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Famous Greek Female Singer And Musician Names


Are you in search of the best musical Greek baby names for your newborn baby girl? To aid you in finding the perfect musical baby names, we've compiled a comprehensive list of the top and most popular female singer/musician/band artist names from Greece.

In this article, you'll discover the most popular names of Greek music artists for your new baby girl. Explore unique Greek girl names inspired by singers, musicians, and band artists, each with their meaning. Choose a distinctive music lover's name from our latest list of the top and best Greek singers' names and their beautiful meanings.

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Choosing a Name for Your Baby Girl: Inspired by Famous Greek Female Singers

Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Agnes Baltsa Pure, holyGreekGirl 2
Anna Vissi Full of grace, favorGreekGirl 9
Athena Manoukian Goddess of wisdomGreekGirl 4
Elena Tsagkrinou Bright, shining lightGreekGirl 1
Eleni Foureira Sun ray, shining lightGreekGirl 3
Eleonora Zouganeli Sun ray, mercifulGreekGirl 6
Elli Kokkinou Pledged to godGreekGirl 1
Glykeria Sweet, lovingGreekGirl 7
Haris Alexiou Guardian, protector, watchmanGreekGirl 7
Helena Paparizou Shining lightGreekGirl 6
Ivi Adamou Powerful and completeGreekGirl 5
Kaiti Gkrey She who is pureGreekGirl 8
Kalomira Good faith, good fortuneGreekGirl 8
Katy Garbi PureGreekGirl 4
Maria Callas Of the sea, bitter, beloved, rebelliousGreekGirl 9
Marina Satti From the seaGreekGirl 8
Marinella Of the seaGreekGirl 4
Melina Aslanidou HoneyGreekGirl 6
Nana Mouskouri Your highnessGreekGirl 1
Natasa Theodoridou Powerful, dedicator, nobleGreekGirl 1
Stefania Crowned or the winningGreekGirl 3
Tzeni Vanou Hesitate, travel lover, good understandingGreekGirl 3
Vicky Leandros Freedom lover, joyful, hard workerGreekGirl 5
Vicky Moscholiou Emotional, entertainer, strongGreekGirl 2


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