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Top 50 Famous Estonian Scientist Names With Meaning


Looking for scientific names for your newborn Estonian baby boy or girl? We've compiled a comprehensive list of the top 50 most popular scientist names from Estonia to assist you.

In this article, you will learn about Estonian Scientists' most popular names for your new baby boy and girl. (Unique Estonian Baby Names and Meanings Inspired by Science and Technology). Choose a standout Estonian Scientist's name from our most recent list of the top & Brilliant Scientists' Names with their Beautiful Meanings.

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"Choosing a Name for Your Baby: Inspired by Famous Estonian Scientist"

Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Aavo Sirk Genius, good, good judgerEstonianBoy 6
Agu Aarna Leopard, one who has agility and strength of leopardEstonianBoy 1
Andi Hektor Manly, virile, braveEstonianBoy 6
Andres Metspalu WarriorEstonianBoy 6
Andres Salumets Warrior, virileEstonianBoy 9
Ann Marvet Grace, he god has favored meEstonianBoy 9
Anne Kahru Grace, god has favoured meEstonianGirl 3
Eerik Kumari Ever or eternal rulerEstonianBoy 4
Endel Aruja Born of the sun, healthy, high capable, intelligence, highly attractiveEstonianBoy 1
Endel Laas Uncultivated land, clearingEstonianBoy 1
Endel Tulving High capable, intelligence, highly attractiveEstonianBoy 1
Ene Ergma GraceEstonianGirl 5
Erast Parmasto BelovedEstonianBoy 4
Ernst Opik BelovedEstonianBoy 1
Fred Jussi Peace, elf counsel, peaceful rulerEstonianBoy 3
Girsh Blumberg Lord of mountainsEstonianBoy 6
Gustav Naan Gods staffEstonianBoy 3
Gustav Vilbaste Royal staff or staff of the godsEstonianBoy 9
Hans Trass God has been graciousEstonianBoy 2
Hardo Aasmae Warrior, innovative, handsomeEstonianBoy 5
Ivo Leito Yew, archerEstonianBoy 8
Jaak Aaviksoo One who holds the heelEstonianBoy 8
Jaan Eilart Beloved, life, singEstonianBoy 1
Jaan Einasto Beloved, life, singEstonianBoy 1
Juri Engelbrecht FarmerEstonianBoy 4
Kalevi Kull Ancestor of the finnsEstonianBoy 8
Kaljo Pork Creative, educated, confidenceEstonianBoy 1
Lauri Vaska Laurel or sweet bay tree, symbol of victoryEstonianBoy 7
Leho Tedersoo Dreamer, wisedom, hard workerEstonianBoy 6
Liivia Laasimer BlueEstonianGirl 5
Maris Laan Of the seaEstonianGirl 7
Martin Zobel Dedicated to marsEstonianBoy 9
Martti Raidal Mars, the god of warEstonianBoy 9
Meelis Partel MindEstonianBoy 9
Olevi Kull Olive treeEstonianBoy 2
Paul Kogerman Small, humbleEstonianBoy 8
Toomas Kivisild A child of the twinEstonianBoy 7
Toomas Kukk A child of the twinEstonianBoy 2
Ulo Mander Joy, nobleEstonianBoy 4
Urmas Tartes Frost, catkinEstonianBoy 2
Viktor Masing Winner or conquerorEstonianBoy 5
Vladimir Hutt Of great powerEstonianBoy 4
Wilhelm Anderson Resolute protection, helmet protectionEstonianBoy 1


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