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Top 30 Famous Estonian Male Singer And Musician Names


Are you in search of the best musical Estonian baby names for your newborn baby boy? To aid you in finding the perfect musical baby names, we've compiled a comprehensive list of the top and most popular male singer/musician/band artist names from Estonia.

In this article, you'll discover the most popular names of Estonian music artists for your new baby boy. Explore unique Estonian boy names inspired by singers, musicians, and band artists, each with their own meaning. Choose a distinctive music lover's name from our latest list of the top and best Estonian singers' names and their beautiful meanings.

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"Choosing a Name for Your Baby Boy: Inspired by Famous Estonian Male Singers"

Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Allan Kasuk Handsome, cheerful, little rockEstonianBoy 4
Egert Milder EdgeEstonianBoy 8
Georg Ots Farmer, earthworkerEstonianBoy 7
Henry Korvits House rulerEstonianBoy 4
Indrek Ventmann Ruler of the homeEstonianBoy 2
Ivo Linna Yew, archerEstonianBoy 6
Jaagup Tuisk Estonian variant of the name of jacobEstonianBoy 1
Jaak Joala One who holds the heelEstonianBoy 8
Jaanus Saks God is graciousEstonianBoy 8
Juri Pootsmann FarmerEstonianBoy 5
Karl-Erik Taukar Forever ruler, always rulerEstonianBoy 4
Karl-Kristjan Kingi Christ-bearerEstonianBoy 5
Koit Toome DawnEstonianBoy 6
Mart Sander Dedicated to marsEstonianBoy 5
Mick Pedaja Who resembles godEstonianBoy 1
Ott Lepland BearEstonianBoy 2
Rasmus Randvee Beloved, desiredEstonianBoy 7
Rolf Roosalu Famed wolf, wolf counselEstonianBoy 8
Stefan Airapetjan Crown, wreathEstonianBoy 7
Tanel Padar God is my judge, god is my judgeEstonianBoy 2
Tonis Magi Beyond praise, flower, flourishingEstonianBoy 8
Uku Suviste Chief, god of the sky, weather, thunderEstonianBoy 6
Urmas Alender Frost, catkinEstonianBoy 5
Uudo Sepp Gentle wayEstonianBoy 9


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