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1000 Japanese Boy Names Starting With H


Are you looking for beautiful and cute Japanese baby Boy names that start with the letter H? To help you in searching for the latest and modern Japanese baby boy names, we have created an extensive list of the Top 1000 most popular and adorable H-letter Japanese boy names with their beautiful meanings.

Choose a unique name from our newest collection of Top 1000 Japanese Baby Boy Names starting with H.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Haato Heart, Human, JapaneseBoy 9
Hachi Wing, Smart, JapaneseBoy 2
Hachibei Eight, Soldier, Protect, JapaneseBoy 9
Hachigorou Eight, Five, Man, Mens, JapaneseBoy 6
Hachihei Eight, Soldier, JapaneseBoy 6
Hachihide Eight, Superiority, High Quality , JapaneseBoy 1
Hachihiko Eight, Respectable Man Has Both Wit And Virtue, JapaneseBoy 9
Hachikazu Eight, One, JapaneseBoy 7
Hachiman Eight, Turn Over, JapaneseBoy 3
Hachimitsu Eight, Light, JapaneseBoy 3
Hachio Eight, Living, JapaneseBoy 8
Hachirobee Eight, Man, Mens, Soldier, Protect, JapaneseBoy 2
Hachirou Eight, Man, Mens, JapaneseBoy 2
Hachiya Eight, Call, JapaneseBoy 1
Hachizou Eight, Three, JapaneseBoy 1
Hagane First, Sprout, Living, JapaneseBoy 9
Hagemu Inside, River, JapaneseBoy 1
Hageru Excited, Lapis, JapaneseBoy 6
Hagi Bush Clover, JapaneseBoy 7
Haginoumi Bush Clover, This, Dictates, Ocean, JapaneseBoy 7
Hagiteru Bush Clover, Shine, JapaneseBoy 8
Hagito Bush Clover, Benevolence, JapaneseBoy 6
Hahato Supremacy, A Repetition Kanji Or Ideographic Iteration Mark, Ladle, JapaneseBoy 8
Hahiko Leaf, Respectable Man Has Both Wit And Virtue, JapaneseBoy 7
Hai Gentle, Hope, Desire, BigJapaneseBoy 9
Haido Song, Soil, JapaneseBoy 1
Haiji Hiragana And Katakana Are Meaningless, JapaneseBoy 1
Haiku Actor, Clause, JapaneseBoy 5
Haimaro Cup, Hemp, Spine, JapaneseBoy 2
Haise Princess, World, JapaneseBoy 6
Haito Sky, Over Jumps, JapaneseBoy 8
Hajime Spiral, Govern, Eye, JapaneseBoy 1
Hajimeru Spring, Flow, JapaneseBoy 4
Hajimu Wounds, JapaneseBoy 8
Hajio Start, Man, JapaneseBoy 7
Hakaru Flat, JapaneseBoy 6
Haki Wing, Tree, JapaneseBoy 2
Hakito Gentle, HopeJapaneseBoy 1
Hakoo Box, Man, JapaneseBoy 5
Haku White, JapaneseBoy 5
Hakua Lotus, Come, JapaneseBoy 6
Hakuaki A Character Used In A Kind Of Gem Amber, Autumn, JapaneseBoy 8
Hakuan Earl, Hermitage, JapaneseBoy 2
Hakuba White, Horse, JapaneseBoy 8
Hakuei Leading Widely, English, JapaneseBoy 1
Hakuha Earl, Wing, JapaneseBoy 5
Hakuhei White, Flat, JapaneseBoy 9
Hakuhi Earl, Fly In The Sky, JapaneseBoy 4
Hakuhiro Earl, Wide, JapaneseBoy 1
Hakuhou A Character Used In A Kind Of Gem Amber, The Legend Bird Phoenix, JapaneseBoy 4
Hakujirou Leading Widely, Next, Cheerfulness, JapaneseBoy 6
Hakujun Leading Widely, Sincerity, JapaneseBoy 5
Hakuki Leading Widely, Yourself, JapaneseBoy 7
Hakuma Earl, True, JapaneseBoy 1
Hakumo White, Cloud, JapaneseBoy 6
Hakunomatsu Earl, This, Dictates, Pine Tree, JapaneseBoy 9
Hakunoshin A Character Used In A Kind Of Gem Amber, This, Dictates, Heart, JapaneseBoy 3
Hakuomi A Character Used In A Kind Of Gem Amber, Servant, JapaneseBoy 6
Hakura Wing, Deep Red, Network, JapaneseBoy 6
Hakuren White, Lotus, JapaneseBoy 6
Hakuri Earl, Officer, JapaneseBoy 5
Hakurin Leading Widely, Correct Relationship, JapaneseBoy 1
Hakuro White, Dew, JapaneseBoy 2
Hakuryuu White, Dragon, JapaneseBoy 9
Hakuseki White, Stone, JapaneseBoy 4
Hakushi Earl, Aspire, JapaneseBoy 5
Hakushin A Character Used In A Kind Of Gem Amber, Heart, JapaneseBoy 1
Hakusui White, Halcyon, JapaneseBoy 9
Hakusyuu White, Autumn, JapaneseBoy 1
Hakuta Leading Widely, Thick, JapaneseBoy 8
Hakutaka Earl, High, JapaneseBoy 2
Hakutarou Leading Widely, Thick, Man, Mens, JapaneseBoy 8
Hakuto Wing, Sky, Fly In The Sky, JapaneseBoy 4
Hakuu White, Rain, JapaneseBoy 8
Hakuya White, Night, JapaneseBoy 4
Hakuyaku Earl, About, JapaneseBoy 9
Hakyou Wave, Sound, JapaneseBoy 9
Hamagou Beach, Township, JapaneseBoy 3
Hamamaru Blade, Polish, Circle, JapaneseBoy 4
Hamao Beach, Husband, JapaneseBoy 2
Hamatarou Beach, Thick, Man, Mens, JapaneseBoy 8
Hambee Prisoners, Human, Stretch, JapaneseBoy 7
Hamon Wave, Gate, JapaneseBoy 6
Han Companion, JapaneseBoy 5
Hana Beauty, JapaneseBoy 6
Hanabusa English, JapaneseBoy 4
Hanachika Flower, Harmonious, JapaneseBoy 2
Hanafumi Flower, History, JapaneseBoy 1
Hanago Flower, Myself, JapaneseBoy 1
Hanahide Flower, Superiority, High Quality , JapaneseBoy 5
Hanahiko Flower, Respectable Man Has Both Wit And Virtue, JapaneseBoy 4
Hanahisa Flower, A Long Time, JapaneseBoy 7
Hanaichi Flower, One, JapaneseBoy 8
Hanaichirou Flower, One, Man, Mens, JapaneseBoy 8
Hanajirou Flower, Next, Man, Mens, JapaneseBoy 7
Hanakazu Flower, One, JapaneseBoy 2
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