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150 Indian Girl Names Meaning Joy And Happiness


Are you looking for a pleasant Indian name for your newborn baby Girl? To help you in searching for joyful Indian baby girl names, we have created an extensive list of 150 unique girl names that mean happiness and joy.

Choose a pleasant name from our newest collection of 150 Indian Baby Girl Names meaning Happy, Joyful, or Cheerful.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Aamodita Happy, With strong FragranceIndianGirl 1
Aanandamayi Full of Joy, Full of HappinessIndianGirl 3
Aanandana HappinessIndianGirl 6
Aananthamaya Full of great HappinessIndianGirl 1
Aaramya one who does not depend on external objects to be happyIndianGirl 6
Ada Graceful, Noble, Brightness, HappinessIndianGirl 6
Afrah HappinessIndianGirl 7
Ahladajanani Source of HappinessIndianGirl 4
Amoda HappinessIndianGirl 7
Ananda Joy, HappinessIndianGirl 8
Ananda-Lakshmi Goddess of HappinessIndianGirl 9
Anandamayi Full of Joy, Full of HappinessIndianGirl 2
Anandmayee Full of Joy, Full of HappinessIndianGirl 2
Anarya HappinessIndianGirl 6
Aneeksha Bringing Happiness, Spread JoyIndianGirl 1
Anoosha Delighted, HappyIndianGirl 1
Arshika Who gives HappinessIndianGirl 4
Arushta Calm and HappyIndianGirl 7
Arushti Calm and HappyIndianGirl 6
Ashi night, happiness, stars, smile, peaceIndianGirl 1
Bahja HappinessIndianGirl 4
Bhaagya Fate, Happiness, Goddess LakshmiIndianGirl 9
Bhagya Fate, Happiness, Goddess LakshmiIndianGirl 8
Bismita being Happy, braveIndianGirl 1
Busr Being happy and joyfulIndianGirl 6
Chimayi Beautiful, happiness, gift from GodIndianGirl 5
Delisha delight, happinessIndianGirl 4
Desiha HappinessIndianGirl 1
Etishree Happy EndingIndianGirl 8
Falisha HappinessIndianGirl 2
Fareeha Cheerful, JoyfulIndianGirl 8
Farha HappinessIndianGirl 7
Farhina HappinessIndianGirl 3
Fathiya Spreading joy, new beginnings, HappinessIndianGirl 7
Fathiyah Joy, Happiness, New beginningIndianGirl 6
Gaurangi Goddess Radha, Giver of Happiness, Fair complexionedIndianGirl 6
Gourangi Goddess Radha, Giver of Happiness, Fair complexionedIndianGirl 2
Hamsanandi Supreme HappinessIndianGirl 3
Hana HappinessIndianGirl 6
Hanshu HappinessIndianGirl 8
Harisa Cultivator, Lioness, HappinessIndianGirl 2
Harisha Being a lioness and a cultivator, HappinessIndianGirl 1
Harshala Happiness DelightedIndianGirl 5
Harshashri HappinessIndianGirl 1
Harshi Happy, JoyousIndianGirl 9
Harshik Joyful, Happy, One who gives HappinessIndianGirl 2
Harshika Happiness, LaughIndianGirl 3
Harsika Happiness, LaughIndianGirl 4
Hassini HappinessIndianGirl 7
Hasti Happy, laughingIndianGirl 3
Hrithvi Happiness, ScholarIndianGirl 4
Hriti HappinessIndianGirl 1
Huboor HappinessIndianGirl 7
Ibtihaaj Joy, HappinessIndianGirl 6
Ibtihaj Joy, HappinessIndianGirl 5
Ida being prosperous in life and staying happy, happinessIndianGirl 5
Iniya Kind, Sweet, HappyIndianGirl 4
Jaihasini Victory of HappinessIndianGirl 8
Juwairiyah Who gives Happiness, Wife of the prophet, LittleIndianGirl 8
Kaushala Happiness, A consort of Lord Krishna, SkillIndianGirl 2
Khurmi Happiness, LeisureIndianGirl 8
Khushali Spreading Happiness all aroundIndianGirl 8
Khushee Happiness, Smile, DelightIndianGirl 5
Khushi Happiness, Smile, DelightIndianGirl 4
Khushika HappinessIndianGirl 7
Kushi Happiness, Joy, CheerfulIndianGirl 5
Lajitha Beauty, HappinessIndianGirl 7
Lasya Graceful, HappyIndianGirl 4
Lisha sweetness, full of mystery, honesty, truth, happinessIndianGirl 4
Lithisha HappinessIndianGirl 5
Litisha HappinessIndianGirl 6
Mahansukh Great HappinessIndianGirl 6
Mahiya Happiness, ExultationIndianGirl 3
Manvitha Happy, Goddess DurgaIndianGirl 7
Marah Happiness, JoyIndianGirl 5
Masarra HappinessIndianGirl 8
Massarra HappinessIndianGirl 9
Mohga The light of HappinessIndianGirl 8
Muskaan Smile, HappinessIndianGirl 8
Muskan Happiness, SmilesIndianGirl 7
Mussaret HappinessIndianGirl 8
Mysha always being in a happy state of mind, being happy the whole lifeIndianGirl 3
Naamsukh Attaining happiness through naamIndianGirl 7
Nandana happiness, celebration, Goddess DurgaIndianGirl 4
Nawrah Blossom, Flower, HappinessIndianGirl 2
Nazira Happiness, JoyIndianGirl 6
Nesham HappinessIndianGirl 6
Oshika success, happinessIndianGirl 9
Preetha Happy, LoveIndianGirl 1
Rada being glad, happyIndianGirl 6
Rafa Happiness, ProsperityIndianGirl 8
Rasee A life full of happinessIndianGirl 3
Ria Love, HappinessIndianGirl 1
Rifa Happiness, ProsperityIndianGirl 7
Riktisa HappyIndianGirl 6
Rishani Happy, LoveIndianGirl 6
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