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Top 30 Famous Bahraini Poet and Writer Names


Are you looking for a poet's name for your newborn Bahraini baby boy and girl? To assist you in your search for the best poetic baby names, we have put together a comprehensive list of the top 30 most popular poet and writer names from Bahrain.

In this article, you will discover the most popular Bahraini poets' names for your new baby boy and girl, along with unique Bahraini baby names and their meanings inspired by poets and writers. Choose a distinctive writer and poet name from our latest list of the top 30 best Bahraini poets' names, complete with their beautiful meanings.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Abd al-Rahman Rafi Exalted, noble, god healsBahrainBoy 1
Abdullah bin Ali bin Jabber Al Zayed Straight edge, to grow, in abundance, progressingBahrainBoy 2
Abdullah bin Khalaf Al Dossari Servant of allahBahrainBoy 7
Ahmed Al Khalifa Servant of allahBahrainBoy 2
Alawi al-Hashimi Follower of ali, descendant of aliBahrainBoy 9
Ali Abd Allah Khalifa Leader, successor, stewardBahrainBoy 3
Ali Al Jallawi New leaves, a shoot, young, bud, creeper in full bloom, new leavesBahrainBoy 4
Ali Al Shargawi Problem solver, supreme, charismaticBahrainGirl 4
Amin Saleh Devoted, honest, straightforwardBahrainBoy 1
Ayat Al-Qurmezi A sign of god s greatnessBahrainGirl 7
Ebrahim Al-Arrayedh Father of a multitude of nationsBahrainBoy 5
Fathiya Ajlan Joy, happiness, new beginningBahrainGirl 9
Fawziyya al-Sindi A woman of great successBahrainBoy 4
Hamda Khamis Praise, laudation of allahBahrainGirl 7
Ibrahim Al-Siddiqi Father of manyBahrainBoy 9
Isa bin Rashid Al Khalifa Leader, successor, stewardBahrainBoy 3
Khalifah Hassan Qassim Handsome, good, benefactorBahrainBoy 7
Mohammed Hadi Al Halwaji Rightly guidedBahrainBoy 9
Mohammed Hasan Kamaluddin Perfection of faith or excellence in religionBahrainBoy 7
Mullah Attiya al-Jamri BeautyBahrainBoy 9
Rashid bin Fadhel Al Bin Ali Rightly guidedBahrainBoy 9
Taqi Baharna God fearing, devout, pious, one who fears godBahrainBoy 2
Tarafa One who is from the trees, one who is from the treesBahrainBoy 2
Thuraya AlArrayed Star, starBahrainGirl 8


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