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Top 50 Famous Czechia Sportsperson Names With Meaning


Are you searching for the best sporty Czechia baby names for your newborn boy or girl? We've compiled a comprehensive list of the top 50 most popular male and female Football, Ice Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Athletics, winter sports player names from Czech to assist you.

In this article, you'll discover the most popular names of Czechia players and other athletes for your new baby boy or girl. Find unique Czechia baby names and their meanings inspired by these well-known athletes. Select a standout sports star's name from our latest list of the top 50 best Czechia sports stars' names, each with its beautiful meaning.

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"Choosing a Name for Your Baby: Inspired by Famous Czechia Sportsperson"

Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Ales Hemsky Nobly famous, defender of menCzechBoy 1
Ales Kotalik Nobly famous, defender of men, rollerCzechBoy 8
Antonin Panenka Highly praiseworthyCzechBoy 5
Daniel Nespor God is my judgeCzechBoy 6
David Krejci Beloved, uncleCzechBoy 6
David Vyborny Beloved, uncle, excellent, chosenCzechBoy 8
Dominik Hasek Lord, belonging to the lordCzechBoy 2
Filip Kuba Horse lover, may protect, holder of heelCzechBoy 6
Jan Bulis God is gracious, teacher, friendly, confidenceCzechBoy 7
Jan Koller God is graciousCzechBoy 8
Jaromir Jagr Famous springCzechBoy 3
Jaroslav Spacek Beauty of springCzechBoy 9
Jiri Krystan Farmer, christianCzechBoy 1
Josef Bican Jehovah increasesCzechBoy 3
Josef Masopust Knowledge, leadership, fairnessCzechBoy 8
Karel Poborsky Strong, manly, masculineCzechBoy 6
Lubomir Vosatko Lover of peaceCzechBoy 4
Marek Zidlicky Dedicated to mars, warlikeCzechBoy 3
Martin Erat Dedicated to mars, god of warCzechBoy 2
Martin Rucinsky Dedicated to mars, god of warCzechBoy 6
Michal Houzvicka World, earth, unique, a unique girl, no copy or dualityCzechBoy 9
Michal Pavek Who is like godCzechBoy 2
Milan Baros Union, coming together or meeting, warrior, innovative, handsomeCzechBoy 5
Milan Hejduk Beloved, an eager and hardworking man, union, crusherCzechBoy 9
Milan Hnilicka A unification, a coming togetherCzechBoy 8
Patrik Elias Patrician, noblemanCzechBoy 4
Pavel Kubina Small, humble, modest, patrician, noble, son of patrickCzechBoy 6
Pavel Mojzis Energy, helper, stimulatorCzechBoy 4
Pavel Nedved Small, humble, modest, bearCzechBoy 2
Petr Cajanek Rock, stoneCzechBoy 5
Petr Cech Caring, master of their own destiny, charismaCzechBoy 6
Petr Svoboda Rock, stoneCzechBoy 2
Radek Bonk Happy, willingCzechBoy 9
Robert Lang Bright fameCzechBoy 4
Robert Reichel Bright fameCzechBoy 3
Roman Hamrlik Strong, powerful, from romeCzechBoy 7
Rostislav Olesz Usurper of gloryCzechBoy 5
Tomas Jiranek Twin, intelligence, great loverCzechBoy 1
Tomas Kaberle Twin, humanitarian, healer, intelligenceCzechBoy 5
Vaclav Prospal More gloryCzechBoy 5
Vladimir Ruzicka Of great power, nice little roseCzechBoy 6


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