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Top 50 Famous Belgian Singer And Musician Names


Are you in search of the best musical Belgian baby names for your newborn baby boy and girl? To aid you in finding the perfect musical baby names, we've compiled a comprehensive list of the top 50 most popular male and female singer/musician/band artist names from Belgium.

In this article, you'll discover the most popular names of Belgian music artists for your new baby girl. Explore unique Belgian baby names inspired by singers, musicians, and band artists, each with their meaning. Choose a distinctive music lover's name from our latest list of the top 50 best Belgian singers' names and their beautiful meanings.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Alain Delorme Little rockBelgianBoy 1
Angele Messenger of godBelgianGirl 8
Annie Cordy Full of grace, graciousBelgianGirl 9
Arno Eagle-wolfBelgianBoy 3
Art Sullivan Bear, championBelgianBoy 5
Axelle Red Father is peaceBelgianGirl 5
Bobbejaan Schoepen A large black spiderBelgianBoy 2
Burt Blanca Noble, brightBelgianBoy 4
Christian Adam A follower of christBelgianBoy 3
Claude Barzotti Strong willedBelgianBoy 4
Dana Winner Perfect, beautiful pearlBelgianGirl 4
Dani Klein God is my judgeBelgianGirl 7
Danzel Spiritual, domestic, gentleBelgianBoy 8
Django Reinhardt I awakeBelgianBoy 4
Eddy Wally Wealthy spear, son of edward, wealthy protector, wealthy guard, wealthy friendBelgianBoy 3
Frank Michael Free manBelgianBoy 2
Frederic Francois Peaceful rulerBelgianBoy 9
Helena Noguerra Shining lightBelgianGirl 9
Helmut Lotti Helmet, protection, fighting spiritBelgianBoy 2
Jacques Brel SupplanterBelgianBoy 5
Jan Leyers God has been graciousBelgianBoy 1
Jimmy Frey He who supplantsBelgianBoy 7
Jonatan Cerrada Gift from godBelgianBoy 8
Jose van Dam Raised, who pardonsBelgianBoy 5
Kate Ryan Skill, researcher, mysteriousBelgianGirl 5
Koen Wauters Bold, braveBelgianBoy 8
Lara Fabian Protection, citadel, cheerfulBelgianGirl 2
Lio LionBelgianGirl 9
Lou Deprijck Famous warriorBelgianBoy 7
Maurane Star of the seaBelgianGirl 1
Milow Gracious, soldier, rival, free born, nobleBelgianBoy 9
Nathalie Sorce Birth of the lordBelgianGirl 4
Patrick Ouchene NoblemanBelgianBoy 5
Philippe Lafontaine Lover of horsesBelgianBoy 8
Plastic Bertrand Capable of being shaped or moldedBelgianBoy 9
Rene Jacobs Born again or rebornBelgianBoy 2
Rocco Granata Rest, reposeBelgianBoy 8
Selah Sue Rock or boulderBelgianGirl 9
Solange Berry Solemn or dignifiedBelgianGirl 6
The Singing Nun Posterity, a fish, eternalBelgianBoy 8
Tony Sandler Priceless, flourishingBelgianBoy 3
Toots Thielemans Trustworthy, travel lover, capableBelgianBoy 6
Violetta Villas Purple, flower, little flowerBelgianGirl 8
William Kalubi Mwamba Strong-willed warriorBelgianBoy 8
Wouter De Backer Ruler of the armyBelgianBoy 7


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