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Malagasy Mythology God and Goddess Names For Baby


Malagasy mythology portrays a pygmy-like people called the Vazimba as the original inhabitants. Some Malagasy believe that these original inhabitants still live in the deepest recesses of the forest.

AngelsName has collected God and Goddess names of Lozi mythology, which you may consider for your newly born baby.

List of Lozi God and Goddess names are given below:

Name Meaning Origin Gender Numerology
Andriamanitra Perfumed LordMalagasyBoy 6
Andriambahomanana The first manMalagasyBoy 4
Andrianerinerina The first king of the Merina peopleMalagasyBoy 1
Angatra Ghosts of the DeadMalagasyBoy 8
Kotofetsy Intent, Wisdom, Trickster DeityMalagasyBoy 1
Mahaka Trickster DeityMalagasyBoy 8
Rapeto An earth deity, Mythical hero credited with shaping the landMalagasyBoy 3
Ratovantany Creator earth GodMalagasyBoy 7
Zanahary Creator GodMalagasyBoy 4