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Hittite Mythology God and Goddess Names For Baby


The Hittites were an ancient group of Indo-Europeans who moved into Asian Minor and formed an empire at Hattusa in Anatolia (modern Turkey) around 1600 BCE. The Hittite Empire reached great heights during the mid-1300s BCE, when it spread across Asia Minor, into the northern Levant and Upper Mesopotamia.

AngelsName has collected God and Goddess names of Hittite mythology, which you may consider for your newly born baby boy and girl.

List of West Asian, Hittite tribe God, Goddess and Legend names for your Baby are given below:

1 2
Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Aas God of wisdomHittiteBoy 3
Aduntarri The diviner, chthonicHittiteBoy 7
Ala Luwian goddessHittiteGirl 5
Alali Hurrian Ruler GodHittiteBoy 8
Alalu Primordial godHittiteBoy 2
Alalus Primordial entityHittiteBoy 3
Alauwaimis DemonHittiteBoy 1
Allani Goddess of the underworldHittiteGirl 4
Amunki ChthonicHittiteBoy 6
Ananaki Group of hittite deitiesHittiteBoy 6
Annunaki Group of hittite deitiesHittiteBoy 4
Anu Primordial sky godHittiteBoy 9
Anunaki Group of hittite deitiesHittiteBoy 8
Anunna Group of hittite deitiesHittiteBoy 2
Anunnaki Group of hittite deitiesHittiteBoy 4
Anzili Consort of a weather godHittiteBoy 8
Apaliunas Tutelary deity of the city of WilusaHittiteBoy 4
Api ChthonicHittiteBoy 8
Aplu Hittite deityHittiteBoy 5
Aranzahas Personification of the Tigris RiverHittiteBoy 8
Ariniddu Sun GoddessHittiteGirl 8
Arinna Sun goddess and consort of TarhuntHittiteGirl 3
Arinniti Sun goddess, possibly another name for ArinnaHittiteGirl 4
Arma Hittite deityHittiteBoy 6
Aruna God of the sea and son of KamrusepaHittiteBoy 1
Aseer u Fertility goddessHittiteGirl 6
Aserdus Goddess of fertility and wife of ElkunirsaHittiteGirl 6
Asertu A fertility goddessHittiteGirl 3
Asertu-aka-Ashera Goddess of fertilityHittiteGirl 5
Astabi War godHittiteBoy 7
Astabil War godHittiteBoy 1
Ayas Keeper of the old tablets with the words of fateHittiteBoy 1
Baa-Samin lord of heavenHittiteBoy 6
Bethel House ofGodHittiteBoy 7
Elkunirsa Creator god and husband of AserdusHittiteBoy 2
Elkunirsha Creator Of TheearthHittiteBoy 1
Ellel God of the sky and protector of oathsHittiteBoy 1
Ellilus A godHittiteBoy 9
Enzili Consort of a weather godHittiteBoy 3
Ereshkigal UnderworldgoddessHittiteGirl 5
Gul Ses Goddesses of fateHittiteGirl 2
Gul-ases Good,evil, life deathHittiteBoy 3
Gulshesh Destiny GoddessHittiteGirl 9
Hahhimas Evil god of winter and cold weatherHittiteBoy 4
Halki God of barley and grainHittiteBoy 5
Halki God of grainHittiteBoy 5
Hannahanna Mother goddessHittiteGirl 4
Hannahannah Mother goddessHittiteGirl 3
Hannahannas Earth GoddessHittiteGirl 5
Hanwasuit Goddess of sovereigntyHittiteGirl 8
Hapantali Shepherd goddessHittiteGirl 1
Hapantalli MoongodHittiteBoy 4
Hapantalliyas MoongodHittiteBoy 4
Hasam God of blacksmithsHittiteBoy 6
Hasameli God of forges and metal-workingHittiteBoy 5
Hasamelis GodHittiteBoy 6
Hatepuna Daughter of the seaHittiteBoy 5
Hazzi WeathergodHittiteBoy 7
Hebat Goddess of theskyHittiteGirl 9
Hittites Local storm godHittiteBoy 2
Hutena Goddesses of fateHittiteGirl 6
Huttellurra Collective of midwifery goddessesHittiteGirl 3
Illuyanka Fabulous creatureHittiteBoy 7
Illuyankas Fabulous creatureHittiteBoy 8
Inara Goddess of the wild animals of the steppeHittiteGirl 7
Inaras Protection GoddessHittiteGirl 8
Innara God of woods and fieldsHittiteBoy 3
Irpitiga Lord of the earth, chthonicHittiteBoy 8
Irsirra Collective of midwifery goddessesHittiteGirl 2
Isara Goddess ofmarriageand childbirthHittiteGirl 3
Ishara Goddess of oaths and loveHittiteGirl 2
Iskur StormgodHittiteBoy 6
Istanu A god of judgmentHittiteBoy 3
Istanu God of the sun and of judgementHittiteBoy 3
Istar Goddess similar to SauskaHittiteGirl 4
Jarri God of plague and pestilenceHittiteBoy 2
Kamrusepa Goddess of healing, medicine and magicHittiteGirl 6
Kamrusepas A god of healingHittiteBoy 7
Karuilers siunes DeitiesHittiteBoy 3
Kasku God of themoonHittiteBoy 9
Kaskuh God of the moonHittiteBoy 8
Khebe Tutelary deityHittiteBoy 4
Khipa Tutelary deityHittiteBoy 9
Ki Goddess of earthHittiteGirl 2
Kubaba Mother goddessHittiteGirl 2
Kulitta Music GoddessHittiteGirl 4
Kulitta GoddessesHittiteGirl 4
Kumarbi Father of TarhuntHittiteBoy 3
Kumarbi Creator godHittiteBoy 3
Kumarbis Father of the godsHittiteBoy 4
Kurunta God of wild animals and huntingHittiteBoy 7
Kusuh MoongodHittiteBoy 8
Lama A protective godHittiteBoy 9
Lelwani Goddess of the underworldHittiteGirl 4
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