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Top 50 Famous Estonian Poet And Writer Names


Are you looking for a poet's name for your newborn Estonian baby boy and girl? To assist you in your search for the best poetic baby names, we have put together a comprehensive list of the top 50 most popular poet and writer names from Estonia.

In this article, you will discover the most popular Estonian poets' names for your new baby boy and girl, along with unique Estonian baby names and their meanings inspired by poets and writers. Choose a distinctive writer and poet name from our latest list of the top 50 best Estonian poets' names, complete with their beautiful meanings.

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"Choosing a Name for Your Baby: Inspired by Famous Estonian Poet & Writer"

Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Anna Haava Grace, favorEstonianGirl 9
Ants Oras Seed, master, educated, cheerfulEstonianBoy 8
Artur Adson Noble, courageousEstonianBoy 5
Artur Alliksaar Noble, courageousEstonianBoy 9
Asko Kunnap WitchcraftEstonianBoy 6
Bernard Kangro Strong, brave bearEstonianBoy 2
Carl Robert Jakobson Bright fameEstonianBoy 1
Doris Kareva Gift, gift from the seaEstonianGirl 6
Elo Viiding Life, harvest, grainEstonianGirl 7
Friedebert Tuglas Great leader, problem avoider, good judgerEstonianBoy 1
Gustav Suits Gods staffEstonianBoy 7
Hasso Krull Graced by yahweh, sun EstonianBoy 1
Heiti Talvik Trustworthy, travel lover, capableEstonianBoy 9
Henrik Visnapuu Ruler of the homeEstonianBoy 8
Igor Kotjuh WarriorEstonianBoy 8
Ilmar Laaban Air, space, timeEstonianBoy 3
Indrek Hirv Ruler of the homeEstonianBoy 1
Jaak Urmet One who holds the heelEstonianBoy 1
Jaan Isotamm Beloved, life, singEstonianBoy 8
Jaan Kaplinski God is graciousEstonianBoy 2
Jan Kaus God is graciousEstonianBoy 5
Johann Voldemar Jannsen God is gracious, champion, renowned leader, famous ruler, ruler of the realmEstonianBoy 4
Johannes Vares God is graciousEstonianBoy 7
Juhan Liiv God is graciousEstonianBoy 7
Juhan Viiding Feeling, perfect, friendlyEstonianBoy 2
Jurgen Rooste Farmer, earthworkerEstonianBoy 5
Juri Talvet FarmerEstonianBoy 3
Kalev Keskula Giant, tall strong manEstonianBoy 5
Katlin Kaldmaa PureEstonianGirl 2
Kauksi Ulle Guider, discipline, adventurerEstonianGirl 5
Kristiina Ehin Follower of christEstonianGirl 2
Kristjan Jaak Peterson Christ-bearerEstonianBoy 3
Leelo Tungal Folk songEstonianGirl 7
Lydia Koidula Beautiful one, noble oneEstonianGirl 7
Maarja Kangro Sea of bitternessEstonianGirl 2
Marie Under Star of the seaEstonianGirl 9
Mart Kangur Dedicated to marsEstonianBoy 7
Mats Traat Gift of godEstonianBoy 5
Minni Nurme Reckoned, preparedEstonianGirl 4
Paul-Eerik Rummo Ever or eternal rulerEstonianBoy 7
Peep Ilmet Feeling, adaptable, nobleEstonianBoy 2
Tonu Onnepalu Priceless oneEstonianBoy 6
Triin Soomets PureEstonianGirl 5
Valmar Adams Great leader, extremely sensitive, friendlyEstonianBoy 6
Veronika Kivisilla Victory bringer, true imageEstonianGirl 1


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