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650 Japanese Boy Names Starting With A


Are you looking for beautiful and cute Japanese baby Boy names that start with the letter A? To help you in searching for the latest and modern Japanese baby boy names, we have created an extensive list of the Top 650 most popular and adorable A-letter Japanese boy names with their beautiful meanings.

Choose a unique name from our newest collection of Top 650 Japanese Baby Boy Names starting with A.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Aachi Have, A Repetition Kanji Or Ideographic Iteration Mark, GroundJapaneseBoy 4
Aamu Bright, Sky, Dream, JapaneseBoy 9
Aasa Bright, Restful, Help Someone, JapaneseBoy 4
Aasu Ground, Ball, JapaneseBoy 6
Aata Hermitage, Too Many, JapaneseBoy 5
Aato Clearly, Capital, JapaneseBoy 1
Abu Sky, Wind, JapaneseBoy 6
Aburo Large Hill, Ferocious, A Road, JapaneseBoy 3
Achito Restful, Govern, Ladle, JapaneseBoy 2
Adamu Nitrous, Fallen, Dream, JapaneseBoy 4
Adan Have, Man, JapaneseBoy 2
Adoru Fit, Cloudiness, JapaneseBoy 5
Aemu Encounter, Crystal, Dream, JapaneseBoy 4
Aeru Sky, Film, Distillate, JapaneseBoy 9
Agata High, Too Many, JapaneseBoy 3
Agato High, Over Jumps, JapaneseBoy 8
Agito Calm, Harmony, Peace, Concord, Serenity, The Name Of The Plant, Thanks, JapaneseBoy 7
Agon Encounter, Be Delighted, JapaneseBoy 1
Aguri Encounter, Beautiful Stone Of Black Color, Village, JapaneseBoy 2
Ahato Sky, Film, Over Jumps, JapaneseBoy 9
Ahiro Heaven, Age, Order, JapaneseBoy 6
Ahito Heaven, Sun, Over Jumps, JapaneseBoy 8
Ai Love, JapaneseBoy 1
Aia Indigo, Vividness, Colour, Color, JapaneseBoy 2
Aichi Sky, Emphasis, Infinite Space, Time, JapaneseBoy 3
Aida Blue, Progress, Rudder, JapaneseBoy 6
Aiden Large Hill, Think Deeply, Electrical, JapaneseBoy 6
Aidou Myself, Emphasis, Lamp, JapaneseBoy 5
Aifumi Aya Pattern, Calm, Harmony, Peace, Concord, Serenity, JapaneseBoy 5
Aifuu Ocean, Think Deeply, Wind, JapaneseBoy 4
Aiga Love, Summer, JapaneseBoy 9
Aigo Calm, Harmony, Peace, Concord, Serenity, Understand, JapaneseBoy 5
Aiha Love, Wing, JapaneseBoy 1
Aihei Love, Flat, JapaneseBoy 5
Aihiko Sorrow, Respectable Man Has Both Wit And Virtue, JapaneseBoy 8
Aiichi Love, One, JapaneseBoy 3
Aiichirou Love, One, Cheerfulness, JapaneseBoy 3
Aiiku Love, Education, JapaneseBoy 6
Aiji Love, Two, JapaneseBoy 2
Aijou Indigo, Yield, JapaneseBoy 2
Aika Indigo, Flower, JapaneseBoy 4
Aiki Fit, Hope, JapaneseBoy 3
Aikichi Each Other, Luck, JapaneseBoy 5
Aiko Love, Tiger, JapaneseBoy 9
Aiku Love, Driving, JapaneseBoy 6
Aima Love, True, JapaneseBoy 6
Aimaru Love, Circle, JapaneseBoy 9
Aimi Love, Beauty, JapaneseBoy 5
Aimu Love, Ferocious, JapaneseBoy 8
Ain Love, Sound, JapaneseBoy 6
Aina Indigo, South, JapaneseBoy 7
Aine Indigo, Sound, JapaneseBoy 2
Ainojou Love, This, Dictates, To Assist, JapaneseBoy 4
Ainori Love, Law, JapaneseBoy 3
Ainoshin Love, This, Dictates, Heart, JapaneseBoy 8
Ainosuke Calm, Harmony, Peace, Concord, Serenity, This, Dictates, Assistance, JapaneseBoy 5
Ainoumi Indigo, This, Dictates, Ocean, JapaneseBoy 1
Aio Love, Husband, JapaneseBoy 7
Aira In Other Words, You, Good, JapaneseBoy 2
Airen Calm, Harmony, Peace, Concord, Serenity, Lotus, JapaneseBoy 2
Airi Love, Village, JapaneseBoy 1
Airou Love, Authority, Wolf, JapaneseBoy 1
Airu Encounter, A Character Used In The Kind Of Jewelry Lapis Lazuli, JapaneseBoy 4
Aisaku Love, Create, JapaneseBoy 8
Aise Indigo, Star, JapaneseBoy 7
Aisei Love, Living, JapaneseBoy 7
Aishi Love, JapaneseBoy 1
Aishin Indigo, Heart, JapaneseBoy 6
Aishirou Love, History, Cheerfulness, JapaneseBoy 1
Aisuke Love, Help Someone, JapaneseBoy 3
Aisyun Love, Outstanding Person, JapaneseBoy 8
Aisyuu Love, Superiority, High Quality , JapaneseBoy 6
Aita Love, Big, JapaneseBoy 4
Aitarou Sorrow, Respectable Man Has Both Wit And Virtue, JapaneseBoy 4
Aito Love, Human, JapaneseBoy 9
Aiu Love, World, JapaneseBoy 4
Aiwa Indigo, Calm, Harmony, Peace, Concord, Serenity, JapaneseBoy 7
Aiyuki Sorrow, This, Dictates, JapaneseBoy 4
Aiyuu Love, Male, JapaneseBoy 5
Aizen Love, Good, JapaneseBoy 1
Aizou Sorrow, Three, JapaneseBoy 9
Aji Nitrous, Two, JapaneseBoy 2
Ajio Taste, Husband, JapaneseBoy 8
Aka Vermilion, JapaneseBoy 4
Akabee Red, Soldier, Protect, JapaneseBoy 7
Akaha Deep Red, Leaf, JapaneseBoy 4
Akahiko Dawn, Fly In The Sky, JapaneseBoy 2
Akahito Red, Human, JapaneseBoy 2
Akaki Vermilion, Tree, JapaneseBoy 6
Akamaru Red, Circle, JapaneseBoy 3
Akana Bright, Play The Music, JapaneseBoy 1
Akane Bright, Sound, JapaneseBoy 5
Akanehiko Madder, Respectable Man Has Both Wit And Virtue, JapaneseBoy 3
Akari Moon, JapaneseBoy 4
Akaru Bright, JapaneseBoy 7
Akashi Red, Preside Over, JapaneseBoy 4
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