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Indian Baby Names That Mean Love


AngelsName has collected Indian Baby Names that mean Love, which you may consider for your newly born baby boy and girl.

All the unique Love Inspired baby names collected from Indian origin are sorted with their meaning and numerology respectively.

Choose a unique Name from our huge collection of Baby Names Meaning Love.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Aahva BelovedIndianBoy 6
Aaradh Adoration, Deep Rapturous LoveIndianBoy 6
Aarati Towards the Highest Love for God Divine Fire in Ritual Form of WorshipIndianGirl 5
Aarth Life Glimpse Love God HopeIndianBoy 3
Aashi Hope Love Queen of Family Aashirwad Full SmileIndianBoy 2
Aashiq Lover Suitor AdorerIndianBoy 1
Aashna Hope Beloved Devoted to LoveIndianGirl 8
Aayush Life LoveIndianBoy 3
Aban Bloom of LoveIndianBoy 9
Abhaipreet Fearless LoveIndianBoy 4
Abhik BelovedIndianBoy 4
Abhinivesh LoveIndianBoy 7
Abhipreeti Full of LoveIndianGirl 3
Abhiprit Victorious LoveIndianBoy 2
Abhiprithi Full of LoveIndianGirl 1
Abhipriti Full of LoveIndianGirl 2
Abhiraam Lovely PleasingIndianBoy 8
Abhiram LovelyIndianBoy 7
Abhirama Delightful LovelyIndianBoy 8
Abhiroopa Delightful BelovedIndianGirl 4
Abhisarikaa The Beloved OneIndianGirl 8
Abhisneha Love LongingIndianBoy 4
Acharpreet Inanimate LoveIndianBoy 5
Adarshpreet Ideal LoveIndianBoy 7
Aditpreet Love for the SunIndianBoy 8
Adityapreet Love for the SunIndianBoy 7
Adreet BelovedIndianBoy 8
Adrit BelovedIndianBoy 7
Adrita A Respected Woman Love Kindness SweetnessIndianGirl 8
Adrito Loved by EveryoneIndianBoy 4
Aesha Alive Love Life Awake WomanIndianGirl 7
Agamjeet Love for GodIndianBoy 8
Agampreet The Lover of God Love for GodIndianBoy 5
Agamprem Lover of GodIndianBoy 2
Agyapreet One who Loves to ObeyIndianBoy 8
Aishwarya God of Love Money Rich Attraction Loveable Wealth Prosperity Goddess LaxmiIndianGirl 6
Aiyah Respect LoveIndianBoy 8
Aja Love of Vishnu High Priestess of Mecca Not Born One who is Self Existent GoatIndianBoy 3
Ajaipreet Invincible LoveIndianBoy 4
Ajeetpreet Invincible LoveIndianBoy 6
Akalchetan Aware of Eternal LoveIndianBoy 4
Akaljog In Union with Eternal LoveIndianBoy 3
Akalpa Love of GodIndianBoy 6
Akalpreet One who Loves the Timeless BeingIndianBoy 8
Akalprem Love of GodIndianBoy 5
Akashpreet Love for SkyIndianBoy 5
Akhandpreet Undivided LoveIndianBoy 4
Akhilpreet Love for EveryoneIndianBoy 6
Alaka A Girl with a Lovely HairIndianBoy 8
Alakhpreet Love for CountlessIndianBoy 7
Alina Beautiful Fair Lovely Light Little Noble One Noble Bearer of the Light KindIndianGirl 1
Alipriya Beloved of the BlacktreeIndianBoy 1
Alka Diamond Lock of Curly Hair A Girl with a Lovely HairIndianGirl 7
Alokpreet Love for LightIndianBoy 4
Amalpreet Pure LoveIndianBoy 1
Amanpreet The Protector of Peace One who Loves PeaceIndianBoy 3
Amarpreet Immortal Love of GodIndianBoy 7
Amarprem Immortal Love of GodIndianBoy 4
Ami Friend, My People, Beauty, Loved, Dearly Loved, Nectar, TearsIndianBoy 5
Amolpreet Priceless LoveIndianBoy 6
Amolprem Priceless LoveIndianBoy 3
Amorata BelovedIndianGirl 6
Amtej Lover of GodIndianBoy 4
Amulpreet Priceless LoveIndianBoy 3
Analapriya Beloved of FireIndianGirl 8
Anandaprema Pure Bliss and LoveIndianBoy 7
Anangada Who Inspires LoveIndianBoy 7
Anangalekha A Love LetterIndianGirl 3
Anangamalini God of LoveIndianGirl 6
Anantpreet Infinite LoveIndianBoy 6
Anantprem Infinite LoveIndianBoy 3
Anas Love Pleasant Companionship Affection A Group of People FriendlinessIndianBoy 8
Anbalagan Lovely PersonIndianBoy 8
Anbanandan Lovely and HappyIndianBoy 3
Anbarasan King of LoveIndianBoy 8
Anbarasu King of LoveIndianBoy 5
Anbucelvan Emperor of LoveIndianBoy 5
Anbumathi Anbu-love and Mathi-moonIndianBoy 8
Anbuselvan One who Loves All Enriched with LoveIndianBoy 3
Anbushelvan Loveable PersonIndianBoy 2
Aneha One LoveIndianGirl 2
Angang God of LoveIndianBoy 8
Anha Representation of LoveIndianGirl 6
Anilpreet Love for WindIndianBoy 1
Anir LovelyIndianBoy 6
Anis Amiable Lover Friendly Close Friend CompanionIndianBoy 7
Anisa Loveable Joy and Pleasure Without Night FriendlyIndianBoy 8
Anish Pretty of LoveIndianBoy 6
Anjanpreet Strange LoveIndianBoy 5
Ankey Beauty Love TalentIndianGirl 2
Ankush An Instrument Used to Control the Elephant Peaceful Love An Instrument Used for Guiding Elephants Boundry Check ControlIndianBoy 2
Anmolpreet Priceless LoveIndianBoy 2
Anokhpreet Wondrous LoveIndianBoy 5
Anpalagan Beautiful LoverIndianBoy 4
Anparasan King of LoveIndianBoy 4
Anpu Royal Child Love LakeIndianBoy 7
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