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333 Japanese Boy Names Starting With I


Are you looking for beautiful and cute Japanese baby Boy names that start with the letter I? To help you in searching for the latest and modern Japanese baby boy names, we have created an extensive list of the Top 333 most popular and adorable I-letter Japanese boy names with their beautiful meanings.

Choose a unique name from our newest collection of Top 333 Japanese Baby Boy Names starting with I.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Ian One, Gentle, JapaneseBoy 6
Iaru Weft, Editing, JapaneseBoy 4
Ibu Great, Ferocious, JapaneseBoy 5
Ibuki One, Blown, JapaneseBoy 7
Ibushi Aromatic, Blown, Tree, JapaneseBoy 5
Ichi One, JapaneseBoy 2
Ichibee Cool, Harbor, JapaneseBoy 5
Ichichika One, Parent, JapaneseBoy 7
Ichidou One, Child, JapaneseBoy 6
Ichie One, Meeting, JapaneseBoy 7
Ichiemon One, Protect, Gate, JapaneseBoy 4
Ichifuku One, Good Fortune, JapaneseBoy 7
Ichigi One, Righteousness, JapaneseBoy 9
Ichigo One, Protect, JapaneseBoy 6
Ichigorou One, Myself, Cheerfulness, JapaneseBoy 6
Ichiha One, Clear, JapaneseBoy 2
Ichiharu One, Clear, JapaneseBoy 5
Ichihiko One, Respectable Man Has Both Wit And Virtue, JapaneseBoy 9
Ichihito One, Human, JapaneseBoy 9
Ichiho One, Step, JapaneseBoy 7
Ichiji One, Two, JapaneseBoy 3
Ichijirou City, Two, Man, Mens, JapaneseBoy 3
Ichijou One, Article, JapaneseBoy 3
Ichika Think Deeply, Arrive, JapaneseBoy 5
Ichiki One, Tree, JapaneseBoy 4
Ichima One, True, JapaneseBoy 7
Ichimaru One, Circle, JapaneseBoy 1
Ichimasa One, Government, JapaneseBoy 9
Ichimatsu One, Pine Tree, JapaneseBoy 4
Ichimi City, Snake, JapaneseBoy 6
Ichimitsu One, Light, JapaneseBoy 3
Ichimoku One, Wood, JapaneseBoy 8
Ichina One, Beautiful, JapaneseBoy 8
Ichinari One, Formation, JapaneseBoy 8
Ichini One, Two, JapaneseBoy 7
Ichino One, In Other Words, You, JapaneseBoy 4
Ichinohide One, This, Dictates, Superiority, High Quality , JapaneseBoy 3
Ichinojin One, This, Dictates, Benevolence, JapaneseBoy 1
Ichinojou One, This, Dictates, To Assist, JapaneseBoy 5
Ichinoryou One, This, Dictates, Eclipse, JapaneseBoy 2
Ichinoshin One, Hiragana And Katakana Are Meaningless, Heart, JapaneseBoy 9
Ichinosuke One, Hiragana And Katakana Are Meaningless, Assistance, JapaneseBoy 6
Ichio One, Cord, JapaneseBoy 8
Ichiomi One, Servant, JapaneseBoy 3
Ichiraku One, Easy, JapaneseBoy 8
Ichiren One, Lotus, JapaneseBoy 3
Ichiri One, One Percent, JapaneseBoy 2
Ichiro One, A Road, JapaneseBoy 8
Ichiroku One, Greenery, JapaneseBoy 4
Ichirou One, Wolf, JapaneseBoy 2
Ichirouta One, Cheerfulness, Thick, JapaneseBoy 5
Ichiru One, A Character Used In The Kind Of Jewelry Lapis Lazuli, JapaneseBoy 5
Ichiryou One, Completion, JapaneseBoy 9
Ichiryuu One, Vigor, JapaneseBoy 6
Ichise One, World, JapaneseBoy 8
Ichishi One, Samurai, JapaneseBoy 2
Ichisome One, Dyed, JapaneseBoy 9
Ichisuke One, Doing It Clearly, JapaneseBoy 4
Ichitaka One, The Bulk, JapaneseBoy 8
Ichitarou One, Agreement, JapaneseBoy 5
Ichiteru One, Bright, JapaneseBoy 3
Ichito One, Tiger, JapaneseBoy 1
Ichitomi One, Wealth, JapaneseBoy 5
Ichitora One, Expert, JapaneseBoy 2
Ichiu One, World, JapaneseBoy 5
Ichiya One, Arrow, JapaneseBoy 1
Ichiyou One, Leaf, JapaneseBoy 9
Ichizen One, Good, JapaneseBoy 2
Ichizou One, Three, JapaneseBoy 1
Ichizu One, Applications, JapaneseBoy 4
Ida Differences, Uselessly, JapaneseBoy 5
Idai Great, Big, JapaneseBoy 5
Idomu Challenge, JapaneseBoy 8
Iefumi House, History, JapaneseBoy 9
Ieharu House, Spring, JapaneseBoy 8
Iehide House, Superiority, High Quality , JapaneseBoy 4
Iehiko House, Respectable Man Has Both Wit And Virtue, JapaneseBoy 3
Iehisa House, A Long Time, JapaneseBoy 6
Iekazu House, Calm, Harmony, Peace, Concord, Serenity, JapaneseBoy 1
Iemitsu House, Light, JapaneseBoy 6
Iemochi House, Equity, JapaneseBoy 8
Iemon House, Protect, Gate, JapaneseBoy 2
Ienari House, Truth, JapaneseBoy 2
Ienobu House, Trust, JapaneseBoy 3
Iesada House, Establish, JapaneseBoy 3
Ieshi House, History, JapaneseBoy 5
Ieshige House, Weight, JapaneseBoy 8
Ieta Authority, Great, Necessary, JapaneseBoy 8
Ietaka House, Filial Piety, JapaneseBoy 2
Ietsugu House, Relay, JapaneseBoy 3
Ietsuna House, Rope, JapaneseBoy 8
Ieyasu House, Healthy, JapaneseBoy 8
Ieyoshi House, Luck, JapaneseBoy 9
Ieyuki House, This, Dictates, JapaneseBoy 8
Ifu One, Two, JapaneseBoy 9
Ifuu One, Gale, Hurricane, Blast, Storm, Squall, Gust, JapaneseBoy 3
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