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50 Famous Bahraini Politician Names With Meaning


Searching for a politician's name for your newborn Bahraini baby boy or girl? We've compiled a comprehensive list of the top 50 most popular politicians, leaders, and state head names from Bahrain to help you find the perfect name.

In this article, you will discover the most popular Bahraini politician names for your new baby (Unique Bahraini Baby Names and Meanings inspired by Politicians, Leaders, and State Heads). Choose a standout leader's name from our most recent list of the top 50 best Bahraini politicians' names with their beautiful meanings.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Abdulhussain bin Ali Mirza Servant Of God, Good, Handsome, BeautifulBahrainBoy 2
Abdulla Adel Fakhro Servant of GodBahrainBoy 8
Abdulla Hassan Saif Handsome, good, benefactorBahrainBoy 6
Abdullah bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa Servant of Allah, Praiseworthy, One who praisesBahrainBoy 3
Abdullah bin Isa Al Khalifa Servant of Allah, Leader, Successor, StewardBahrainBoy 5
Abdullatif Al-Mahmood Servant of the giverBahrainBoy 8
Abdulrahman al-Nuaimi Servant of the Mercifully GraciousBahrainBoy 4
Ahmed Al-Salloum Highly praised or one who constantly thanks GodBahrainBoy 2
Ahmed Behzad One who belongs to noble familyBahrainBoy 5
Alees Samaan Loving, Dedicator, RespectabilityBahrainGirl 1
Ali Saleh Al-Saleh VirtuousBahrainBoy 8
Ammar Al Bannai Alive, Pious, ImmortalBahrainBoy 1
Ammar Qambar A Slave Of Hazrat AliBahrainBoy 8
Aymen Tawfeeq Almoayed Lucky, fortunate, RighteousBahrainBoy 4
Essam Khalaf Defended, protected, well-preserved, well-protected, well-kept, preserved, reserved, safeguardedBahrainBoy 6
Fahmi al-Jowder Come to know aboutBahrainBoy 8
Faisal al-Hamar Hammer, resolute, sword, judgeBahrainBoy 3
Hamad Al Kooheji One Who PraisesBahrainBoy 5
Houda Nonoo Right directionBahrainGirl 5
Ibrahim ibn Khalifa Al Khalifa Father of manyBahrainBoy 5
Isa bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa Father of manyBahrainBoy 4
Isa Qassim Best, Harmony, More AttractiveBahrainBoy 8
Jameel Humadan Helpful, Knowledgeul, ShyBahrainBoy 9
Jawad Fairooz Steed, Open-handedGenerousBahrainBoy 3
Kamal Ahmed Perfection, perfect, LotusBahrainBoy 6
Khalid Al Maskati Immortal, everlastingBahrainBoy 6
Khalid Almoayed Artist, Problem Avoider, CharismaticBahrainBoy 4
Khallfa bin Duaij Al Khalifa Leader, Successor, StewardBahrainBoy 2
Lateefa Al Gaood Gentle, kind, pleasant, friendlyBahrainGirl 6
Mahmood Al Bahrani belonging to the seaBahrainBoy 9
Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa Leader, Successor, StewardBahrainBoy 3
Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa Leader, Successor, StewardBahrainGirl 3
Mohamed Ali Hasan Ali Handsome, goodBahrainBoy 2
Mohammed bin Khalifa bin Ahmed Highly praised, Leader, Successor, StewardBahrainBoy 3
Mohammed bin Khalifa bin Ali Al Khalifa Eminent, high, exalted, Leader, Successor, StewardBahrainBoy 1
Mohammed Isa Al Abbasi Pertaining To AbbasBahrainBoy 4
Munira Fakhro Passionate, Extremely Sensitive, IntelligenceBahrainGirl 9
Nabeel bin Yaqub Al-Hamar Noble, noble-heartedBahrainBoy 4
Nancy Khedouri GraceBahrainGirl 4
Qasim Fakhro One who shares, generousBahrainBoy 1
Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa obedient, disciplined, humble, loyal, devoted, faithful, observant, sincere, truthfulBahrainBoy 2
Saud Kanoo Felicities or Good FortuneBahrainBoy 2
Zainab Abdul Amir Fragrant, beautiful plantBahrainGirl 8


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