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Korean Mythology God and Goddess Names For Baby


AngelsName has collected God, Goddess, Creatures and Legend names of Korean mythology, which you may consider for your newly born baby boy and girl.

List of Korean God, Goddess, Legend and Creature names for your Baby are given below:

Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Alyeong First queen of ShillaKoreanGirl 7
Aryong-Jong Goddess ofwaterandRainfallKoreanGirl 9
Baridegi Abandoned childKoreanBoy 1
Bulgasari MonsterKoreanBoy 9
Cheondogyo Religion of the Heavenly WayKoreanBoy 3
Cheuksin Goddess of ToiletsKoreanGirl 9
Chilsungshin Seven gods of the Great DipperKoreanBoy 8
Chumong Variant transcription of JumongKoreanBoy 9
Daebyulwang Ruler of HeavenKoreanBoy 7
Dalnim Goddess of the MoonKoreanGirl 8
Dangun Supreme godKoreanBoy 7
Eopsin The goddess of storage and wealth, eop meaning profession, work, job andsin meaning god, goddess, spiritKoreanGirl 6
Gameunjang-aegi Goddess of luck and fateKoreanGirl 7
Gashin Goddess of toilets and stuffKoreanGirl 4
Gataekshin Guardians of the houseKoreanBoy 5
Gumiho Nine-tailed foxKoreanBoy 1
Habaek God of the Yalu RiverKoreanBoy 1
Hae-nim Sister to Dal-nim,The sunKoreanGirl 5
Hae-Soon Goddess ofwarKoreanGirl 5
Haemosu God of the SunKoreanBoy 1
Hananim Supreme godKoreanBoy 6
Hwanung The god of the laws KoreanBoy 7
Hyun-jae A Combination Of One Who Has Wisdom And RespectKoreanGirl 3
Ilkwang Bodhisattva ofSunlightKoreanBoy 5
Jacheongbi Goddess of agriculture, bringing the gift of farming to humankindKoreanGirl 2
Jeju-Island Korean godsKoreanBoy 6
Jishin Earth Goddess KoreanGirl 6
Jowangshin The goddess of the hearth and homeKoreanGirl 3
Jowangsin The goddess of the fire and hearth, jo meaning hearth, kitchen stove, kitchen wang meaning great, king sinmeaning god, goddess, spiritKoreanGirl 4
Jumong The god who founded the ancient kingdom of KoreaKoreanBoy 8
Koenegitto The war god of Jeju IslandKoreanBoy 4
Koeulla Progenitorgods of the Three Clans of Jeju IslandKoreanBoy 5
Kongsim Goddess of healingKoreanGirl 7
Kud Personification of darkness and evilKoreanBoy 9
Kwanseieun Buddhist boddhisattva and Asian GoddessKoreanGirl 5
Mago Great Goddess KoreanGirl 9
Mama Goddess of healingKoreanGirl 1
Mireuk Creator god KoreanBoy 5
Mulhalmoni A Goddess of waterKoreanGirl 1
Pali-Kongju Goddess of healingKoreanGirl 8
Palk The sun god and founder of the realm of lightKoreanBoy 4
Paritegi The goddessKoreanGirl 4
Puella Progenitor gods of the Three Clans of Jeju IslandKoreanBoy 4
Ryuhwa Daughter of the god ofwatersKoreanBoy 6
Samshin Goddess of Life and ChildbirthKoreanGirl 2
Samshin-Halmang Goddess of LifeKoreanGirl 4
Samsin-Halmoni Goddess of childbirth and fate, sam meaning three sin meaning god, goddess, spirit and halmoni meaning grandmotherKoreanGirl 3
Sang-je Supreme ruler of the HeavensKoreanBoy 2
Sanshinryeong Gods of the mountainsKoreanBoy 6
Seokga Trickster godKoreanBoy 4
Seonangsin Goddess of VillagesKoreanGirl 9
Sobyulwang Ruler of HeavenKoreanBoy 4
Solmundae-Halmang Creator of the islands, mountainsKoreanBoy 7
Sosaminsin Goddess of Cattle BirthKoreanGirl 6
Sulgi To be definedKoreanGirl 5
Sumiyoshi-No-Kami Sea godsKoreanBoy 3
Tangun The founder, god of the ancient Choson kingdomKoreanBoy 5
Teojusin Earth Goddess KoreanGirl 5
Ungnyeo Ung meaning bear and nyeo meaning womanKoreanBoy 2
Ungyeo Wife of HwanungKoreanBoy 6
Whanin Creator godKoreanBoy 6
Yangeulla Progenitorgods of the Three Clans of Jeju IslandKoreanBoy 8
Yeomna supreme ruler and fifth of the ten kings of the underworldKoreanBoy 1
Yeomra-Daewang Supreme rulerKoreanBoy 6
Yondung-Halmoni Wind goddessKoreanGirl 1
Yuhwa Goddess of the Willow TreeKoreanGirl 6


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