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100 Japanese Girl Names Starting With J


Are you looking for beautiful and cute Japanese baby Girl names that start with the letter J? To help you in searching for the latest and modern Japanese baby girl names, we have created an extensive list of the Top 100 most popular and adorable J-letter Japanese girl names with their beautiful meanings.

Choose a unique name from our newest collection of Top 100 Japanese Baby Girl Names starting with J.

Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Jazu A Character Used In The Name Of The Tree Matsuri, A Character Used In The Name Of The Tree Matsuri, Flower,JapaneseGirl 4
Jian Princess,Apricot,JapaneseGirl 7
Jien Tree, Fortune, Flower, JapaneseGirl 2
Jiina Princess,Emphasis, The Name Of The Fruit Trees, JapaneseGirl 7
Jimi Be Affectionate, Fruit, Kindness,JapaneseGirl 5
Jimmaku Camp, Curtain,JapaneseGirl 6
Jin Strong, JapaneseGirl 6
Jina Be AffectionateJapaneseGirl 7
Jinka Benevolence, Flower,JapaneseGirl 9
Jinko Benevolence, A Word That Comes After A Womans Name, Child, JapaneseGirl 5
Jio Plant, Central,JapaneseGirl 7
Jiruchi Thousand, A Character Used In The Kind Of Jewelry Lapis Lazuli,Thousand,JapaneseGirl 6
Jisuku Time, A Long Time,JapaneseGirl 1
Jiu Samurai, Plum, JapaneseGirl 4
Jiyura Be Affectionate, Superiority, Network,JapaneseGirl 3
Jiyuu Own,Reason, JapaneseGirl 5
Joan Pronoun Of Second Person, Evening, Easy,JapaneseGirl 4
Jorii Introduction, Village,Depending,JapaneseGirl 7
Jouhana Castle, Flower, JapaneseGirl 7
Jouko Up, A Word That Comes After A Womans Name, Child, JapaneseGirl 9
Jua Pearl, Love, JapaneseGirl 5
Juan Long Life, Restful, JapaneseGirl 1
Juana Pearl,Apricot,JapaneseGirl 2
Juanri Long Life,Apricot, Village,JapaneseGirl 1
Juara Tree, Nitrous, Network,JapaneseGirl 6
Juari Tree, Love, Pear,JapaneseGirl 5
Jue Tree,Blessed, JapaneseGirl 9
Jueri Pearl, Love, JapaneseGirl 9
Jueru Pearl, Love, JapaneseGirl 3
Juha Long Life, In Other Words, You,JapaneseGirl 4
Juhana Tree, Flower,JapaneseGirl 1
Juho Play The Music, Sun, JapaneseGirl 9
Jui Tree,Depending, JapaneseGirl 4
Juiri Pearl, Clothing, Pear,JapaneseGirl 4
Juju Pearl, Professor, JapaneseGirl 8
Jujun Long Life, A Repetition Kanji Or Ideographic Iteration Mark, Heart,JapaneseGirl 4
Juka Long Life, Flower, JapaneseGirl 7
Jukane Long Life,Come True, Sound,JapaneseGirl 8
Juki Tree, Hope, JapaneseGirl 6
Jukiha Tree, Season, Leaf,JapaneseGirl 6
Jukina Long Life, Princess, Seven, JapaneseGirl 3
Jukito Tree, Hope, Ladle,JapaneseGirl 5
Juko Tree,Love, JapaneseGirl 3
Jukoto Pearl, Japanese Harp,JapaneseGirl 2
Juma Long Life, A Character Used In The Name Of The Tree Matsuri, JapaneseGirl 9
Jumi Long Life, Beauty, JapaneseGirl 8
Jumika Pearl, Ocean,Summer,JapaneseGirl 2
Jumira Tree, Beauty, Network,JapaneseGirl 9
Jummi Pure, Beauty, JapaneseGirl 3
Jun Sincerity, JapaneseGirl 9
Juna Celebrate Joy, Beautiful, JapaneseGirl 1
June Long Life, Wing, JapaneseGirl 5
Juneri Tree, Sound, Crystal,JapaneseGirl 5
Junha Pure, Wave, JapaneseGirl 9
Junho Pure, Step,JapaneseGirl 5
Juni Tree, Similar,JapaneseGirl 9
Junka Season, Flower, JapaneseGirl 3
Junki Pure, Tree,JapaneseGirl 2
Junna Moisture, Calm, Harmony, Peace, Concord, Serenity, JapaneseGirl 6
Junne Moisture, Restful,JapaneseGirl 1
Junno Moisture, In Other Words, You, JapaneseGirl 2
Juno Long Life, Hope, JapaneseGirl 6
Junoa Pearl, Hope,JapaneseGirl 7
Junoha Tree, In Other Words, You, Leaf,JapaneseGirl 6
Junou Long Life,Pay,JapaneseGirl 9
Junri Pure, Smart, JapaneseGirl 9
Junsa Pure, Bloom, JapaneseGirl 2
Junshi Beautiful Pattern Of Fabric, Samurai,JapaneseGirl 9
JunYou Pure, Sun,JapaneseGirl 7
Juon Pure, Chic,JapaneseGirl 6
Jura Tree, Dream, JapaneseGirl 5
Jurai Pearl, Orchid, JapaneseGirl 5
Juran Tree, Orchid, JapaneseGirl 1
Jure Tree, A Tinkling Sound,JapaneseGirl 9
Jurei Pearl, Gods Annunciation, Decree, Order,JapaneseGirl 9
Juren Tree,Love,JapaneseGirl 5
Jurena Pearl,Love,Greens,JapaneseGirl 6
Juria Princess, Flower, JapaneseGirl 5
Jurian Long Life, Interest,Apricot, JapaneseGirl 1
Juriana Pure, A Character Used In The Name Of The Tree Matsuri, Love,JapaneseGirl 2
Jurie Vermilion, Village,Depending, JapaneseGirl 9
Jurietta Celebrate Joy, Beautiful, JapaneseGirl 5
Juriha Long Life, Village, Leaf,JapaneseGirl 4
Jurika Long Life,Management, Incense, JapaneseGirl 7
Juriko Long Life, Village, A Word That Comes After A Womans Name, Child,JapaneseGirl 3
Jurimi Tree, Village, Beauty, JapaneseGirl 8
Jurin Long Life, Bell, JapaneseGirl 9
Jurina Tree,Plum,Greens, JapaneseGirl 1
Jurine Pure, Village, The Name Of The Fruit Trees, JapaneseGirl 5
Jurino Pearl, Village, In Other Words, You,JapaneseGirl 6
Jurio Tree, Village, Cord,JapaneseGirl 1
Juriri Tree, Village,Plum,JapaneseGirl 4
Jurisa Tree, Village, Bloom, JapaneseGirl 6
Juriya Long Life,Officer, Field, JapaneseGirl 3
Jusa Long Life, Bloom, JapaneseGirl 6
Juwa Tree, Calm, Harmony, Peace, Concord, Serenity,JapaneseGirl 1


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