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Inca Mythology God and Goddess Names For Baby


in the history of the Americas, Inca empire and civilization was the largest empire in pre-Columbian America.

AngelsName has collected God and Goddess names of Inca mythology, which you may consider for your newly born baby boy and girl.

List of Inca God, Goddess and Legend names for your Baby are given below:

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Acahuana Royal masonIncaBoy 5
Accla The Chosen Women, Intis girlsIncaGirl 2
Acllacunas The Chosen Women, Intis girlsIncaGirl 6
Acllas Chosen womenIncaGirl 3
Acsumama Goddess of PotatoesIncaGirl 9
Acyllyaconas The Chosen Women, Intis girlsIncaGirl 5
Ai Apaec Inca Supreme GodIncaBoy 9
Ajomama Inca Potato GoddessIncaGirl 9
Amaru Largest snakes IncaBoy 9
Anahuarque Wife of PachacutiIncaGirl 8
Apacatequil Inca Lightning GodIncaBoy 7
Apacheta Inca legendary placeIncaBoy 1
Apaec Inca Supreme GodIncaBoy 8
Apichu Sweet potatoIncaBoy 4
Apo-Mayta Inca Military leaderIncaBoy 2
Apocatequil Inca Lightning GodIncaBoy 3
Apotequil Inca Lightning GodIncaBoy 8
Apu Mountain GodIncaBoy 2
Apu-Illapu Inca Thunder GodIncaBoy 1
Apu-Mayta Inca Military leaderIncaBoy 8
Apu-Qun-Tiqsi-Wiraqutra Inca Creator GodIncaBoy 4
Apus God or great spirit of the mountainsIncaBoy 3
Ataguchu God who assisted in creation mythIncaBoy 1
Atoc The foxIncaBoy 3
Auqui-Amaru-Tupac Brother and son of Tupac IncaIncaBoy 4
Auqui-Maita Son of Tupac IncaIncaBoy 5
Axo-Mama Inca Potato GoddessIncaGirl 5
Axomamma Goddess of potatoesIncaGirl 9
Ayapec Inca Supreme GodIncaBoy 6
Ayar Inca GodsIncaBoy 9
Ayar-Acar Inca Land GodIncaBoy 5
Ayar-Auca Inca Land GodIncaBoy 8
Ayar-Cachi Inca Trickster GodIncaBoy 6
Ayar-Colo Inca GodsIncaBoy 9
Ayar-Kachi Inca Trickster GodIncaBoy 5
Ayar-Manco Inca Hero GodIncaBoy 1
Ayar-Oco Inca GodsIncaBoy 6
Ayar-Ucho Inca GodsIncaBoy 2
Ayar-Uchu Inca GodsIncaBoy 8
Capac-Yupanqui Brother of PachacutiIncaBoy 4
Catequil God of thunder and lightningIncaBoy 7
Cava Wife of Lloque YupanquiIncaGirl 9
Cavillaca Virgin goddessIncaGirl 1
Cavillace Goddess of rockIncaGirl 5
Chaos-Saunters Inca Humor SpiritIncaBoy 1
Chas Inca Humor SpiritIncaBoy 4
Chas-Saunders Inca Humor SpiritIncaBoy 6
Chasca Goddess of the dawn and the dusk, protector of young girlsIncaGirl 8
Chasca-Coyllur Goddess of flowersIncaGirl 6
Chaska The goddess of dawn and twilightIncaGirl 7
Chaska-Quyllur The goddess of dawn and twilightIncaGirl 7
Chicya Wife of Yahuar HuacacIncaGirl 4
Chimpu-Ocllo Wife of Tupac IncaIncaGirl 1
Chuchau Maguey plantIncaBoy 2
Cocamama Inca Good Health GoddessIncaGirl 5
Cochamama Mother SeaIncaGirl 4
Coco-Mama Goddess of Health and HappinessIncaGirl 1
Con Inca South Wind GodIncaBoy 5
Copacati Goddess of Lake TiticacaIncaGirl 5
Coyllur Goddess of the starsIncaGirl 7
Crabman Inca Supreme GodIncaBoy 7
Cuca Wife of Maita CapacIncaGirl 1
Cuichu God of the rainbowIncaBoy 2
Cuniraya Inca Fertility GodIncaBoy 2
Cuntur CondorIncaGirl 7
Curi-Illpay Wife of Inca Capac YupanquiIncaGirl 9
Cusi Joy or pleasureIncaBoy 7
Cuxi-Uarcay Daughter of HuascarIncaGirl 9
Ekeko God of the hearth and wealthIncaBoy 2
Ekhekho Inca Wealth GodIncaBoy 9
Ekkeko God of wealthIncaBoy 4
Eqeqo Inca Wealth GodIncaBoy 5
Guachemines Inca legendary menIncaBoy 6
Guachimines Inca legendary menIncaBoy 1
Guamansuri Inca legendary mortalIncaBoy 7
Hanan-Pacha Higher worldIncaBoy 4
Huaca Inca Nature GodIncaBoy 7
Huamanpallpa A caciqueIncaBoy 8
Huanca God of natureIncaBoy 3
Huaricocha Supreme godIncaBoy 6
Huiracocha Inca Creator GodIncaBoy 6
Huitaca Pleasure, freedomIncaGirl 9
Illapa God of Weather, Thunder and warIncaBoy 6
Illapu Weather godIncaBoy 8
Ilyapa Inca Thunder GodIncaBoy 1
Imahmana-Viracocha Son of Viracocha IncaBoy 5
Inca Creator-godIncaBoy 9
Inti Inca sun godIncaBoy 7
Inti-Cusi-Huallapa Birth name of HuascarIncaBoy 5
Iyapa Inca Thunder GodIncaBoy 7
Ka-Ata-Killa Moon goddessIncaGirl 7
Katoylla Inca Thunder GodIncaBoy 7
Kay-Pacha The worldIncaBoy 3
Khuno Inca weather godIncaBoy 6
Killa Inca Moon GoddessIncaGirl 9
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