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Top 50 Famous Estonian Sportsperson Names With Meaning


Are you searching for the best sporty Estonian baby names for your newborn boy or girl? We've compiled a comprehensive list of the top 50 most popular male and female football, basketball, volleyball, ice hockey, and athletics player names from Estonia to assist you.

In this article, you'll discover the most popular names of Estonian players and other athletes for your new baby boy or girl. Find unique Estonian baby names and their meanings inspired by these well-known athletes. Select a standout sports star's name from our latest list of the top 50 best Estonian sports stars' names, each with its beautiful meaning.

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"Choosing a Name for Your Baby: Inspired by Famous Estonian Sportsperson"

Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Aavo Pikkuus Genius, good, good judgerEstonianBoy 3
Alfred Neuland Elf, sage, wise, elvinEstonianBoy 9
Alfred Schmidt Elf, magical counselEstonianBoy 5
Allar Levandi Alder treeEstonianBoy 3
Andrus Varnik Strong and manlyEstonianBoy 8
Andrus Veerpalu Heroic protector, protector of the braveEstonianBoy 6
Anett Kontaveit He god has favored meEstonianGirl 6
Baruto Kaito Maelstrom, roaring gateEstonianBoy 7
Erika Salumae Forever powerful, sole rulerEstonianGirl 8
Erki Nool Complete rulerEstonianBoy 9
Gerd Kanter GardenEstonianBoy 4
Grete Griffin PearlEstonianGirl 7
Heiki Nabi Form of henrikEstonianBoy 5
Heino Puuste Home, power, rulerEstonianBoy 9
Indrek Tobreluts Ruler of the homeEstonianBoy 4
Inna Rose Strong water, fast flowing streamEstonianGirl 5
Jaak Uudmae One who holds the heelEstonianBoy 7
Jaan Talts Beloved, life, singEstonianBoy 8
Juri Jaanson Farmer, woodEstonianBoy 6
Juri Tamm FarmerEstonianBoy 6
Kaia Kanepi Pure, life, the seaEstonianGirl 6
Kaija Parve Pure, lifeEstonianGirl 4
Kelly Sildaru War, lively, bright-headedEstonianGirl 5
Kristin Tattar Follower of christEstonianGirl 9
Kristina Smigun-Vahi Follower of christ, emotional, entertainer, strongEstonianGirl 8
Ksenija Balta Welcoming, hospitality, a foreigner, stranger, guestEstonianGirl 6
Laine Erik Path, roadway, dweller in a laneEstonianGirl 3
Magnus Kirt GreatestEstonianBoy 7
Maicel Uibo Who resembles godEstonianBoy 9
Margus Hunt WarlikeEstonianBoy 7
Markko Martin One who is manly but tenderEstonianBoy 9
Mart Poom Dedicated to marsEstonianBoy 3
Martin Muursepp Dedicated to marsEstonianBoy 6
Natalia Zabiiako BirthdayEstonianGirl 6
Nikolai Novosjolov Victorious, conquerer of the peopleEstonianBoy 5
Nikolai Stepulov People of victoryEstonianBoy 3
Ott Tanak BearEstonianBoy 3
Paul Keres Small, humbleEstonianBoy 9
Rasmus Magi Beloved, desiredEstonianBoy 4
Rein Taaramae Advice counselEstonianBoy 7
Tanel Kangert God is my judge, god is my judgeEstonianBoy 2
Toomas Leius A child of the twinEstonianBoy 5
Triin Aljand PureEstonianGirl 4
Uno Palu One, first bornEstonianBoy 1
Viljar Loor Grow, nourishmentEstonianBoy 6


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