianBoy 9
Jehovah-shalom The Lord is PeaceChristianBoy 2
Jehovah-Tsidkenu Our righteousnessChristianBoy 1
Jehovah-Uzi My strengthChristianBoy 8
Messiah ChristChristianBoy 2
Qanna JealousChristianBoy 2
Rohi God who has been my shepherdChristianBoy 5
Yahweh The LordChristianBoy 7
Yahweh LordChristianBoy 7
Yahweh Jehovah LordChristianBoy 4
Yahweh Nissi The Lord My BannerChristianBoy 5
Yahweh Rophe The Lord HealsChristianBoy 6
Yahweh Shalom The Lord Is PeaceChristianBoy 3
Yahweh Shammah The Lord is ThereChristianBoy 7
Yahweh Yireh The Lord will ProvideChristianBoy 9
Yahweh-Raah The Lord My ShepherdChristianBoy 8


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