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Top 50 Famous Belgian Poet and Writer Names


Are you looking for a poet's name for your newborn Belgian baby boy and girl? To assist you in your search for the best poetic baby names, we have put together a comprehensive list of the top 50 most popular poet and writer names from Belgium.

In this article, you will discover the most popular Belgian poets' names for your new baby boy and girl, along with unique Belgian baby names and their meanings inspired by poets and writers. Choose a distinctive writer and poet name from our latest list of the top 50 best Belgian poets' names, complete with their beautiful meanings.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Albert Bontridder Noble, brightBelgianBoy 5
Andre Henri Constant van Hasselt Man, warrior, steady, stableBelgianBoy 8
Andre Schmitz Man, warrior, blacksmithBelgianBoy 5
Benno Barnard Bear, brave like a bearBelgianBoy 9
Charles De Coster Free manBelgianBoy 2
Charles Ducal Free manBelgianBoy 8
Charles van Lerberghe Marshland, free manBelgianBoy 3
Charlotte Van den Broeck Free manBelgianGirl 9
Christine Dhaen Follower of christBelgianGirl 2
Els Moors Devoted to godBelgianGirl 8
Emile Cammaerts To strive or excel or rivalBelgianBoy 2
Emile Verhaeren Smart, enormous, good understandingBelgianBoy 5
Erwin Mortier Respected friendBelgianBoy 5
Eugene Savitzkaya Well-bornBelgianBoy 3
Felix Timmermans Happy, fortunateBelgianBoy 1
Franz Hellens Spear, fierce, bold, freeBelgianBoy 5
Geert van Istendael Strong, brave with the spearBelgianBoy 1
Georges Eekhoud Farmer, earthworkerBelgianBoy 1
Georges Rodenbach Explorer, great companion, trustworthyBelgianBoy 2
Guido Gezelle Guide, leaderBelgianBoy 2
Hugo Claus Mind, intellectBelgianBoy 8
Jan Lauwereyns God has been graciousBelgianBoy 6
Julio Cortazar YouthfulBelgianBoy 7
Karel van de Woestijne Free manBelgianBoy 6
Lies van Gasse God is perfection, god is my oathBelgianGirl 7
Louis Paul Boon Famed warriorBelgianBoy 1
Lucienne Stassaert LightBelgianGirl 7
Marguerite Yourcenar PearlBelgianGirl 3
Mark van Tongele Consecrated to the god marsBelgianBoy 5
Maud Vanhauwaert Powerful battlerBelgianGirl 2
Maurice Maeterlinck Dark-skinned, moorishBelgianBoy 1
Max Elskamp GreatestBelgianBoy 7
May Sarton The fifth monthBelgianGirl 9
Michel de Ghelderode Who resembles godBelgianBoy 7
Paul van Ostaijen Marshland, small, humbleBelgianBoy 9
Peter Verhelst Rock, stoneBelgianBoy 2
Philippe Robert-Jones Lover of horsesBelgianBoy 7
Pierre Mertens Rock, stoneBelgianBoy 3
Serge Delaive Servant, guardianBelgianBoy 4
Sophie Podolski WisdomBelgianGirl 2
Stefan Hertmans Crown, wreathBelgianBoy 1
Tom Lanoye Twin, innocenceBelgianBoy 3
Tom van de Voorde Marshland, twin, innocenceBelgianBoy 2
Werner Lambersy The defender, the defending warriorBelgianBoy 7
Willem Elsschot Resolute protectorBelgianBoy 4


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