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Top 50 Famous Estonian Politician Names With Meaning


Searching for a politician's name for your newborn Estonian baby boy or girl? We've compiled a comprehensive list of the top 50 most popular politicians, leaders, and state head names from Estonia to help you find the perfect name.

In this article, you will discover the most popular Estonian politician names for your new baby (Unique Estonian Baby Names and Meanings inspired by Politicians, Leaders, and State Heads). Choose a standout leader's name from our most recent list of the top & best Estonian politicians' names with their beautiful meanings.

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"Choosing a Name for Your Baby: Inspired by Famous Estonian Politician"

Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Andres Anvelt WarriorEstonianBoy 9
Andres Herkel Warrior, virileEstonianBoy 3
Andrus Ansip Strong and manlyEstonianBoy 1
Edgar Savisaar Fortunate and powerfulEstonianBoy 8
Eerik-Niiles Kross The blue godEstonianBoy 9
Eiki Nestor Traveler, wanderer, the one who comes homeEstonianGirl 8
Eiki Nestor ProjectorEstonianBoy 8
Ene Ergma Grace, beautiful, calm, fair, gracefulEstonianGirl 5
Ester Tuiksoo StarEstonianGirl 6
Hanno Pevkur God is graciousEstonianBoy 1
Helir-Valdor Seeder Helpful, researcher, comfortableEstonianBoy 9
Heljo Pikhof Blessed, holyEstonianGirl 7
Helmen Kutt A person with fair hair or a light complexion, hunterEstonianGirl 3
Indrek Tarand Ruler of the homeEstonianBoy 2
Ivari Padar Loving change, enthusiasm, reliabilityEstonianBoy 9
Jaan Toots Beloved, life, singEstonianBoy 7
Jevgeni Ossinovski Well-bornEstonianBoy 8
Juhan Parts Yahweh is graciousEstonianBoy 2
Kadi Parnits Rhythmic flow of soundsEstonianGirl 5
Kaja Kallas PureEstonianGirl 7
Kersti Kaljulaid Christian, follower of christ, christian womanEstonianGirl 1
Laine Randjarv Path, roadway, dweller in a laneEstonianGirl 3
Liina Tonisson A warrior of the armyEstonianGirl 8
Liisa Oviir A warrior of the armyEstonianGirl 6
Mailis Reps The love for helping othersEstonianGirl 4
Marianne Mikko Star of the seaEstonianGirl 8
Marina Kaljurand From the seaEstonianGirl 4
Marko Mihkelson Dedicated to marsEstonianBoy 2
Mart Helme Dedicated to marsEstonianBoy 5
Mart Jarvik Warlike, dedicated to marsEstonianBoy 6
Mart Laar House of a priestEstonianBoy 3
Mart Rask Energetic, quick, healthy, dedicated to marsEstonianBoy 2
Mihhail Korb Who is like god,gift from godEstonianBoy 7
Priit Toobal Peaceful rulerEstonianBoy 2
Raimond Kaljulaid Protecting handsEstonianBoy 2
Rein Lang Advice counselEstonianBoy 8
Siim Kallas The listenerEstonianGirl 7
Siim Kallas The listenerEstonianBoy 7
Taavi Roivas Dearly lovedEstonianBoy 2
Toomas Hendrik Ilves Home ruler, a child of the twinEstonianBoy 3
Toomas Hendrik Ilves A child of the twinEstonianGirl 3
Toomas Trapido A child of the twinEstonianBoy 4
Toomas Varek A child of the twinEstonianBoy 5
Urmas Reinsalu Frost, catkinEstonianBoy 9
Urve Palo Catkin, stick, tree, genius, good, good judgerEstonianGirl 2


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