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150 Indian Boy Names Meaning Joy And Happiness


Are you looking for a pleasant Indian name for your newborn baby Boy? To help you in searching for joyful Indian baby boy names, we have created an extensive list of 150 unique boy names that mean happiness and joy.

Choose a pleasant name from our newest collection of 150 Indian Baby Boy Names meaning Happy, Joyful, or Cheerful.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Aahlaad Delight, Joy, Happy, HappinessIndianBoy 1
Aahlad happiness, delight, Joy being spreadIndianBoy 9
Aanand Joy, Happiness, DelightIndianBoy 8
Aananth Infinite, Eternal, Godly, The Earth, Vishnu, Shiva, Another name for Brahma, EndlessIndianBoy 5
Aarjav sincere, happiness, honestIndianBoy 8
Adavya Generous, HappyIndianBoy 9
Alazae Greathappiness, BeingjoyfulIndianBoy 1
Alhad Joy, HappinessIndianBoy 8
Amitosh Infinite Happiness, JoyIndianBoy 4
Amod Pleasure, HappinessIndianBoy 6
Anand Joy, Happiness, DelightIndianBoy 7
Anandamay One with full of HappinessIndianBoy 2
Anindo HappinessIndianBoy 3
Anshil Happy, Derived from AnshIndianBoy 9
Aunish Always HappyIndianBoy 9
Basant the wonderful season of spring, Spreading HappinessIndianBoy 3
Binod Playful, full of joyIndianBoy 8
Bramhanand Happiness for knowledgeIndianBoy 4
Bushr Joy, Happiness, Unripe datesIndianBoy 5
Chitranjan Inner Joy, Happiness from the heart, One who has a joyful heartIndianBoy 8
Denish being joyful and happyIndianBoy 5
Dhruvin being a great person, happy, and versatileIndianBoy 6
Divit Being immortal, happinessIndianBoy 1
Edhas Happiness, Sacred FuelIndianBoy 1
Farhad HappinessIndianBoy 2
Farhat Delight, Happiness, Majesty, DecencyIndianBoy 9
Gibson HappinessIndianBoy 3
Gourang Happy, Colours of NatureIndianBoy 2
Gowshik Theperfect, Freedom, Happiness life of journeyIndianBoy 2
Hanai Of HappinessIndianBoy 6
Hardik Happiness from the heart, the son of god, heartfeltIndianBoy 6
Harsh happiness, joy, and feeling a sense of excitementIndianBoy 9
Harsh-Veer Joy, Delight, HappinessIndianBoy 5
Harsha Delightful, HappyIndianBoy 1
Harshaan Lustrous Splendor of God, Has to do with Happiness, DelightfulIndianBoy 7
Harshan Lustrous Splendor of God, Has to do with Happiness, DelightfulIndianBoy 6
Harshanand Happiness ForeverIndianBoy 7
Harshat HappinessIndianBoy 3
Harshraj HappinessIndianBoy 2
Hitansh HappinessIndianBoy 7
Hrishit One who brings HappinessIndianBoy 1
Hrishu Happy, GladIndianBoy 2
Hrishul HappinessIndianBoy 5
Hrisu Glad, HappyIndianBoy 3
Hunaid HappinessIndianBoy 3
Indirveer Happiness, JoyIndianBoy 5
Jasandeep Lights of HappinessIndianBoy 3
Jazal Happiness, GreatIndianBoy 5
Jhoshil HappinessIndianBoy 9
Joshy HappinessIndianBoy 5
Joy Happiness, PleasureIndianBoy 5
Khemroop An embodiment of Happiness and PeaceIndianBoy 2
Khemwant Full of Peace and HappinessIndianBoy 5
Khushtar Surrounded by HappinessIndianBoy 7
Khushvant A life filled with Happiness, ProsperityIndianBoy 7
Khushwant A life filled with Happiness, ProsperityIndianBoy 8
Khushwinder Lord of HappinessIndianBoy 5
Kritarth Being Happy, SatisfiedIndianBoy 6
Kshem Salvation, Happiness, Safety, PeaceIndianBoy 2
Kushalin being skillful, really happy, wise, healthy, and really successfulIndianBoy 5
Kushwant HappinessIndianBoy 9
Kushwanth HappinessIndianBoy 8
Kushyanth HappinessIndianBoy 1
Lathish HappinessIndianBoy 5
Latish HappinessIndianBoy 6
Malav HappinessIndianBoy 4
Manhas Always HappyIndianBoy 2
Mani Shankar Lord Shiva, happiness, Conferring good fortune, AuspiciousIndianBoy 1
Manishankar Lord Shiva, happiness, Conferring good fortune, AuspiciousIndianBoy 1
Masud Being lucky and blessed, Successful, fortunate oneIndianBoy 4
Mod Happiness, Modesty, FragranceIndianBoy 5
Muktanand Happiness of freedomIndianBoy 9
Mundakarama Abode of HappinessIndianBoy 8
Nanda A great achiever, happiness, youth, wealthIndianBoy 7
Nanden Happy, Joyful, GladIndianBoy 7
Nandess Lord Shiva, Lord of HappinessIndianBoy 4
Nehaan Joy, HappinessIndianBoy 7
Nishok HappyIndianBoy 4
Nubaid Bringing HappinessIndianBoy 6
Paramnihal Having the supreme HappinessIndianBoy 3
Parmanand HappinessIndianBoy 1
Porushat Filled with HappinessIndianBoy 1
Pramod Happy, Delight, Happiness, GrowthIndianBoy 4
Prasanna Cheerful, Always Smiling, HappinessIndianBoy 3
Prasannjit Who has won Happiness, JoyIndianBoy 5
Praxit HappyIndianBoy 7
Pulkit Joy, Happiness, HappyIndianBoy 8
Raunak Light of HappinessIndianBoy 3
Razi Happy,SatisfiedIndianBoy 9
Ritvaan Pure Happiness, JoyIndianBoy 4
Rounak Light, HappinessIndianBoy 8
Rownak The Happiness of family, KhushaliIndianBoy 1
Saadah HappinessIndianBoy 7
Saadat Being Blissful, HappyIndianBoy 1
Sacchidananda-Vigraha Eternal Happiness, BlissIndianBoy 4
Sadaat Blessing, Honor,Happiness, Bliss, FelicityIndianBoy 1
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