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Unique French Boy Names That Mean Love


AngelsName has collected French Baby Boy Names that mean Love, which you may consider for your newly born baby boy.

When it comes to giving your baby the perfect name, why not choose love. In this article you will find Lovely cute names for boys.

All the unique Love Inspired French baby names are sorted with their meaning and numerology respectively. Choose a unique Name from our lovely collection of French Boy Names Meaning Love.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Aime Much LovedFrenchBoy 1
Alwin Noble Friend Defender BelovedFrenchBoy 5
Amadee Love of God Loved by GodFrenchBoy 2
Amadeo Loved by GodFrenchBoy 3
Amado Loving Deity Loved by GodFrenchBoy 7
Amador Loves GodFrenchBoy 7
Amadou Love of GodFrenchBoy 1
Amandus Worthy of Love LovableFrenchBoy 1
Amant Lover BeauFrenchBoy 4
Amato Beloved One LovedFrenchBoy 5
Amias Beloved Loved OneFrenchBoy 7
Anas A Group of People AffectionFrenchBoy 8
Anis Close Friend Friendly AmiableFrenchBoy 7
Armas Dear BelovedFrenchBoy 7
Armias Dear BelovedFrenchBoy 7
Bogoljub One who Loves GodFrenchBoy 3
Brighton The One who is Loved A BritFrenchBoy 3
Can Man with Soul Loved LifeFrenchBoy 9
Caron LoveFrenchBoy 6
Chan Light Beloved At PeaceFrenchBoy 8
Darell From Airel BelovedFrenchBoy 7
Darl Darling BelovedFrenchBoy 8
Darrel Darling Beloved FranceFrenchBoy 4
Darroll Open Variant of Darrel OpenFrenchBoy 8
Darryll Darling Beloved From AirelleFrenchBoy 9
Daryl Darling Dear BelovedFrenchBoy 6
Davet BelovedFrenchBoy 7
Davey Dearly Loved Variant of DavidFrenchBoy 3
Davi Adored Beloved FriendFrenchBoy 9
David Adored Beloved OneFrenchBoy 4
Davide Italian Form of David BelovedFrenchBoy 9
Davie Cherished BelovedFrenchBoy 5
Davin Beloved Dear One Bright FinnFrenchBoy 5
Davy Beloved Son of DavidFrenchBoy 7
Demetrio Earth-lover Of DemeterFrenchBoy 8
Demetrios Gift from Demeter Earth LoverFrenchBoy 9
Demitrius Lover of the EarthFrenchBoy 1
Deora BelovedFrenchBoy 7
Derell Darling Beloved OpenFrenchBoy 2
Derrell Darling Beloved From AirelFrenchBoy 2
Derrill Darling Beloved OpenFrenchBoy 6
Derryl Darling BelovedFrenchBoy 1
Devi A Goddess Angel Beloved GodlikeFrenchBoy 4
Devid God Beloved FriendsFrenchBoy 8
Dewi Beloved Friend God of DragonsFrenchBoy 5
Dimitri From the Mother of LandFrenchBoy 1
Dimitry Earth-lover Of DemeterFrenchBoy 8
Dione Follower of Dionysus A LoverFrenchBoy 2
Dov Bear BelovedFrenchBoy 5
Emre Mate Friend Deeply in LoveFrenchBoy 5
Erasme Loved Variant of ErasmusFrenchBoy 7
Erastus To be Loving BelovedFrenchBoy 4
Eros Carnal LoveFrenchBoy 3
Esme Beloved OneFrenchBoy 6
Felipe Friend of Horses, Beloved, LoverFrenchBoy 8
Ferdinand Brave Yet PeacefulFrenchBoy 3
Fida Sacrifice Unconditional LoveFrenchBoy 2
Filip Russian Form of Philip LoverFrenchBoy 7
Filippo Lover of Horses Horse of LoverFrenchBoy 2
Graziano LoveFrenchBoy 1
Habib Beloved One Darling DearFrenchBoy 4
Hag LoveFrenchBoy 7
Hamelin Home Little Home-loverFrenchBoy 8
Hamilton Beautiful Mountain LoverFrenchBoy 2
Hamlin Little Home-loverFrenchBoy 3
Hortensius The Garden LoverFrenchBoy 4
Ireneo Lover of PeaceFrenchBoy 3
Irwin From Irvine Scotland Sea LoverFrenchBoy 1
Joshua Jehovah SavesFrenchBoy 2
Justin Love Clever Just UprightFrenchBoy 3
Kahil Friend LoverFrenchBoy 5
Kamal Lotus Flower PerfectionFrenchBoy 2
Kendy One who is Much LovedFrenchBoy 5
Kevin Beloved Little Gentle OneFrenchBoy 7
Lal Lovely Beloved Dear OneFrenchBoy 7
Lancelot Knight of Arthur LoverFrenchBoy 1
Launcelot Servant AttendantFrenchBoy 4
Lian Honest Soft Lovely WillowFrenchBoy 9
Lo Talent Smart Bright LeaderFrenchBoy 9
Lovell Dearly Loved Wolf Cub Young WolfFrenchBoy 6
Lowe Love Female Wolf Little WolfFrenchBoy 1
Lowell Dearly Loved Young Small WolfFrenchBoy 7
Marian Bitter Rebellious Star LoverFrenchBoy 2
Marvin Sea Lover Friend of the SeaFrenchBoy 5
Mathan Cupid God of LoveFrenchBoy 3
Mervin Sea Lover Form of MarvinFrenchBoy 9
Mervyn Sea Lover Form of MarvinFrenchBoy 7
Nadir Beloved Uncommon PinnacleFrenchBoy 1
Name MeaningSortFrenchBoy 6
Phil Friend Lover of HorsesFrenchBoy 9
Philander Love for People HospitableFrenchBoy 6
Philbert Very Brilliant Dear One DarlingFrenchBoy 9
Philip Warlike Loves HorsesFrenchBoy 7
Philipe Lover of HorsesFrenchBoy 3
Philipp Lover of Horses Horse LoverFrenchBoy 5
Philippe Lover of HorsesFrenchBoy 1
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