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750 Japanese Boy Names Starting With R


Are you looking for beautiful and cute Japanese baby Boy names that start with the letter R? To help you in searching for the latest and modern Japanese baby boy names, we have created an extensive list of the Top 750 most popular and adorable R-letter Japanese boy names with their beautiful meanings.

Choose a unique name from our newest collection of Top 750 Japanese Baby Boy Names starting with R.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Raigorou Rely, Horse, Man, Mens, JapaneseBoy 5
Raigou Rely, Strong, JapaneseBoy 8
Raiha Thunder, Wing, JapaneseBoy 1
Raihi Come, Lamp, JapaneseBoy 9
Raiho Come, Fire, JapaneseBoy 6
Raiji Come, Preside Over, JapaneseBoy 2
Raijin Come Up, Benevolence, JapaneseBoy 7
Raijirou Rely, Two, Cheerfulness, JapaneseBoy 2
Raiju Come, Long Life, JapaneseBoy 5
Raika Thunder, Fire, JapaneseBoy 4
Raiki Come Up, Hope, JapaneseBoy 3
Raikou Come, Light, JapaneseBoy 3
Raiku Beautiful, Tiger, JapaneseBoy 6
Raima Come, True, JapaneseBoy 6
Raime The Grass, Sprout, JapaneseBoy 1
Raimi Thanks, Ocean, JapaneseBoy 5
Raimichi Thunder, Road, JapaneseBoy 7
Raimo Come, Luxuriant, JapaneseBoy 2
Raimon Come, Gate, JapaneseBoy 7
Raimu Come, Dream, JapaneseBoy 8
Raine Bud, Sound, JapaneseBoy 2
Rainoshin Come, This, Dictates, Move On, JapaneseBoy 8
Rainosuke Shallows, This, Dictates, Assistant, JapaneseBoy 5
Raio Come, Sound, JapaneseBoy 7
Raion Thunder, Male, JapaneseBoy 3
Raiou Rely, Central, JapaneseBoy 1
Raira Come, Good, JapaneseBoy 2
Rairi Come, Officer, JapaneseBoy 1
Rairu Come, A Character Used In The Kind Of Jewelry Lapis Lazuli, JapaneseBoy 4
Rairyuu Thunder, Dragon, JapaneseBoy 5
Raise Come, World, JapaneseBoy 7
Raisei Rely, Star, JapaneseBoy 7
Raishi Come, Samurai, JapaneseBoy 1
Raishin Thunder, God, JapaneseBoy 6
Raishirou Come, Four, Cheerfulness, JapaneseBoy 1
Raisyou Thunder, Over Jumps, JapaneseBoy 9
Raita Come, Thick, JapaneseBoy 4
Raitarou Thunder, Multi, Man, Mens, JapaneseBoy 4
Raito Light, JapaneseBoy 9
Raiya Come, Call, JapaneseBoy 9
Raiyu Come, Much Far, JapaneseBoy 2
Raiyuu Come, Help Someone, JapaneseBoy 5
Raizaburou Shallows, Three, Cheerfulness, JapaneseBoy 6
Raizen Rely, Good, JapaneseBoy 1
Raizou Thunder, Warehouse, JapaneseBoy 9
Raizu Thunder, Pearl, JapaneseBoy 3
Rakan Network, Ancient Chinese Country, Han, JapaneseBoy 9
Raki Easy, Hope, JapaneseBoy 3
Rakia Cool, refinement, elegance, graceJapaneseBoy 4
Rakito Good, Bright, Human, JapaneseBoy 2
Raku Easy, Sky, JapaneseBoy 6
Rakua Easy, Sky, JapaneseBoy 7
Rakui Easy, Intent, JapaneseBoy 6
Rakuichi Easy, One, JapaneseBoy 8
Rakuki Easy, Precious, JapaneseBoy 8
Rakuma Easy, Horse, JapaneseBoy 2
Rakumaru Easy, Circle, JapaneseBoy 5
Rakumichi Easy, Road, JapaneseBoy 3
Rei Zero, JapaneseBoy 5
Reia Light, Have, JapaneseBoy 6
Reichi Beautiful, City, JapaneseBoy 7
Reichirou Clever, One, Man, Mens, JapaneseBoy 7
Reido A Tinkling Sound, Over Jumps, JapaneseBoy 6
Reiga Beautiful, Flower, JapaneseBoy 4
Reigi Clever, Ceremony, JapaneseBoy 3
Reigo Clever, Five, JapaneseBoy 9
Reigorou Beautiful, Horse, Man, Mens, JapaneseBoy 9
Reiha A Tinkling Sound, Leaf, JapaneseBoy 5
Reiho Mountain Top, Step, JapaneseBoy 1
Reihou A Tinkling Sound, Country, JapaneseBoy 4
Reiichi Beautiful, One, JapaneseBoy 7
Reiichirou Clever, One, Cheerfulness, JapaneseBoy 7
Reiji Clever, Samurai, JapaneseBoy 6
Reijirou Clever, History, Cheerfulness, JapaneseBoy 6
Reiju Mountain Top, Tree, JapaneseBoy 9
Reika Clever, Beautiful, Lovely , JapaneseBoy 8
Reiki The Name Of The River, Bright, JapaneseBoy 7
Reima Gods Annunciation, Decree, Order, Polish, JapaneseBoy 1
Reimei Suitable Time, Bright, JapaneseBoy 5
Reimi Clever, Fruit, Kindness, JapaneseBoy 9
Reimon Gods Annunciation, Decree, Order, Gate, JapaneseBoy 2
Reimu Clever, Dream, JapaneseBoy 3
Rein Excited, Sound, JapaneseBoy 1
Reina Gods Annunciation, Decree, Order, Beautiful, JapaneseBoy 2
Reine Bell, Sound, JapaneseBoy 6
Reinei Clever, Restful, JapaneseBoy 6
Reini Excited, Benevolence, JapaneseBoy 1
Reinin Clever, Benevolence, JapaneseBoy 6
Reino Antelope, In Other Words, You, JapaneseBoy 7
Reinoshin Clever, This, Dictates, Move On, JapaneseBoy 3
Reinosuke Clever, This, Dictates, Assistant, JapaneseBoy 9
Reio Mountain Top, Living, JapaneseBoy 2
Reiou Mountain Top, Europe, JapaneseBoy 5
Reira A Tinkling Sound, Good, JapaneseBoy 6
Reiran Suitable Time, Come, JapaneseBoy 2
Reiri Mountain Top, Interest, JapaneseBoy 5
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