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Guarani Mythology God and Goddess Names For Baby


Guarani are a group of culturally-related indigenous peoples of South America. The traditional range of the Guarani people is in present-day Paraguay between the Uruguay River and lower Paraguay River, the Misiones Province of Argentina, southern Brazil once as far north as Rio de Janeiro, and parts of Uruguay and Bolivia.

AngelsName has collected God and Goddess names of Guarani mythology, which you may consider for your newly born baby boy and girl.

List of Guarani God, Goddess and Legend names for your Baby are given below:

Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Abaangui A god credited with the creation of the moonGuaraniBoy 2
Abacai TBDGuaraniBoy 8
Andura TBDGuaraniBoy 5
Angatupyry Spirit or personification of goodGuaraniBoy 4
Angra Supreme GodGuaraniBoy 5
Anhanga Spirit of the deadGuaraniBoy 1
Ao-Ao God of hills and mountainsGuaraniBoy 5
Arikonta Mythological personage of the Tupi GuaraniGirl 8
Boitata Mythological SerpentGuaraniBoy 5
Boiuna Sea GodGuaraniBoy 8
Boto-Cor-De-Rosa Rare and Mythical Pink DolphinsGuaraniBoy 6
Caipora Forest DwellerGuaraniBoy 9
Chandore TBDGuaraniBoy 5
Curupi God of sexuality and fertilityGuaraniBoy 7
Curupira A Mythological CreatureGuaraniBoy 8
Curupira Creature of the forestsGuaraniBoy 8
Guajupia land without evilsGuaraniBoy 5
Guaraci God of the sunGuaraniBoy 6
Iara Mother of WatersGuaraniGirl 2
Ipupiara A marine monsterGuaraniGirl 1
Irupe a woman who was turned into the giant lilyGuaraniGirl 6
Itatay Hand ballGuaraniBoy 4
Itati White rockGuaraniBoy 5
Jaci Goddess of the Moon and fertilityGuaraniGirl 5
Jacira Mother goddess in Tupi-Guarani folkloreGuaraniGirl 6
Jacy Creator of a plantGuaraniBoy 3
Jande-Jari Spirit of the river Parapet in BoliviaGuaraniBoy 9
Jasy-Jatere God of the siestaGuaraniBoy 6
Jurupari A god limited to worship by menGuaraniBoy 6
Karu-Sakaibe Civilizing hero of the Mundurucus IndiansGuaraniBoy 9
Kerana A princess of the Guarani tribeGuaraniGirl 5
Kurupi God of sexuality and fertilityGuaraniBoy 6
Lobizon God of deathGuaraniBoy 3
Luiso God of deathGuaraniBoy 4
Luison Paraguayan werewolfGuaraniBoy 9
Maira An ancient prophet, successor of MairumuanaGuaraniGirl 6
Mairata Tamoi or Mythical GrandfatherGuaraniBoy 9
Mala-Visio A beautiful woman maddened by jealousyGuaraniGirl 2
Marangatu Son of Rupave and SypaveGuaraniBoy 6
Mbir Mythical worm that created the earthGuaraniBoy 6
Mboi Tui God of waterways and aquatic creaturesGuaraniBoy 8
Mborore Old Guarani chieftainGuaraniBoy 5
Mona Mythological character of the ancient TupiGuaraniBoy 7
Monai God of the open fieldsGuaraniBoy 7
Nambi Curative herbGuaraniBoy 3
Negrinho-do-Pastoreio A legend about a slave boyGuaraniBoy 2
Nhanderequei Civilizing hero of the Guarani IndiansGuaraniBoy 4
Oshun Goddess of love and also fertilityGuaraniGirl 5
Panambi ButterflyGuaraniBoy 2
Pinon GodGuaraniBoy 5
Plata Yvyguy Buried TreasureGuaraniBoy 4
Pombero A popular spirit of mischiefGuaraniBoy 3
Pombero A popular spirit of mischiefGuaraniBoy 3
Porasy Daughters of the Rupave and SupaveGuaraniGirl 4
Pytajovai God of warGuaraniBoy 2
Raini GodGuaraniBoy 6
Ruda God of LoveGuaraniBoy 8
Rupave The first manGuaraniBoy 2
Sypave The first womenGuaraniGirl 7
Tamandare A legendary shamanGuaraniBoy 5
Tamoi Culture hero who taught people the arts of civilizationGuaraniBoy 4
Tau An evil spiritGuaraniBoy 6
Tauba Mythological character of the TupiGuaraniBoy 9
Taubymana The old TaubaGuaraniBoy 8
Teju-Jagua God or spirit of caverns and fruitsGuaraniBoy 6
Temioua Mother of PinonGuaraniGirl 3
Tenondete The Guarani creator godGuaraniBoy 3
Teyu-Yagua Giant lizardGuaraniBoy 9
Teyu-Yargua God or spirit of caverns and fruitsGuaraniBoy 9
Tume-Arandu Eldest son of Rupave and SypaveGuaraniBoy 1
Tupa Supreme god of the Guarani creationGuaraniBoy 4
Tupave The Guarani creator godGuaraniBoy 4
Yara Mother of WatersGuaraniGirl 9
Yasy-Yatere A piece of the moonGuaraniBoy 9
Yemanja Mother of WatersGuaraniGirl 6
Yesenia AngelGuaraniGirl 6
Yvy-mara-ey Land without evilsGuaraniBoy 9


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