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50 Famous Belgian Politician Names With Meaning


Searching for a politician's name for your newborn Belgian baby boy or girl? We've compiled a comprehensive list of the top 50 most popular politicians, leaders, and state head names from Belgium to help you find the perfect name.

In this article, you will discover the most popular Belgian politician names for your new baby (Unique Belgian Baby Names and Meanings inspired by Politicians, Leaders, and State Heads). Choose a standout leader's name from our most recent list of the top 50 best Belgian politicians' names with their beautiful meanings.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Annemie Turtelboom He god has favored meBelgianGirl 4
Bart De Wever Son of the earthBelgianBoy 6
Charles Michel Free manBelgianBoy 8
Christine Defraigne Follower of christBelgianGirl 3
Didier Reynders Much-desiredBelgianBoy 4
Elio Di Rupo SunBelgianBoy 7
Fientje Moerman Caring, master of their own destiny, charismaBelgianGirl 4
Frank De Winne Free man, truthfulBelgianBoy 7
Frank Vandenbroucke Free man, truthfulBelgianBoy 5
Guy Verhofstadt Guide, leaderBelgianBoy 2
Gwendolyn Rutten Blessed ringBelgianBoy 1
Herman Van Rompuy Soldier, warriorBelgianBoy 6
Hilde Crevits Ready for battle battle woman battle strongholdBelgianGirl 8
Isabelle Durant Pledged to god, god is perfection, god is my oathBelgianGirl 8
Jan Jambon God has been graciousBelgianBoy 8
Jean-Luc Dehaene God is graciousBelgianBoy 9
Jo Vandeurzen God is graciousBelgianGirl 2
Joelle Milquet Jehovah is godBelgianGirl 3
Karel De Gucht Free manBelgianBoy 7
Kris Peeters Follower of christBelgianBoy 1
Laurette Onkelinx Laurel or sweet bay tree symbol of victoryBelgianGirl 8
Laurette Onkelinx Laurel or sweet bay tree symbol of victoryBelgianGirl 8
Louis Michel Famed warriorBelgianBoy 9
Maggie De Block PearlBelgianBoy 4
Maggie De Block PearlBelgianGirl 4
Marianne Thyssen Bitterness and graceBelgianBoy 5
Marianne Thyssen Star of the seaBelgianGirl 5
Marie Arena Star of the seaBelgianGirl 4
Mark Eyskens Consecrated to the god marsBelgianBoy 6
Miet Smet Small and sweetBelgianGirl 5
Monica De Coninck Unique, to advise, alone, nun, solitaryBelgianGirl 7
Paul Magnette Small, humbleBelgianBoy 9
Petra De Sutter Rock unshakeable and resilientBelgianGirl 1
Sabine Laruelle Woman of the sabine peopleBelgianGirl 1
Sophie Wilmes WisdomBelgianGirl 9
Steven Vanackere Wreath, crown, honour, reward, royalty, renown, fameBelgianBoy 3
Theo Francken God, a gift from god, or bold peopleBelgianBoy 3
Wilfried Martens PeaceBelgianBoy 5
Yves Leterme YewBelgianBoy 5


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