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50 Famous Belgian Scientist Names With Meaning


Looking for scientific names for your newborn Belgian baby boy or girl? We've compiled a comprehensive list of the top 50 most popular scientist names from Belgium to assist you.

In this article, you will learn about Belgian Scientists' most popular names for your new baby boy and girl. (Unique Belgian Baby Names and Meanings Inspired by Science and Technology). Choose a standout Belgian Scientist's name from our most recent list of the top 50 Brilliant Scientists' Names with their Beautiful Meanings.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Adolphe Quetelet Noble or majestic wolfBelgianBoy 4
Albert Claude Noble, brightBelgianBoy 5
Alexis Jacquemin Helper, defenderBelgianBoy 1
Alphonse Dubois Ready for battle, nobleBelgianBoy 7
Andreas Vesalius ManBelgianBoy 8
Annick Wilmotte SatisfactionBelgianGirl 7
Anselmus de Boodt With divine protectionBelgianBoy 7
Christian de Duve A follower of christBelgianBoy 9
Constantin Le Paige Constant, steadfastBelgianBoy 4
Corneille Heymans HornBelgianBoy 7
Desire van Monckhoven DesiredBelgianBoy 1
Edouard Van Beneden Wealthy guardBelgianBoy 1
Emmanuel Serusiaux God is with usBelgianBoy 5
Eric Walter Elst Forever ruler, always ruler, commander of the armyBelgianBoy 8
Ernest Solvay SeriousBelgianBoy 4
Eugene Charles Catalan Free manBelgianBoy 4
Eugene Joseph Delporte God will giveBelgianBoy 9
Florentina Mosora Flower, blossomingBelgianGirl 6
Francois Englert Frenchman or free manBelgianBoy 4
Francois Peeters Son of peterBelgianBoy 2
Gerardus Mercator Spear, strong, braveBelgianBoy 6
Henri La Fontaine Home rulerBelgianBoy 7
Hugo Van Heuverswyn Mind, intellectBelgianBoy 5
Ilya Prigogine Great, gloriousBelgianBoy 3
Ingrid Daubechies Fair, beautifulBelgianGirl 3
Jacques Urbain Supplanter, he grasps the heelBelgianBoy 6
Jan Baptist van Helmont To dip, loving, wisedomBelgianBoy 2
Jean-Charles Houzeau Free manBelgianBoy 4
Joseph Plateau God will giveBelgianBoy 5
Jules Bordet YouthfulBelgianBoy 5
Leo Baekeland Land of beaconsBelgianBoy 6
Leon Rosenfeld Rose fieldBelgianBoy 9
Leon Van Hove Marshland, marshBelgianBoy 7
Marcel Minnaert Belonging to mars, young warriorBelgianBoy 2
Marie-Anne Libert Star of the seaBelgianGirl 2
Marietta Hannon Rousseau Beloved, rebellious, star of the seaBelgianGirl 2
Michael van Langren Who is like god, gift from godBelgianBoy 6
Paul Janssen Small, humble, son of janBelgianBoy 6
Peter Piot Young magpieBelgianBoy 7
Qian Xiuling MoneyBelgianGirl 2
Rene-Francois de Sluse Born again or rebornBelgianBoy 5
Robert Cailliau Bright fameBelgianBoy 2
Roland Mortier Renowned landBelgianBoy 9
Sara Bals PrincessBelgianGirl 1
Simon Stevin To hear, be heard, reputationBelgianBoy 6
Sophie Warny WisdomBelgianGirl 9
Steven Laureys Wreath, crown, honour, reward, royalty, renown, fameBelgianBoy 6
Veronique Gouverneur Victory bringer, true imageBelgianGirl 2


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