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900 Japanese Girl Names Starting With R


Are you looking for beautiful and cute Japanese baby Girl names that start with the letter R? To help you in searching for the latest and modern Japanese baby girl names, we have created an extensive list of the Top 900 most popular and adorable R-letter Japanese girl names with their beautiful meanings.

Choose a unique name from our newest collection of Top 900 Japanese Baby Girl Names starting with R.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Raa Come, NitrousJapaneseGirl 2
Raana Orchid, True, JapaneseGirl 8
Raaya Network, Beautiful Pattern Of Fabric,JapaneseGirl 1
Rabi Come, Princess, JapaneseGirl 3
Rabia Network, Progress, Nitrous,JapaneseGirl 4
Rabu Love, Tree Of Maple, JapaneseGirl 6
Rabumi Love, Fruit, Kindness,JapaneseGirl 1
Rabune Love, Sound,JapaneseGirl 7
Raburi Love, Bell, JapaneseGirl 6
Rabuya Love, Night,JapaneseGirl 5
Raeru Come, Beautiful,JapaneseGirl 9
Rahi Orchid, In Other Words, You,JapaneseGirl 9
Raho Love, Lapis,JapaneseGirl 6
Rai Come, JapaneseGirl 1
Raia Come Up, The Name Of The Plant, JapaneseGirl 2
Raian Come, Restful,JapaneseGirl 7
Raibu Thanks, Dance,JapaneseGirl 6
Raigo Shallows, Be Skillful,JapaneseGirl 5
Raiha Come, Wing, JapaneseGirl 1
Raihi Come Up, Princess,JapaneseGirl 9
Raika Come, Beautiful, Lovely , JapaneseGirl 4
Raiki Suitable Time, Flower, JapaneseGirl 3
Raiko Circumcised, JapaneseGirl 9
Raikou Come, Deep Red,JapaneseGirl 3
Raiku Come, Sky, JapaneseGirl 6
Raimi Come, Not Yet, JapaneseGirl 5
Raimu Come, JapaneseGirl 8
Rain Network,Straightforwardness, JapaneseGirl 6
Raina The Grass, Peach, JapaneseGirl 7
Raine Come, Sound, JapaneseGirl 2
Raino Love, Prayer,JapaneseGirl 3
Raira Come, Good, JapaneseGirl 2
Rairi Come, Gallant, JapaneseGirl 1
Rairu Come, A Character Used In The Kind Of Jewelry Lapis Lazuli, JapaneseGirl 4
Raisa Come,Morning, JapaneseGirl 3
Raise Shine, Fountain,JapaneseGirl 7
Raisu Come, Serene,JapaneseGirl 5
Raito Come,Over Jumps, JapaneseGirl 9
Raiya Come, Father, JapaneseGirl 9
Raka Good, Flower, JapaneseGirl 4
Raki Come, Hope, JapaneseGirl 3
Rakii Orchid, Princess,JapaneseGirl 3
Rako Network, Heart, JapaneseGirl 9
Raku Easy, Bloom,JapaneseGirl 6
Rakuko Easy, A Word That Comes After A Womans Name, Child,JapaneseGirl 5
Rakumi Easy, Ocean,JapaneseGirl 1
Rakuri Easy, A Character Used In The Name Of The Tree Matsuri,JapaneseGirl 6
Rakusu Easy, High, JapaneseGirl 1
Rakuwa Pleasant, Wing,JapaneseGirl 3
Rame Orchid, Dream, Restful,JapaneseGirl 1
Rami Come, Dance, JapaneseGirl 5
Ramia Orchid, Fruit, Kindness,JapaneseGirl 6
Ramii Beautiful, Beauty, Clothing,JapaneseGirl 5
Ramma Orchid, Dance,JapaneseGirl 1
Ramman Be Full,JapaneseGirl 6
Rammao Indigo, Polish,Woven,JapaneseGirl 7
Rammaru Indigo, Circle, JapaneseGirl 4
Rammi Orchid, Fruit, Kindness, JapaneseGirl 9
Ramo Network, Sprout,JapaneseGirl 2
Ramu Come, Dream, JapaneseGirl 8
Ramune Come, Dream, JapaneseGirl 9
Ran Come, Wind, JapaneseGirl 6
Ran A Orchid, Love,JapaneseGirl 7
Rana Beautiful, Princess, Serenity, HarmonyJapaneseGirl 7
Ranaha Come, Beach, Incense,JapaneseGirl 7
Ranaka Sky, Beauty,JapaneseGirl 1
Ranan Network,South, JapaneseGirl 3
Rangiku Orchid,Chrysanthemum, JapaneseGirl 9
Ranha Orchid, Spiral, JapaneseGirl 6
Ranhi Orchid, Princess,JapaneseGirl 5
Ranho Orchid, Flower, JapaneseGirl 2
Rani Be Gifted, QueenJapaneseGirl 6
Ranika Come, Rainbow,JapaneseGirl 9
Ranju Orchid, Long Life, JapaneseGirl 1
Ranka Indigo, Beautiful, Lovely , JapaneseGirl 9
Ranki Orchid, Beautiful Gorgeous,JapaneseGirl 8
Ranko Storm, A Word That Comes After A Womans Name, Child, JapaneseGirl 5
Ranna Storm,South, JapaneseGirl 3
Ranne Orchid, Sound,JapaneseGirl 7
Ranno Indigo, In Other Words, You, JapaneseGirl 8
Rano Love, Sound,JapaneseGirl 3
Ranra UnknownJapaneseGirl 7
Ranran Orchid, Come,JapaneseGirl 3
Ranranru Orchid, A Repetition Kanji Or Ideographic Iteration Mark, Lapis,JapaneseGirl 6
Ranri Orchid, A Character Used In The Name Of The Tree Matsuri, JapaneseGirl 6
Ranru Orchid, Lapis, JapaneseGirl 9
Ransa Indigo, Sand, JapaneseGirl 8
Ranse Orchid, World,JapaneseGirl 3
Ransu Orchid, A Word That Comes After A Womans Name, Child,JapaneseGirl 1
Ranto Orchid, Capital,JapaneseGirl 5
Ranze Orchid, World,JapaneseGirl 1
Rao Come, Clothing, Lapis,JapaneseGirl 7
Raomi Network, Cherry Blossoms,JapaneseGirl 2
Raon Thanks,Favor,JapaneseGirl 3
Rapisu Good, Princess,JapaneseGirl 3
Rara Dream, Princess, JapaneseGirl 2
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