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Top 50 Famous Greek Poet And Writer Names


Are you looking for a poet's name for your newborn Greek baby boy and girl? To assist you in your search for the best poetic baby names, we have put together a comprehensive list of the top 50 most popular poet and writer names from Greece.

In this article, you will discover the most popular Greek poets' names for your new baby boy and girl, along with unique Greek baby names and their meanings inspired by poets and writers. Choose a distinctive writer and poet name from our latest list of the top 50 best Greek poets' names, complete with their beautiful meanings.

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Choosing a Name for Your Baby: Inspired by Famous Greek Poet & Writer

Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Agathon GoodGreekBoy 3
Alcaeus of Mytilene StrengthGreekBoy 6
Alcman Best, harmony, more attractiveGreekBoy 8
Alexander Aetolus Defender of menGreekBoy 6
Anacreon Name of an ancient poetGreekBoy 8
Andreas Embirikos ManGreekBoy 1
Angelos Sikelianos Angel, messengerGreekBoy 7
Antimachus Against battleGreekBoy 1
Antimachus of Teos Gift of godGreekBoy 9
Antipater of Sidon Like the fatherGreekBoy 6
Antonis Fostieris Highly praiseworthy, priceless oneGreekBoy 5
Anyte Intuition, Helper, Attractive SpeecherGreekGirl 2
Apollonius of Rhodes Follower of apolloGreekBoy 8
Aratus Intolerant, adorable, charmingGreekBoy 8
Archestratus the Daedalus of tasty dishesGreekGirl 9
Archilochus Poet of parosGreekBoy 9
Aristeas Point, ear of grainGreekGirl 2
Aristophanes A brilliant personGreekBoy 1
Asius of Samos Responsible, systematic mind, unpretentiousGreekBoy 4
Athos Dimoulas Of Athena, Wisdom and courageGreekGirl 4
Cinaethon of Sparta Victorious armyGreekBoy 5
Dimitris Lyacos Earth-lover, follower of demeterGreekBoy 5
Dimitris Varos Earth-lover, of demeterGreekBoy 5
Elephantis TBDGreekGirl 1
Euripides Good throw, accurate aimGreekBoy 7
George Tsimbidaros-Fteris Farmer, earthworkerGreekBoy 2
Giorgos Seferis Farmer, earth-workerGreekBoy 9
Hesiod He who emits the voiceGreekBoy 6
Homer Security, pledge, hostageGreekBoy 5
Isyllus TBDGreekBoy 9
Kiki Dimoula From the caster plant, Double happinessGreekGirl 7
Kostas Karyotakis Steady, stableGreekBoy 8
Kostis Palamas SteadfastGreekBoy 3
Nikos Gatsos Victory of the peopleGreekBoy 5
Nikos Kazantzakis Attractive, approachable, victory of the peopleGreekBoy 9
Nossis NorthenerGreekGirl 5
Odysseas Elytis Angry manGreekBoy 8
Pindar Imagination, thought, egoGreekBoy 8
Praxilla TBDGreekGirl 3
Quintus Smyrnaeus FifthGreekBoy 4
Sappho sapphireGreekGirl 3
Sophocles A man who is cleverGreekBoy 4
Tyrtaeus TBDGreekBoy 3
Yiannis Ritsos God is graciousGreekBoy 2


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