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150 Spiritual And Vedic Names For Hindu Baby Girl


Are you looking for a traditional Hindu baby Girl name inspired by the spirituality and Vedic culture of India? To help you in searching for Spiritual baby girl names, we have created an extensive list of the 150 most popular and auspicious Hindu girl names belonging to Indian Vedas, Puranas, and Mythology.

Choose a unique name from our newest collection of the most popular Spiritual Baby Girl Names with meaning.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Aadilakshmi This name signifies Goddess Lakshmi, The Primal LaxmiHindu SpiritualGirl 7
Aaradhana Worship, AdorationHindu SpiritualGirl 4
Aaradhya WorshippedHindu SpiritualGirl 5
Aarthi A way of offering prayer to GodHindu SpiritualGirl 3
Aarti A form of worship, Singing of hymns in praise of GodHindu SpiritualGirl 4
Aashirya From the land of GodHindu SpiritualGirl 1
Aashtha Faith, BeliefHindu SpiritualGirl 4
Aastha Faith,Hope, Regard, SupportHindu SpiritualGirl 5
Aasthika FaithHindu SpiritualGirl 7
Aathmiya SpiritualHindu SpiritualGirl 6
Abhaya Goddess durga,fearlessHindu SpiritualGirl 2
Adrija Name of parvatiHindu SpiritualGirl 7
Aksha Soul,blessings of God, A mosqueHindu SpiritualGirl 4
Akshada Blessings of GodHindu SpiritualGirl 9
Ameena Trustworthy, Faithful,Peaceful,HonestHindu SpiritualGirl 3
Amena Trustworthy, Faithful,Peaceful,HonestHindu SpiritualGirl 7
Anchita Honored, WorshippedHindu SpiritualGirl 2
Angi Decorating the God,DivineHindu SpiritualGirl 4
Anita GraceHindu SpiritualGirl 9
Anjani Mother of Lord HanumanHindu SpiritualGirl 4
Anny PrayerHindu SpiritualGirl 9
Anugraha Divine blessingHindu SpiritualGirl 8
Anum Blessing of God, gift of GodHindu SpiritualGirl 4
Aradhan Worship,PrayerHindu SpiritualGirl 2
Aradhna WorshipHindu SpiritualGirl 2
Aradhya Worshipped,Blessing of Lord GaneshHindu SpiritualGirl 4
Aradhyaa Worshipped,Blessing of Lord GaneshHindu SpiritualGirl 5
Aradya Worshipped,Blessing of Lord GaneshHindu SpiritualGirl 5
Arati Worship, Hymns sang in praise of God,Divine fire in ritualHindu SpiritualGirl 4
Archa WorshipHindu SpiritualGirl 4
Archana Worship, RespectedHindu SpiritualGirl 1
Archita One who is worshippedHindu SpiritualGirl 6
Architha One who is worshippedHindu SpiritualGirl 5
Archna Worship, RespectedHindu SpiritualGirl 9
Arja DivineHindu SpiritualGirl 3
Arti Form of worship, Singing of hymns in praise of GodHindu SpiritualGirl 3
Arya NobleHindu SpiritualGirl 9
Asha HopeHindu SpiritualGirl 2
Astha Faith,Hope, Regard, SupportHindu SpiritualGirl 4
Bandna PrayerHindu SpiritualGirl 9
Bhakti Devotion,PrayerHindu SpiritualGirl 6
Bharvi Holy Basil plantHindu SpiritualGirl 6
Bhavya Goddess ParvatiHindu SpiritualGirl 5
Darshee Blessings, Lord Krishna, MoonlightHindu SpiritualGirl 6
Darshini Gift of God, Blessed girlHindu SpiritualGirl 1
Deevena Blessing, Eye of God, Resembling a Goddess, BlessingHindu SpiritualGirl 2
Devaki Mother of Lord KrishnaHindu SpiritualGirl 7
Devanshi Divine, Part of GodHindu SpiritualGirl 1
Devyashi Divine blessingsHindu SpiritualGirl 3
Dhivya Divine luster,Charming,Beautiful,DivineHindu SpiritualGirl 6
Dhiyanshi Part of a divine powerHindu SpiritualGirl 7
Ditvi Divine goodHindu SpiritualGirl 1
Dityaa Another name for Lakshmi, Answer of prayersHindu SpiritualGirl 6
Divya Divine luster,Charming,Beautiful,DivineHindu SpiritualGirl 7
Divya Shree Divine, Pure light, Source of wisdomHindu SpiritualGirl 8
Divya Sri Divine, Pure light, Source of wisdomHindu SpiritualGirl 8
Divyakshi Divine eyesHindu SpiritualGirl 9
Divyana DivineHindu SpiritualGirl 4
Divyashi Divine blessingsHindu SpiritualGirl 7
Divyata Divine lights,WhiteHindu SpiritualGirl 1
Dvita Existing in two forms, SpiritualHindu SpiritualGirl 2
Eesha Goddess Parvati,purityHindu SpiritualGirl 2
Gangotri Sacred river of IndiaHindu SpiritualGirl 1
Geeta The holy book of the Hindus,Song, Poem, The Bhagavad Gita, The renowned Hindu religious treatise on philosophy and moralityHindu SpiritualGirl 2
Gita Song,thesong of GodHindu SpiritualGirl 1
Guramrit Guru ka Amrit,Holy AmritHindu SpiritualGirl 8
Gurbani Sikhs religious prayerHindu SpiritualGirl 9
Harpooj Worshipping GodHindu SpiritualGirl 2
Heerva One of the four Vedas,BlessingHindu SpiritualGirl 5
Hirva One of the four Vedas,BlessingHindu SpiritualGirl 4
Homa Born out of the sacred fireHindu SpiritualGirl 1
Ikpooj Worshipper of the supreme beingHindu SpiritualGirl 4
Isha Consort of Goddess Radha, Another name of Lord Ganesh, Without asuperior, Another name for Lord VishnuHindu SpiritualGirl 1
Japeen SpiritualHindu SpiritualGirl 6
Kashi Devotional place, Pilgrimage spot, Varanasi, The holy cityHindu SpiritualGirl 3
Krisha Divine, ThinHindu SpiritualGirl 3
Kshipra A sacred river in Hinduism,purityHindu SpiritualGirl 1
Mantra Hymns,Holy chants, Vedic hymn,Prayer, Another name for Vishnuand ShivaHindu SpiritualGirl 4
Mavisha Blessing of lifeHindu SpiritualGirl 1
Medina A holy city of Saudi ArabiaHindu SpiritualGirl 1
Mehr BlessingHindu SpiritualGirl 8
Minati PrayerHindu SpiritualGirl 3
Nakia Pure, FaithfulHindu SpiritualGirl 9
Namita DevoteeHindu SpiritualGirl 4
Nandini A holy cow,Goddess DurgaHindu SpiritualGirl 2
Nimat Blessings, LoansHindu SpiritualGirl 3
Nitya Eternal,Goddess ParvatiHindu SpiritualGirl 6
Nuti Worship,Praise, ReverenceHindu SpiritualGirl 1
Paawni Purifier, Whose touch make you pure,SacredHindu SpiritualGirl 1
Parsha Pious,Pure or chaste or devout or holy or PersianHindu SpiritualGirl 9
Pavana Holy,Sacred, Freshness, PurityHindu SpiritualGirl 1
Pavana Pure,holyHindu SpiritualGirl 1
Pavni Honey, Lord Hanuman,True,HolyHindu SpiritualGirl 8
Pooja Worship,prayerHindu SpiritualGirl 3
Poojita Prayer, Worshipped, Respected, A GoddessHindu SpiritualGirl 5
Pranati Namaste,PrayerHindu SpiritualGirl 7
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