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Japanese Mythology God and Goddess Names For Baby


AngelsName has collected God, Goddess, Creatures and Legend names of Japanese mythology, which you may consider for your newly born baby boy and girl.

List of Japanese God, Goddess, Legend and Creature names for your Baby are given below.

Choose a unique Name from our huge collection of Japanese Deities Names.

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Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Adachigahara A demonessJapaneseBoy 8
Agyo The guardians of BuddhaJapaneseBoy 3
Aizen-Myoo God of love, worshipped by prostitutes, landlords, singers and musicians JapaneseBoy 6
Aji-Suki-Taka-Hi-Kone God of thunder and lightningJapaneseBoy 4
Aji-Suki-Taka-Hiko-Ne Shinto Thunder GodJapaneseBoy 4
Ajishikitakahikone-No-Kami Shinto Thunder GodJapaneseBoy 9
Akaru-hime Bright PrincessJapaneseGirl 6
Aki-bime-no-kame Autumn PrincessJapaneseGirl 1
Akibimi Goddess of AutumnJapaneseGirl 9
Akuma Devilish Fire DemonJapaneseBoy 2
Am-No-Tanabata-Hime Goddess of weavers JapaneseGirl 3
Am-No-Tanabata-Hime Astral goddess of weaversJapaneseGirl 3
Ama-No-Minaka-Nushi Divine Lord of the Middle Heavens, god of the Pole StarJapaneseBoy 2
Ama-No-Minaka-Nushi-no-kami Japanese Creator GodJapaneseBoy 2
Ama-no-sagu-me Heavenly Spying Woman, Wise WomanJapaneseGirl 2
Ama-No-Uzume Shinto Dawn GoddessJapaneseGirl 4
Ama-Tsu-Mara Shinto god of smiths JapaneseBoy 9
Ama-tsu-otome Heavenly GirlsJapaneseGirl 8
Amanozako Thegodof stormsJapaneseBoy 7
Amaterasu The goddess of the Sun and the UniverseJapaneseGirl 9
Amatsu-Kami Gods of heaven JapaneseBoy 1
Amatsu-Mikaboshi God of evil JapaneseBoy 9
Amatsu-Mikaboshi God of starsJapaneseBoy 9
Amatsuhikone The third son of AmaterasuJapaneseBoy 2
Amatsumara Kami of iron-workingJapaneseBoy 9
Ame No Mi Kumari Shinto water goddess JapaneseGirl 8
Ame No Wakahiko God JapaneseBoy 1
Ame-chikaru-mizu-hime Fresh and Youthful of HeavenJapaneseBoy 5
Ame-no-hohi Japanese GodJapaneseBoy 7
Ame-no-Koyane Male deityJapaneseBoy 2
Ame-No-Minaka-Nushi-No-Kami Gods of the earthJapaneseGirl 6
Ame-no-Naemasu Son ofFutsunushiJapaneseBoy 5
Ame-no-oshihomimi A son of AmaterasuJapaneseBoy 4
Ame-no-sade-yori-hime Heavenly Net-Pulling-Hither PrincessJapaneseGirl 8
Ame-no-Tajikarao Japanese deityJapaneseBoy 8
Ame-no-toko-tachi-no-kami Heavenly Eternal Standing DeityJapaneseBoy 6
Ame-no-tsudoe-chine-no-kami Heavenly Assembling DeityJapaneseBoy 9
Ame-No-Uzume Magic AncestorJapaneseBoy 8
Amenohoakari Godof sun and agricultureJapaneseBoy 3
Amenominakanushi Central MasterJapaneseBoy 6
Amenotokotachi HeavenJapaneseBoy 6
Ami-tanne-mat Fingered WomanJapaneseGirl 3
Amida God of death JapaneseBoy 1
Amitabha Buddha of Infinite Light and LifeJapaneseBoy 1
Anyo Buddhist deitie, GuardianJapaneseBoy 1
Ao-numa-nu-oshi-hime Blue Pond, Swamp HorseJapaneseBoy 6
Apemeru-ko-yan-mat Cinder Sparks Rise WomanJapaneseBoy 8
Asama Dawn of good luckJapaneseBoy 8
Ashke-tanne-mat Long fingered WomanJapaneseGirl 6
Atago-Gongen Japanese God of WarJapaneseBoy 7
Awa-nami-no-kami Female DeityJapaneseGirl 8
Aya-kashiko-ne-no-kami Awesome DeityJapaneseBoy 3
Azumi-no-isora God of the seashoreJapaneseBoy 8
Bakemono Japanese DemonJapaneseBoy 4
Baku A good spirit JapaneseBoy 8
Bensaiten Japanese Good Luck GoddessJapaneseGirl 8
Benten Goddess of love, the arts, wisdom, poetry, good fortune and water JapaneseGirl 6
Benzaiten Goddess of fluidityJapaneseGirl 6
Bimbogami God of poverty JapaneseBoy 8
Binzuru-Sonja God of curing illness and good vision JapaneseBoy 8
Bishamon God of war, justice and protector of the law JapaneseBoy 9
Bishamonten The god of fortunatewarriorsand guardsJapaneseBoy 3
Bosatsu Manifestation of the Buddha in the past, present or future JapaneseBoy 7
Butsu See Buddha JapaneseBoy 2
Chien-Shin A kami which is related to particular geographical areaJapaneseBoy 8
Chimata-No-Kami A phallic godJapaneseBoy 1
Chimatano Shinto Crossroads GodJapaneseBoy 3
Chiu-rang-guru Senders Down of the CurrentsJapaneseBoy 4
Chiwashetkot-mat She Who Governs the Place Where the Fresh and Salt Waters MingleJapaneseGirl 5
Chup-Kamui Sun goddess of the Ainu , moon goddessJapaneseGirl 4
Chup-Kamuy Ainu Sun GoddessJapaneseGirl 2
Daibosatsu The Great bodhisattva JapaneseGirl 3
Daikoku God of wealth, the soil and patron of farmers JapaneseBoy 9
Daikokuten The god ofwealthJapaneseBoy 3
Dainichi Goddess of purity and wisdomJapaneseGirl 3
Dosojin God of roads JapaneseBoy 5
Duinichi-nyorai Great IlluminatorJapaneseBoy 6
Ebisu God of the wealth of the sea, god of fishermen and fishingJapaneseBoy 2
Ekibiogami God of plagues and epidemicsJapaneseBoy 9
Emma-O Japanese Buddhist god JapaneseBoy 2
Emperor-Jimmu Japanese legendary mortalJapaneseBoy 3
Fire-Fade Shinto Hunting GodJapaneseBoy 9
Fire-Flash Shinto Fishing GodJapaneseBoy 3
Fuchi Goddess of healingJapaneseGirl 2
Fudo God of fire and wisdom, god of Astrology JapaneseBoy 1
Fuji Goddess of the famous mountainJapaneseGirl 1
Fujin Shinto god of the wind JapaneseBoy 6
Fuku-Roku-Ju Shinto Good Health GodJapaneseBoy 2
Fukurokuju God ofwisdomJapaneseBoy 2
Funadama The boat-spirit, goddess JapaneseGirl 7
Funadama-sama Ship SpiritsJapaneseBoy 5
Fute-mimi-no-kami Fat EarJapaneseBoy 6
Futen Shinto Wind GodJapaneseBoy 3
Futsu Nushi No Kami God of fire and lightning, a war god and general of Ameratsu JapaneseBoy 5
Futsunushi Main deity atKatori ShrineJapaneseBoy 5
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